(Minghui.org) Greetings, respected Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am here to report to our respected Master, and share with fellow practitioners a cultivation story.

Remain Unaffected in the Face of Difficult Tests

In was around noon during this past Lantern Festival, 15 days after the Chinese New Year. My practitioner son and I were driving to participate in a large-scale business promotion event sponsored by residents in our city's rural area.

My cell phone started ringing. The call was from MC’s husband.

MC is a coordinator who lives in the next village. Her husband strongly opposes her involvement in Dafa work. To facilitate my contacts with MC, I have deliberately established a typical society's business relationship with her husband. As a result, he generally treats me with great respect and is always very polite.

On the whole, our telephone exchanges are cordial and business-related. So, I was quite taken aback when I heard him demand in an uncharacteristically blunt manner: “Are your couplets distributed only in our village or have they been distributed in other places?”

I tried to calm MC’s husband down and simultaneously and immediately sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to seal off any evil eavesdropping. I said to him: “Don’t get worked up. Speak slowly. What about those couplets?”

His response was: “Several people from the police department came to our village to track down the people responsible for posting the Falun Dafa couplets. They took a lot of pictures. Now, they are in my house turning everything upside down. They have just taken MC away. You guys never listen to me. This whole thing is getting out of hand. Our circumstances...”

I detected in his agitated tone a voice of fear, anxiety and resentment.

I listened to his words with my ears, but my mind was swirling and my heart felt an invisible heavy weight pressuring on me.

I am the supplier of all of MC’s Dafa materials. Our local Dafa couplets were written almost entirely by me and distributed by me to other practitioners. Are the evil forces targeting me? I am also responsible for coordinating all local task assignments. My residence is a materials production center, with a whole multitude of Dafa materials and equipment and supplies. To protect Dafa and its resources from damage, should I go home and effect an immediate transfer?

A voice in my heart sounded an alarm: “Go home to pack things. You must get in front of the evil forces!”

Another voice reminded me: “Stay righteous. Stop being afraid.”

A third voice insisted: "This is a security measure.”

Yet another chimed in: “Our clarifying the truth to save sentient beings is Master’s arrangement. Our homes being searched and ransacked are persecution under the old forces' arrangements. We cannot acknowledge them.”

Then another one: “This is clearly an alert from Master to enlighten you to protect Dafa resources and remove them so the evil forces cannot use them as evidence to further their persecution. You have to take advantage of this fleeting opportunity.”

Another quoted Master’s words: “… just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Yes! That’s it! This is the righteous thought Dafa disciples should have! My heart suddenly became at peace. I have Master and Dafa on my side, what am I afraid of?

I said to MC’s husband in a calm voice: “Don’t be afraid. We clarify the truth and distribute materials to save people. Our couplets are also to save people. On them are messages about condemning evil deeds and praising the good and the virtuous. We have not broken any law. The police are the ones in violation of the law. Your best bet is to go and demand your wife’s release. At least, try to find out where they have taken her.”

At the same time, my son and I sought Master’s blessings and support. We continued to send forth strong righteous thoughts to disintegrate all evil and evil factors in other dimensions so that their schemes, conspiracies, and all attempts at persecution would be eliminated.

Look Inward In Times of Tribulations

We took advantage of our lunch time to inform all practitioners in the urban area and make coordination arrangements for sending forth righteous thoughts en masse.

That evening and most of the night, we held an emergency meeting with all practitioners who could be there to exchange views and share ideas.

I looked inward and discovered that around the New Year, because of being involved in the production of the Dafa couplets, I had become attached to doing work with the mentality not of a cultivator and so I had neglected to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts with diligence. Then, after the couplets were posted and met with approval and praise, I further lost myself in the attachments of zealotry and flattery, so that during the New Year, I was basking in the ordinary thinking of accomplishment and success, so much so I didn’t even realize I had grown proud and arrogant. My erroneous mental state had contributed to adverse effects on the whole body.

When I was able to uncover all my negative attachments, other practitioners also recognized that there was indeed a relaxed attitude on the whole, so that our considerable vulnerability allowed the evil to take advantage of our loopholes.

That being said, we must remember that although practitioners have gaps in our cultivation practice, Dafa disciples with deficiencies will be rectified within the Fa in due course and nothing can become an excuse or tool for the evil forces to use as persecution on us.

The fact that MC is being persecuted, it really means our whole body is being persecuted. It further means persecution of all sentient beings and that is fundamentally a crime against Dafa.

We also recognized that, “Whatever you experience during your cultivation—whether good or bad—is good, ...” (“To the Chicago Fa Conference” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

This is not exactly and superficially the evil people and police stirring up trouble. This is the evil factors in other dimensions taking full advantage of our loopholes. Since evil came to our door, then we would beat it at its own game by strengthening our righteous thoughts and using our supernatural powers to completely disintegrate it, annihilate it, and treat this as our opportunity to eliminate all bad stuff and enhance our overall cultivation environment.

That night I went over to MC’s home to provide comfort and strength to her family, doing my best to smooth out any resentment her family members might have toward Dafa. I was able to earn their understanding and cooperation to take part in our rescue operation.

Because the city we are in is a county-level city, I took into account that illegally detained Dafa disciples are generally sent to the prefecture-level City A. So, the next morning, my son and I drove to City A to seek out the practitioner coordinator there. Together, we mobilized all practitioners in the vicinity to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all demons controlling the persecution.

All at once, we could feel in other dimensions, a huge and powerful Dafa net that was cast out and swiftly entrapped the wicked demons and rotten ghosts, the evil spirit of the Communist Party, and the black hands and meddling deities of the old forces.

MC’s village is located between my home and City A. I decided to drop by her house on my way home to check on how things have progressed. To my happy surprise, MC had already been released.

MC told me in detail what exactly happened. The following is her story:

“They Must Have Been Written By the Immortals”

I had relaxed my cultivation because of the New Year celebrations, seeking comfort and human affection from family members, and getting lost in the pursuit of an easy life. All these gave rise to an unspecified fear in my heart. When I realized this mental state was quite dangerous and began to send forth righteous thoughts, the evil clutches were already upon me.

Yesterday morning, the captain and vice captain of the Municipal Domestic Security Division brought along two police officers and joined up with our village cadres to force their way into my home, using the excuse that I had distributed Dafa couplets during the New Year. They illegally searched my premises. They took away Dafa books, Minghui Weekly, and more than 80 copies of Dafa truth-clarification materials. After that, they took me to the Domestic Security Division.

On the way, I seriously looked inward to discover my loopholes and found all the ones I just named. At once, I sent forth righteous thoughts and sought Master’s protection.

I also repeatedly recited in my heart Master’s verse:

“Imprisoned as you are,don’t be sorrowful or sadCarry on with righteous thoughts and actions,and the Fa is with youCalmly reflect on the attachments you haveRemove your human thoughtsand evil will naturally die out” (“Don’t be Sad” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

My fear was gone. My heart became filled with compassion toward those ignorant people who don’t know the facts or understand the truth and get involved with the persecution. I reminded myself that, as Dafa disciples, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are our top responsibilities no matter the environment or the circumstance. The police are the most pitiable people in today's society. I have to save them.

When I told my kidnappers and the police who interrogated me that they are committing crimes against laws they are well aware of, and that what they are doing will meet with retribution from the gods in heaven, they insisted that my distributing and posting Falun Dafa couplets were subversive actions with reactionary intent to overthrow the government.

I said to them: “Our couplets are all about doing good deeds and thinking good thoughts. They reflect the essence of thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture. Please may I ask which word is reactionary?”

As a response, they actually showed me their record with a picture displaying a “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” banner as evidence.

I could not help but laughed out loud: "Then you tell me, in the end, is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance good or are the Communist Party’s Lies-Evil-Violence good?”

They looked at each other blankly and became momentarily speechless. They then changed the subject and asked: “Who wrote the couplets?”

I answered: “Since you all say I distributed them, then just say I wrote them.”

They insisted: “The couplets are very well written. There’s no way you could have written them. If you practice truthfulness, you have to tell the truth.”

I countered: “If you must say people cannot write so well, then they must be written by immortals.”

They became amused. The atmosphere changed. Tension began to ease.

But they still did not give up pretending to be tough and asked: “Honestly, where do your couplets and all the materials come from?”

I calmly informed them: “Since the immortals wrote them, then they have to have fallen from the sky.”

The roomful of people could not help but burst into heartfelt laughter. The evil that had controlled them was gradually melting away and became completely disintegrated.

Forget Self in Times of Danger But Do Not Forget to Save People

At the time, I was sure Master’s Fa body and fellow practitioners’ righteous thoughts must be enveloping me. Master’s Fa popped in my mind:

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in springRighteous thoughts can save the people in this world” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin Vol. II”).

I forgot what being “afraid” meant, and I forgot about life and death. I forgot about feeling thirsty or hungry. I did not give any thought to what they might do to me. In my heart, there was no resentment or hate. I just looked at them as poor slumbering souls snoring under a dangerous building that was nearing collapse.

What happened next was, the bad situation was completely turned upside down. They began to seek the truth and I answered their questions one by one.

The entire afternoon, people were coming in and going out. Whenever I had the opportunity I would clarify the truth. The rest of the time, I sat cross-legged and sent forth righteous thoughts to clear the evil factors in other dimensions.

That night they locked me in a big building without heat. The vice captain personally brought in people to check on me. He was very lucky because he was able to hear the truth more comprehensively than others, and he had also listened to what I said most attentively.

The police that night brought in many people who were caught in adulterous acts in hotels during the Lantern Festival during surprise checks. Within a short time, more than a dozen pair of men and women were arrested.

I considered them all as people with a predestined relationship with me. I started talking to them about Falun Gong’s physical and spiritual benefits from my personal experiences in practicing Dafa. I talked about the global phenomenon of Falun Dafa being spread, accepted, and practiced in countries all over the world.

I talked about the April 25 incident, and when the persecution of Falun Dafa started on July 20, 1999, to the trumped up Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax. I discussed the dishonorable start of the Communist Party, its deceitful policy, its brainwashing tactics, and its evil nature. Also how Jiang Zemin used the Party’s brutal and tyrannical culture to launch the persecution of Falun Gong, and how he even instigated a profiteering scheme to harvest organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, committing evil that has never been heard of on this planet.

I helped them understand about how Jiang Zemin has brought about the imminent destruction of the Communist Party, and that the only way to ensure personal security and peace is through quitting the Party and all its affiliates.

Falun Dafa’s boundless magical power melted the heart of the vice captain. He sat quietly listening to me. The police who were coming in and out did not bother me either. As a result, most people understood the facts about Falun Gong. Three people even quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

It was very cold in the big building with no heat. So I taught everybody to recite: ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” These people with predestined relationships were all basking under the warmth of Dafa. Nobody slept that night, but they listened to me talk. They watched me do the five sets of exercises and send forth righteous thoughts.

In fact, Dafa disciples are the main characters in any place and in all realms.

“Our Master Has the Final Say”

Before breakfast the next morning, the captain of the Domestic Security Division who kidnapped me, smiled and said to me: “Big Sister, you spent the entire night criticizing and cursing the Communist Party and Jiang Zemin. You must be very hungry. Come and eat!’

I said: “The Communist Party and Jiang Zemin doesn't deserve to be told off by this Big Sister. I speak the truth. Truthful facts save people, while deceitful lies are harmful to people. I won’t eat the food here. I’m going home to eat my own food.”

The captain replied surreptitiously: “I’ll take you home after I finish my meal.”

Sure enough, the captain and the vice captain escorted me from the big building to a car after breakfast. On the way out of the downtown area, I noticed the driver was going the exact opposite direction from my home.

I said: “You lied. We are going toward City A.”

The vice-captain answered: “Yeah, Big Sister. We’re really sorry. Please forgive your brothers. We have to survive in this muddy world and have no control over our actions. To tell you honestly, you have somehow offended someone in the village. That person made a complaint directly to the police department. The police chief handpicked the two of us to handle your case. You have it easy. You are only going to be detained for 15 days. Now, you can contact your family to pick you up at the end of your detention. Alas, there’s nothing we can do. Your little brothers’ hands are really tied.”

I know what this vice-captain said was the truth. The night before, he told me privately and quietly: “Big Sister, I noticed you wrap that Dafa book so very carefully. I can see you treasure it to a high degree. I’ll take good care of it for you and will return it to you later.”

I have said to him: “Thank you. You have good understanding. Please be sure to read the book through while it is in your safekeeping. You will greatly benefit from it.”

He has promised, “For sure I will. For sure I will.”

But, no matter what, there was no way I could accept this arrangement. So, I announced in a firm tone of voice: “No what the police chief says doesn’t count!”

The captain was incredulous: “What our police chief says doesn’t count? Then, does what your Master say, far away in the United States, count?”

I answered: “You said it right. Yes. Our Master has the final say!”

I felt sure the captain was also beginning to understand the facts about Dafa truth to some extent, because he said to me sincerely: “Big Sister, I really admire you. But, you listen to your little brother. If you feel Dafa is good, when you get back home, you continue to practice. Just do not go out and distribute those things.”

I thanked him: “I’m grateful for your kindness. There is nothing wrong with the materials and there is nothing wrong for me to distribute them to save people; but if I don’t let people know the facts nor put these materials in their hands in a timely fashion, then I will be in the wrong. However, since you now have the materials, please be sure to take a good look at them, and be sure you share them with your colleagues too. In this way, you’ll be making amends for what you are ordered to do against your conscience.”

The two captain were speechless. I then took the opportunity to persuade them to quit the Party and its affiliates. The captain remained silent but the vice captain gave me a consenting nod.

I continued to send forth righteous thoughts to deny further persecution.

When we arrived at City A, the captain checked a few agencies but could not find one that could take my fingerprints. One time, I refused to cooperate. The driver clamored to use force on me, but the vice captain stopped him sternly: “Enforcement with violence is not allowed.”

At the detention center in City A, an argument ensued in the transition process. The detention center refused to accept me because there was no laboratory report for my blood test being produced.

“Blood tests are to ensure there is no sign of pregnancy. Just look at her. Her face is smooth and she looks young, but she’s actually almost 60-years old! There is absolutely no need of any blood test for her!”

Both sides were at a stalemate. My escorts decided they would just leave me and leave. I wanted to follow them so they could drop me home, but they gave me a shove into the building and quickly sped away.

A guard in the detention center started shouting at me: “Why are you in here? We don’t want you!”

I told her in an almost imperative tone of voice: “Then open the door for me!”

The guard did as she was told. I went out and waited at the door for a bit. My eyes followed the car that brought me there driving out of the front gate of the detention center compound. Then, I quickly walked to the front gate, caught a taxi, and went home.

It is Master who has saved me. It is the combined righteous thoughts sent forth by my fellow practitioners that helped me. Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

Mutual Enlightenment

A menacing evil persecution was completely disintegrated after a day and a night. Although we could not see this magnificent battle between good and evil in other dimensions, we could still feel Master’s immense compassion and Dafa’s boundless might at our different levels. We all enlightened to the fact that, with unshakable trust in Master and Dafa, there is no flaming mountain we cannot climb. Together, we bear witness to Master’s words: “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts / Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

In our Dafa cultivation path, there are still many things we need to work on, but we will listen to Master's words, ease Master’s worry by practicing “as from the start,” so that we can all go home with Master.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!