(Minghui.org) A woman in her 60s from Da'an, Jilin Province, was diagnosed with late-stage stomach cancer and heart disease just a few months after her arrest on January 31, 2013. She was granted a one-year medical parole after her family paid 10,000 yuan to bail her out.

About a year later, on August 4, she was taken back into custody even though she was still fighting cancer. She was sentenced in Da'an City Court to four and a half years on September 9 and was transferred to Jilin First Women's Prison in late October.

Ms. Zou Yufang (邹玉芳) was denied legal representation at her trial, which was conducted secretly and without her family's knowledge.

Ms. Zou's only “crime” was practicing Falun Gong, a self-cultivation system being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. Prior to her latest arrest, she was detained many times in the past, twice at the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp.

With Ms. Zou serving prison time, her diabetic husband has been left to fend for himself.

Chief Culprits in the Latest Instance of Persecution of Ms. Zou

Officers Chen Yamin (陈亚民) and Liu Yuming (刘玉明) from the Domestic Security Division were responsible for arresting Ms. Zou last January for handing out fliers exposing the persecution of Falun Gong in Changyuan Village.

The Da'an 610 Office and the Domestic Security Division together extorted 10,000 yuan from Ms. Zou's family, before releasing her from Tongyu Detention Center.

While Ms. Zou was on medical parole, officer Liu Yanzhuo (柳岩茁) from Changhong Police Station went to harass her and her relatives frequently.

Officer Sui Yanlong (隋彦龙) and others from the Domestic Security Division were the ones that ended Ms. Zou's medical parole and took her to Baicheng Detention Center on August 4, 2014.

Perpetrators' Phone Numbers

The Domestic Security Division of Da'an City Police Department:+86-436-5053012Sui Yanlong (隋彦龙), captain: +86-436-5222470, +86-13894655119Chen Yamin (陈亚民), officer, currently discharged: +86-436-5225595, +86-18043608061, +86-13894655021Liu Yuming (刘玉明), deputy captain, currently transferred to the patrol unit: +86-18043608180

Changhong Police Station in HuiyangLiu Yanzhuo (柳岩茁), director: +86-436-5224374, +86-13894655118Wang Dexin (王德新), head of the 610 Office, currently a deputy party secretary in Taobei District, Baicheng: +86-436-5202692, +86-436-5258529, +86-13904365818Da'an City CourtShi Zixian (时子宪), director: +86-13843650008