Greetings Master!Greetings Fellow practitioners!

Master told us:

“Your life came to this earth all for this. How could you not be diligent, and grow lax? This is your moment of destiny, the chance you have waited all eternity for! For however long it has been, you were all along preparing for this, suffering and shedding karma. Yet now, after all the hardship and pain, when you have made it to this day, somehow you have become not diligent. Isn’t that a shame?! Yet this juncture is critical, and if you are not diligent now, you’re done for. Was it not exactly for this moment that your life came here?” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day ”)

1. Distributing Dafa Truth-clarifying Materials in the Countryside

I live in Liaoning Province. We were able to distribute many Dafa truth-clarifying materials in the urban area, but the countryside had been neglected. Fellow coordinators got together to discuss this. We divided the countryside into several sections and formed teams to cover them.

Several male fellow practitioners were illegally arrested one after another while distributing Dafa materials in the countryside. This was a tremendous loss for us. One fellow practitioner who used to lead us was persecuted to death. I am well aware that saving sentient beings should not be put on hold. I could not find anyone to work with me, and I felt a sense of urgency. Through studying the Fa, I became more aware of the duty of a Dafa practitioner, and my righteous thoughts got stronger. I asked myself if I could travel alone at night. I answered “yes,” as I am not an ordinary woman, I am a Dafa practitioner.

During the day I would plan the route and send forth righteous thoughts toward the area I would cover. I usually prepared truth-clarifying materials for over two hundred. I would leave home at 6 p.m. after sending righteous thoughts. I took a taxi and would clarify the truth to the driver, and most of them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and related organizations. I would ask them for their number, so that I could call them if I needed a ride and could not find a taxi. I always sent forth righteous thoughts, so I was not afraid. Every night went smoothly and I came home safely.

One coordinator introduced me to another practitioner in her 60's, who was looking for someone to work with her to distribute materials. She didn't have many human notions and walked quickly. Whenever I had time to go, she would drop everything and join me. I would pick up the materials, and she would pack them up for me. We worked well together.

One experience we went through made both of us fully aware of the seriousness of cultivation. It was winter and it had just snowed, and the road was very slippery. I discovered her shoes were not made for walking in the snow. Twice I caught her so that she would not fall. I told her that she definitely needed to buy some skid proof shoes before we went out again in the snow. She agreed and said she would shop the very next day for them.

The next day I picked up the materials and took them to her that afternoon, but she was not home. I took them back home and packed them up myself. That night, soon after we started, she fell before I could catch her. I felt that she did not fall hard, but she laid there passed out in the snow, not moving.

It was particularly dark that night. I started feeling a bit nervous and negative thoughts popped up. I quickly got a hold of myself and pushed away the negative thoughts. I asked Master to reinforce me; after all, we did not acknowledge the persecution, nor did we acknowledge any interference. I talked to my fellow practitioner: “Ask Master to help you, we do not acknowledge this persecution, please hurry and get up.”

She got up after a little while, as if nothing had happened. But it was still so slippery, she struggled to walk even a little. I held onto her but after a while I asked her to just stand still and wait for me. I then got lost! I called another practitioner for help. He immediately began to send forth righteous thoughts for us; I did too. I then finished the job and we took a taxi home. On the way home I talked to my fellow practitioner about how she fell and was knocked out, but she did not even remember it happening.

Once home, we both looked within. Why were we interfered with tonight? She said that she was busy making a quilt for her child and forgot about the time she would need to get our materials ready. That is why she wasn't home when I came by. She also said she got so caught up with it that she forgot to go buy the proper boots for walking on the slippery snow. Her attachment made her forget her priority, and what a loophole it was!

When I searched within, I realized my impatience and resentment. I also still pursued leisure and comfort. We both became deeply aware of the seriousness of cultivation and rectified ourselves. After this incident, our cooperation became even more harmonious.

2. “Flower” blossoms in our home

When the main truth-clarifying materials center in our county was destroyed by the CCP, I looked within and realized that we all have the attachment of relying on others. We are all Dafa practitioners, but we shifted the pressure onto a few fellow practitioners. Master told us:

“In this persecution, how you, as Dafa disciples, put an end to the persecution that the old forces have forced upon us and negate the arrangements by the old forces, how you manage to walk the righteous path of a Dafa disciple, how you save sentient beings during this persecution--all of these are responsibilities bestowed upon Dafa disciples by history. Dafa disciples must do those things and do them well.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference”, Teaching the Fa at the Conference IV)

When the Minghui website suggested that truth-clarifying material centers should blossom everywhere, I made up my mind to become a little flower.

I went to the city with a fellow practitioner and brought back the equipment I would need. My husband does not practice Falun Dafa, so I took the equipment to my mother's home. I didn't want him to see it, causing him to worry. I would go visit my mother often to take care of her, so I could do two things at once.

One day he happened to come by while I was making truth-clarifying materials. I didn't know what to do. I then became clear and realized that if he saw, it was okay. I am doing the most righteous thing. His only question was how much the equipment cost. I told him one thousand. He commented that it wasn't too expensive, and left. I clarified the truth to him whenever I had time. I later moved the equipment to our house, and he had no objections. He sometimes even praised my skills.

I do not have the concept of a “truth-clarifying materials center,” as I am just doing what a Dafa practitioner should do. I provide materials for several fellow practitioners and I provide the funding myself. I have a job with good pay. When we do well, Master will arrange the best for us.

My “flower” has been blossoming for over ten years now. Fellow practitioners who have knowledge and good skills have given me a lot of support.

Dafa has no form, and since we cultivate in ordinary society, we have jobs and families. No matter where we are, we abide by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and fulfill our duties and responsibilities well. In the meantime we carry the historic mission of saving sentient beings. We need to be diligent, and do well the three things Master requires. We must balance well the role of Dafa cultivation and human life, as that is our cultivation form among ordinary people.

3. Cooperating Well with Fellow Practitioners and Clarifying the Truth Face to Face

More and more practitioners are coming out to clarify the truth about Dafa face to face. The fellow practitioner who teams up with me studies the Fa with several others on a daily basis. They spend half a day studying and half a day clarifying the truth. They go out rain or shine. Their cultivation state is a big encouragement for me. I talked to her about teaming up to go out two or three times a week to clarify the truth face to face. She was happy to have me join her. She said when we work together, she has no fear and knows the righteous energy field is very strong.

When we go out and meet people, we would greet them and first make small talk. We always send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any factors that might interfere with them listening to the truth. Most people smile after hearing the truth; it is the joy that one discovers after being awakened. We remind each other not to be resentful if someone refuses us, as maybe they will listen next time. We persuaded an average of fifteen people for each time that we went out.

When time permitted, we would share our cultivation experiences and encourage each other. My fellow practitioner walked half a day in the afternoon and another two hours at night with me. She is close to 70 years old, so I asked her if she got tired doing all that walking. She only smiled and said “No, not at all.”

Sometimes we would face those who were deeply deceived by the CCP's lies, and I would tell them: “No one cares for your safety, peace and better future except Dafa practitioners. They use their own time and their money, to tirelessly tell you the facts, and it is for your sake.”

4. Summary

Dafa practitioners have gone through a great deal during this time period, and we realize time is running out. I still have many shortcomings in my individual cultivation. I still have periods where I slack off, and this can affect my ability to awaken people. Deep down, I realize that I am not that firm in my cultivation, I have not let go of the human mentality, and I still unintentionally indulge in “selfishness.” I am ashamed, and I will intensify my Fa study, cultivate to get rid of selfishness, and truly become more selfless.

Let us review together what Master said:

“In the long river of time, this stretch is really but a moment. Don’t be so passive and down—get going! You are a cultivator. Sentient beings are waiting for you to save them!” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day ”)