(Minghui.org) I encountered a bottleneck some time ago when I was studying the Fa and making phone calls to China. I've now made a breakthrough and would like to share my experience with everyone.

The bottleneck mainly appeared in the form of being unable to concentrate while studying the Fa and occasionally feeling sleepy. When I made phone calls, I was just going through the motions and didn't have enough compassion to persuade Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its organizations. I knew that this was not right and tried a few things but was unable to overcome it.

Enlightenment from Studying the Fa Wholeheartedly

On the weekend, I attended a local Fa study group at a park after practicing the exercises. Usually I read the Fa silently when I'm reading alone. My voice is also quite soft when I read with the Fa study group. In such noisy surroundings, the other practitioners wouldn't be able to hear me if I read at my usual volume, so I raised my voice. However, the others still couldn't hear me.

I started complaining that our location wasn't good and that we should move. When I looked at the other practitioners, they were sitting very straight and fully focused on studying the Fa.

I negated this negative thought immediately. I thought, “I must use all my energy to read the Fa today so that everyone can hear me.” I started reading out loud. I'd never studied the Fa like that before, and an amazing thing happened: Everything got quiet. I couldn't hear the sound of the vehicles. I felt that every word that I read aloud was resonating in my own dimensional field.

Other practitioners told me after the study session ended that my voice was especially clear and good, which was different from usual. I suddenly understood that this was due to studying the Fa wholeheartedly. I thought, “We are learning the heavenly Fa that Master has given us. What excuses do I have not to use all my energy and fully focus on studying it?”

When I reached home, I started to read loudly, and every word that I read reverberated in the dimensional field. I experienced the wonderfulness of being immersed in the Fa.

When Our Mindset Is Pure

After studying the Fa, I went to the RTC platform and made phone calls to China. That day, there was a training about clarifying the truth to mainland officials. I went to one of the training rooms and started making phone calls with other practitioners.

Just as when I studied the Fa, I used the same attitude to clarify the truth to sentient beings with my whole heart. I didn't think about whether the other party would accept it or agree to withdraw from the Party.

I felt calm and that every word resonated in the cosmos. Each word carries energy, and I suddenly understood that this was what Master meant when he said “uttering lotus flowers” when Dafa disciples clarify the truth. I felt very relaxed, and the person who was listening to me felt at ease, too.

My bottleneck vanished. I enlightened that compassionate Master used the Fa study group environment to help me break through the incorrect state that happened when I studied the Fa alone and clarified the truth. Master is really looking after every disciple at every moment.

Not long ago, I participated in a special case and I was in one of the platform rooms making an important call to a CCP secretary. After I finished, other practitioners praised me: “You made such a good call.” I was happy when I heard this and went on to make the next call. I found that the good state that I was in had disappeared. I sounded like a machine speaking from a script, and the other party didn't really accept it. I realized that I had the attachment of zealotry.

I adjusted my mindset immediately and warned myself to maintain a calm attitude when clarifying the truth. I sensed the original feeling of a strong righteous field when I made the next call.

Later, I listened to how other practitioners made phone calls and felt that they had some inadequacies when clarifying the truth to mainland officials. I was very anxious at that time and starting making phone calls myself. Although the other party listened, I felt that my state while making phone calls was unsatisfactory.

I looked inwards and found the reason: When I listened to other practitioners making phone calls and heard the inadequacies, I didn't send forth righteous thoughts to help them. Instead, I had the attachment of showing off when I demonstrated how I made phone calls. Every human attachment was obstructing me from using my divine state to clarify the truth.

After many ups and downs, I concluded that the most important thing in clarifying the truth is to “use the purest mindset.” Cultivation is the process of cultivating away my attachments. When my mindset becomes purer, the divine side will play a bigger part and Master will strengthen us.

Sometimes practitioners asked, “This script is very good. Practitioners persuaded a few high ranking officials to quit the CCP. Why doesn't it work when you use it?” I felt, however, that the scripts and techniques were just helpful aids.

The bottleneck appeared because I was using human notions to clarify the truth. For example, I often changed the scripts, judging whether the other party would accept it, wondering if the time of the call was inconvenient, and worrying I didn't feel right, etc.

Previously, I felt an invisible pressure when I make special case phone calls and saw that the numbers were for secretaries. I felt that I was just completing a task. Now my state has become pure, and there is a great difference. I felt relaxed, and it seems that the officials listening to me are my relatives and friends. My tone of voice and mindset are in the right place. I experienced that this is a reflection of a compassionate heart.

Once when I was making a phone call, I said, “How are you, secretary Zhang?” The other party replied, “Who are you?” I answered, “Don't you remember? I'm Zhou.” He said immediately, “Oh, Zhou! I remember.” I smiled in my heart. They are all Master's relatives (in previous lives), and we must have some predestined connections in history. Thank you, Master, for bringing people with predestined relationships to me.

I told the secretary about the current situation, officials who've been dismissed, information on live organ harvesting, the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax, and withdrawing from the Party to be safe. I said, “You are a sensible person, secretary Zhang. Persecuting Falun Gong is wrong. There is also such an evil thing, harvesting organs from living practitioners. All who've taken part will be punished. I've called you hoping that you will make the right choice and remember to use your position to treat Falun Gong practitioners kindly. Use an alias to quit the Party and its organizations that you've joined. This will benefit you and your family in the future. Do you understand?” He said three times that he understood.

Improve as One Body and Save More People

Once I was making important phone calls with two Taiwanese practitioners for a special case. One practitioner made the phone call and I saw that she was very diligent and had no fear. However, she sounded flustered and impatient. She was afraid that the other party would hang up. She seemed to be affected by the thought that this was an “important phone call.”

It was my turn to call. After I finished, she said, “It's that easy to make important calls? I understand now.” I briefly talked with her and reminded her to change her entry point slightly. She should not treat the other party as an official but as her relative or friend, just like how I was talking to her then, “Hi, I've something to tell you.” It's that simple and we shouldn't complicate things.

After we talked, the Taiwanese practitioner made the next call and I felt that the room was quiet with very strong righteous thoughts and there was no distraction or human notions. She started to clarify the truth and her tone became more steady and it was obvious that she improved a lot.

After she has finished the call, she said happily, “I've learned a lot today and made a breakthrough.” I was very happy to hear it. However, it was not because I had done well. I was happy that the practitioner improved and made a breakthrough.

Who wants to be stuck in a bottleneck? The practitioner in the platform often said, “What is the use of making good phone calls yourself? How many people can you save? Only when everyone improves as one body can we save even more people. This is also where the significance (of the platform) lies.”

Once I was interacting with a practitioner who was stuck in a bottleneck for more than a month before finally overcoming it. She said, “I had the same experience that we have to use a pure mindset to clarify the truth. This bottleneck may be a process that practitioners have to go through.”

I said, “It's very urgent to save people now. The bottleneck state is not what Master wants. We have to negate this incorrect state. We can improve together by having the environment of a Fa study group and making phone calls as a group on the platform, and the “bottleneck” will not have a place to survive.

I've only participated in clarifying the truth for a short time. However, I'm writing this experience sharing and hope that practitioners can learn from it. If every practitioner uses his or her divine state to clarify the truth, our collective effect in saving people will be huge.