(Minghui.org) Taiwan Falun Dafa practitioners travelled to Hong Kong recently to help Chinese tourists quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They shared their experiences during their local group gathering at Chientan Youth Activity Center in Taipei on November 8.

When Ms. Ying was in Hong Kong last month the Occupy Hong Kong movement was in full force. She went to Mong Kok, the heart of the student protest movement, to pass out newspapers and fliers about the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

She worked very hard from dawn to dusk and had little time to eat. Large numbers of tourists approached her and the other volunteers, trying to get a newspaper. The small group had 50,000 newspapers to distribute each day, and that was far from enough to meet the demand.

Ms. Ying said that although the task was very demanding, “bearing some hardship in Hong Kong was temporary. The most important thing was to help Chinese people learn the truth and for them to sever their ties with the party so they can have a good future.”

A young Chinese man approached their booth. He read each display board closely, and then took photos of their truth-clarification materials. Ms. Ying approached him and asked if he was a member of the communist party or any of its affiliated organizations.

The young man said he was not a party member, because “the communist party is disgusting.” During his last trip to Macao, he had quit the communist Youth League and Young Pioneers, two CCP-affiliated organizations.

He told Ms. Ying that he has friends overseas who all know that state-controlled Chinese media lie and cover-up the truth. He had come to Hong Kong to see what was going on because Chinese media had not given the events much coverage.

Another practitioner, Hsiuqin from Changhua County had felt a bit fearful when police clashed with the student protestors.

“Suddenly the streets turned to chaos. It seemed like the government had started forcefully removing the protesters from the streets they occupied. So I grabbed the remaining newspapers and began to run with the masses,” she said.

After running for a while, she realized she should not be afraid. She had come to Hong Kong to do something righteous: to tell people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. “What am I afraid of?” she asked herself.

When the situation calmed down a little, she returned to her assigned post and continued to pass out newspapers. The newspapers went very fast, she said.

Mr. Wei from Kaohsiung found that Chinese people who had already quit the Party often smiled at him and were friendly while he was volunteering at a Quit the Party Service Center in Hong Kong. So he approached people who wanted to avoid him, or appeared unfriendly. Some cursed at him, but many listened and changed their attitude. Some then chose to quit the Party.

“Some people looked cold and disinterested, but in fact, they had already learned the facts and were ready to quit the Party. It is our duty to clarify the truth to every Chinese person, not just the ones that appear friendly,” Mr. Wei said.