(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Tian Yunhai was transferred from Panjin Prison to Shenyang Prison City (a large prison complex) in Liaoning Province in 2012. He was notified that he would be released in October, but the prison officials suddenly changed their mind and failed to release him. They have also denied family visits. Mr. Tian has been detained for nearly nine and a half years now.

Mr. Tian Yunhai worked in the No. 1 Division of the No. 13 Bureau of the Dalian Railroad System. He is kind, honest, and helpful towards others. Officers from the Dalian Domestic Security Division, led by Chen Xin and Dong Jian, arrested Mr. Tian on July 1, 2005, and brutally beat and tortured him.

Mr. Tian was sentenced to ten years in February 2006 on fabricated charges, and held at Panjin Prison, where he suffered tremendous torture. For more information, please refer to earlier report:Mr. Tian Yunhai on the Brink of Death from Five-Month Hunger Strike in Panjin Prison in Liaoning Province

Partial list of prison personnel involved in persecuting Mr. Tian Yunhai:Liu Shigang (刘世刚), head of prison (in charge of education division): +86-24-89296248, +86-15698801388(Cell)Wang Bin (王滨), head of prison: +86-24-89296100Mu Jiali (牟家立), head of Shenyang No. 1 Prison: +86-13390111106 (Cell), +86-24-89296100 (Office)