While shopping for business supplies in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, on September 17, a man from Gucheng County, Hebei Province, about 25 miles away was arrested for paying for his purchases with “truth-clarification currency” (bills with messages exposing the persecution of Falun Gong printed on them).

Shandong police then ransacked Mr. Wang Jianping (王建平)'s home in Hebei. They confiscated his computer and 1,800 yuan in cash (all with Falun Gong messages printed on them), among other personal belongings.

Mr. Wang was deemed a “high value target,” and his case is considered a priority. Shandong police interrogated him using torture, trying to extract a confession from him.

Mr. Wang started a hunger strike at Dezhou Detention Center on October 22.

His family has gone to the authorities several times to request his release since his arrest. They were videotaped and threatened by the police.

Mr. Wang's wife and other relatives went to Dezhou Domestic Security Division on October 31 after being informed of his hunger strike the day before. Policewoman Zhang Lili told the family blatantly, “We don't follow any law when it comes to detaining Falun Gong people. We just follow our internal policy!”

When Mr. Wang's wife and relatives refused to have their photos taken, Zhang called in other officers to intimidate them.

Mr. Wang appeared to be very weak at the meeting with his lawyer on November 3. The police officers told the lawyer at the meeting that they were collecting more evidence against Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang's wife was held at Dezhou Domestic Security Division for half an hour on November 6 when she accompanied his lawyer to inquire about his case. She wasn't released until she spent six more hours at a local police station.

The police told the wife while they held her against her will, “You posted flyers about his detention everywhere! You even dare to hire a lawyer to make trouble for us!”

Mr. Wang’s family is extremely concerned about him. He has been on a hunger strike for more than three weeks, and they are worried that he might be force-fed and tortured in other ways they have read about.

People Responsible for Mr. Wang's Arrest and Detention

Public Security Sub-bureau of Dezhou Economic and Technological Development ZoneZhang Bozhen (张宝镇), division leader ( +86-13705342656)Li Baoguo (李保国) deputy division leader (+86-13953421808)Li Daihua (李代华) Commission for Discipline Inspection ( +86-13505340118 )Li Hongwei(李红卫), policeman (+86-13805343936)Zhang Lili (张丽丽) policewoman (+86-13853418937)