(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Qin Li from the Jiangbei District in Chongqing was illegally detained on November 12, 2014, after a train station security guard checked her ID card. Officials from her local residential committee, along with police, escorted her back to Chongqing the next day, claiming that she would be taken to a brainwashing center.

Held at Train Station

Ms. Qin had traveled to her hometown in Fengdu County to attend a funeral on November 11, 2014. Upon arriving at the train station for her return trip the next day, a security guard checked her ID at the entrance and wanted to verify her signature.

While waiting in the lobby with her cousin, a railway employee told her to go to the station office, where security guards rummaged through her bag. She was detained without an explanation.

When her non-practitioner cousin asked why she was being detained, she was asked if she knew that Ms. Qin was a Falun Gong practitioner. Her cousin thought that this was ridiculous and said, “What are you saying, that Falun Gong practitioners can't take a train, and will be arrested if they do?”

Ms. Qin called her family on November 13, and told them that the officials from her residential area had been told to pick her up. Four officers from the Ganyingqiao Police Station and her residential committee escorted her back to Chongqing that night.

No Explanation for Detention

Ms. Qin's family called the officer in charge of their community's household registration the next day to inquire about her case. They were told that officer Zhang Hongbo was in charge, and that the Guanyinqiao Street Residential Committee planned to take her to a brainwashing center.

Ms. Qin and her family were never given a reason why she was detained, or was to be taken to a brainwashing center.

Ms. Qin, who used to work for the Jiangbei Casting Factory, had previously been sentenced to an 8-year prison term in 2003.

Perpetrators' Contact Information:
Zhang Hongbo (张洪波), police officer who picked up Ms. Qin in Fengdu: +86-13983940311 (Mobile)
Cui (崔户籍), police officer in charge of Ms. Qin's household registration: +86-13996281102 (Mobile)Guanyinqiao Street Police Station: +86-23-67850030 (Office), +86-23-67857218 (Office)