(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

My husband and I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1999, and the persecution started shortly afterward. The fellow practitioner we kept in touch with was illegally arrested and tortured to death for speaking out for Falun Dafa. Thus, we lost our cultivation environment and gradually slacked off.

In 2008, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy. When we were in the depths of despair, benevolent Master arranged for me to meet a fellow practitioner, which led to my whole family returning to Dafa cultivation. Seven days later, my rheumatoid arthritis, gallbladder inflammation, and arthritis of the neck were all cured, and my daughter's epilepsy disappeared, too. My whole family was immersed in the happiness endowed by Master. I said to Master in my heart, “Master, thank you! No matter what happens in the future, I must follow you all the way to the end.”

1. Cultivating Ourselves Well, Validating the Fa

When we resumed practicing Falun Dafa, our relatives and friends were scared and tried to stop us. After they heard that some nearby practitioners were arrested and tortured to death, they became even more worried.

We started with the trivial everyday things to validate the Fa. Our family business is growing and selling vegetables, and we also built a biogas digester. During the day, we go out to work in the field. At night, we study the Fa and do the exercises. We always help our neighbors and never get involved in disputes.

While my father-in-law did not care much about household matters, my mother-in-law was always picky and trying to find fault. They had a ten-acre field. My husband and I would put off our own fieldwork and go to help them sow and harvest. Because we spent so much time helping them, we neglected our harvest and suffered a loss of about 1,000 yuan each year. My father-in-law would brag to others that I was great. Neighbors would tell my mother-in-law, “You are blessed to have such a nice daughter-in-law.”

We earned a good reputation, and I won the title “Champion Female Vegetable Grower.”

Last winter, my parents-in-law had a fight and my mother-in-law went to a separate room to sleep. Because the room was so cold, she had to set up a fire. The next day she had carbon monoxide poisoning and had to be hospitalized for a month, at a cost of 20,000 yuan. My husband's siblings and I took turns taking care of her every day. The other patients in the room thought I was her daughter.

One day a patient told me, “Your mother-in-law has diabetes and a brain aneurism, so she should not eat much meat.” I bought some tofu for her next meal. My mother-in-law was furious. Another patient saw the situation and told her, “You're over-reacting. She's only your daughter-in-law and yet she takes such good care of you. Why doesn't your eldest son's wife ever come help you?”

I didn't talk back to my mother-in-law. Instead, I looked inside and thought, “This is to get rid of my attachment to hearing compliments and my attachment to fame.” I used the opportunity to talk to the other patients about Falun Dafa and quitting the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. I also gave them Shen Yun DVDs. They all gladly quit the CCP. One of them was a teacher, who, after quitting, held my hands and said sincerely, “I've truly never seen such a good person like you. Good people will be rewarded with good!”

Later, my mother-in-law relapsed. She was paralyzed, her speech was slurred, and she became incontinent. I had to feed her with a spoon and change and wash her diapers. I did it without complaint.

When my husband's aunt saw me taking great care of my mother-in-law, she said in admiration, “Your mother-in-law is truly blessed to have such a good daughter-in-law. My daughter-in-law either curses at me or tries to kick me out of their home. I don't want to live anymore.”

I said to her, “It is my master who taught me to conduct myself this way. I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in my everyday life.” She said, “Then I want to learn it, too.” Soon, she started practicing and joined group Fa-study and exercises. Now she's very healthy, and her face is radiant with a healthy complexion. News of her change spread quickly among my friends and families.

My mother-in-law had a neighbor who constantly quarreled with her parents-in-law. I told her about Falun Dafa, but she didn't want to quit the CCP. After she saw how well I took care of my bedridden mother-in-law, she was moved and said, “You are great! She's so mean to you and badmouthed you in the neighborhood. Yet you still treat her so well. I want to practice Falun Dafa now.”

Her daughter quit the CCP. Her son used to ignore me when I tried to tell him about Falun Dafa. He would laugh at my husband and say, “The CCP is so strong and fearsome. How can you win against it?” His mother said, “From now on, nobody should say anything disrespectful about Master or Dafa. Otherwise, you will incur retribution.” Her whole family later began practicing Falun Dafa.

I have learned from these encounters that only when we cultivate ourselves well–our every word and every deed–and walk our paths righteously can we save others.

2. Seize the Day and Make an All-Out Effort to Save Sentient Beings

Soon after I resumed practicing Falun Dafa, a material production site in my area was destroyed by the local authorities. I live in a rural area with very few practitioners. I know that, as a Dafa disciple, I must take on the responsibility of saving people in my area. I had never touched a computer or a printer. If it wasn't for Dafa, I would probably have never learned to use them.

With fellow practitioners' help, I learned how to get on the Internet, download files, print documents, and burn DVDs. I worked in the field during the day. At night I would study the Fa and make truth-clarification materials after my family went to bed.

When my husband went to the local markets in the surrounding townships, he would give out materials to anyone he met along the way. Wherever I went, I would also hand out materials. We made wrote messages about Dafa and the persecution on currency, which we spent at the local market. After getting change back, we would write on the smaller bills and keep distributing them.

Later we read on the Minghui website that someone used a cell phone to broadcast facts about the persecution. We bought a cell phone with a fellow practitioner's help and learned how to use it. When we drove to different markets, I would use the cell phone to call people and clarify the truth to them.

After some time, Master made arrangements for us to live in the town and away from my parents-in-law. We then had more time to study the Fa and do the three things.

When we first moved to town, we didn't know many practitioners, and we depended on reading experience sharing articles on Minghui. When we read articles about practitioners' diligent advancement in their cultivation and stories about saving sentient beings, we looked for our own attachments and shortcomings.

We were worried about our cultivation state, but Master arranged for us to find other practitioners. We joined the local study group and regained a well-coordinated environment. Practitioners in the group are all diligent in their cultivation. One practitioner in his 70s led several others to distribute materials in rural villages every week.

I was able to use my skills, such as printing materials, burning Shen Yun DVDs, and making Nine Commentaries booklets. I also encouraged and assisted more than ten practitioners to make use of mobile phones to broadcast facts about the persecution. They were mostly seniors who were willing to make phone calls to save people but were not confident. I used Master's Fa to encourage them and patiently taught them all the technical details until they fully caught on.

In August 2014, a practitioner gave me a mobile phone that was able to automatically connect, play a message, and help the person who answered quit the CCP. My eyes lit up when I heard there was such a great way to save more people. Other practitioners were also interested. I sought out our practitioner providing technical support and learned the technique and helped many other practitioners get started with the new tool. Now my Fa study group has a long list of people that have quit the CCP every week.

To reduce the pressure on the practitioners providing technical support, I learned how to repair printers, install computer operating systems, and install mobile phone systems. As long as our hearts are in it, Master will help us. I want to thank Master for giving me so much. I also want to thank practitioners providing technical support for their selfless assistance.

3. Finding My Fellow Practitioners from the Past

Master said in “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”:

“When I saw students who came out of China, I urged them to tell the students who haven’t stepped forward to quickly do so—to have them quickly find those lost students and spell the facts out for them, for what they otherwise face is a most tragic of ends.”

A few days ago, a practitioner told me about a couple who stopped practicing Dafa 14 years ago. In the past, they had gone to Beijing twice to speak out for Dafa. The wife was later sentenced to three years of forced labor and the husband detained for a month. Now the husband studies the Fa a little, but the wife has stopped completely.

The practitioner said to me, “Let's go to her home this afternoon. You send righteous thoughts and I will talk to them.” While we were at their home, the husband was very receptive to what we said, but the wife was not friendly at all. We were not discouraged, but we asked Master for help. We started sending righteous thoughts. Later we showed them the Shen Yun DVD and continued to talk to them. We finally got through to her. The wife recalled the old days when fellow practitioners were together doing the exercises and studying the Fa. Tears ran down her face.

The next day, I brought them Master's recent articles. The wife said to me with a big smile on her face, “Now I completely understand. Please help me publish a solemn statement. I know Master has not given up on me. I was wrong.” I was stunned, because I did not expect her to come back so fast. I thanked Master in my heart. I told her, “You should study the Fa more. Master has been looking after you. Don't let Master down.” She and her husband were moved to tears and said that they would follow Master's teachings.

Now they both study the Fa diligently, try to save more people, and submit a list of people who have quit the CCP every week.

From these two practitioners, I realized the significance of Master asking us to find those practitioners who have stopped cultivating. It's not only a Dafa disciple who returns to the Fa, but also the rebirth of countless beings in a tremendous cosmic realm.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!

Please point out anything inappropriate. Heshi.