(Minghui.org) Mr. Zhang Jiguo and Ms. Liu Fengxia were arrested on October 15, 2014, for talking to people about Falun Gong while they were grocery shopping.

Mr. Zhang Jiguo has been held in Tiangezhuang Detention Center in the Fangshan District in Beijing past the legal limit of 20 days. Officer Fu Jianlei, who is with the pre-trial unit, is in charge of the case, which was said to have been finalized 30 days after Mr. Zhang was first detained.

The Fangshan Domestic Security Division is handling the case.

Mr. Zhang's daughter-in-law has also been harassed by officers from the security division. She has been forced to attend brainwashing sessions, write statements that denounce Falun Gong, and was threatened with a three-year prison sentence. She is responsible for the care of an elderly parent and a three year-old child.

When Ms. Liu Fengxia was sent to the brainwashing center, her son became traumatized. He had a serious mental collapse and was hospitalized. Ms. Liu's daughter-in-law is now left to take care of her ill husband and support the family, including their daughter, who is at a university. She faces severe financial and family hardships.

Fu Jianlei (付建磊), police officer, pre-trial unit, Tiangezhuang Detention Center, Fangshan District, Beijing: +86-13910286318 (Cell)