A Miraculous Cultivation Way

I obtained the Fa in 1997, so I am a veteran practitioner. Three days after I started practicing, I entered into the state of ding (tranquility). I felt like I was flying up into the sky. I didn't know at the time that this was my primordial spirit leaving my body. I thought of my husband and worried about him, so my primordial spirit then returned to my body.

One day when I was practicing the second exercise, my fingers emitted strong red, blue, and white sparklingly light, which shook my body, but I felt very comfortable.

My husband sometimes beat me and cursed at me when I practiced the exercises, but I was determined to practice, even if he beat me to death. To avoid his interference, I did the exercises on our balcony in the middle of the night for two years. The weather is extremely cold during the winter in the north, and the balcony was often iced over, with icicles suspended from the railings. Every night I meditated outside for over an hour in only my thin pajamas, sitting on a thin mat. I felt a little cold sitting there, but I soon entered the state of ding, and didn't notice the cold at all. I felt that I was surrounded by warm, thick, and miraculous energy. It was a wonderful feeling.

One day I was in the state of ding for quite some time. When I opened my eyes, I saw water running through the balcony. When I looked up, I saw my husband looking at me in surprise. He was pouring the water over me, but my body and the place where I was sitting remained dry.

I meditated on the cement balcony floor all year round. One morning I felt as if the cement floor rose up slowly to the height of a bed, and it became as soft as a bed. I felt very comfortable sitting there. I knew Master was encouraging me and taking care of me. Since then, whether I sit on a cement floor or wooden floor boards, I feel comfortable, like I am sitting on a sponge cushion.

One day when we were practicing the exercises at the practice site, the weather changed suddenly. A hurricane was coming, and there was thunder and lightning. It was terrifying. I remembered that Master said, “ …not even flinch when thunder sounds.” ("Teaching the Fa at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun") I didn't move. Only three of us remained to complete the exercises. The thunder didn't frighten us away, and eventually stopped. I experienced such things several times.

On another occasion, I went to the park early in the morning and meditated in a grassy area. As soon as I sat down, mosquitos swarmed all over me. Some landed on my neck and bit me. It itched and hurt, and I nearly jumped. But I thought, “Let them sting me to pay off my debts.” I was able to forbear. My sister later asked me, “Where has your thick neck gone?” I had a thick neck for 40 or 50 years, and it became thicker when I was angry. My neck had now returned to its normal size. My family witnessed this miracle and believed that Falun Dafa was indeed wonderful.


All of my illnesses, including a split liver, heart disease, bronchitis, emphysema, arthritis, chronic pharyngitis, tuberculosis calcification, and migraines, disappeared after I had practiced Falun Dafa for two years. I knew that Master had cleared the illnesses out of me and borne the karma for me. Master always gives us the best, as long as we have the heart to cultivate.

My husband passed away just after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Dafa, and my son was laid off soon after. He was preparing for his wedding at the time. I felt very tired, and I worried too much. My weight dropped to less than 35 kilos (77 pounds), but I felt healthy.

I had to work as a housemaid to pay off my debts. It was difficult at the start, because I had to forbear people's disdain and mistreatment. But regardless of how other people treated me, I remembered that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, and I put up with others as a practitioner should. I looked within when conflicts occurred, and I didn't complain about other people even if I was in the right. I knew the job was an opportunity that Master had arranged for me to improve. I always considered others first and tried to be fair. Because I always did a good job, the families I worked for didn't want me to leave. The daughter-in-law in one family said that I treated her better than did her mother-in-law.

Falun Dafa changed me tremendously. My skin became soft and my cheeks rosy. I put on 15 kilos (33 pounds), and became taller and prettier. When I returned to my hometown, my sister and cousins passed me on the street and didn't recognize me. I stopped one of my cousins. She acted a bit irritated, and still didn't know who I was. I told them I was their cousin, and then one of my brothers recognized me. They said that I had completely changed, and they were amazed. When the neighbors saw me, they couldn't believe it was me. I told them my changes were from practicing Falun Dafa. Everyone agreed that Falun Dafa was miraculous.

Master Bestowed Magical Powers on Me

I have experienced all the miraculous things Master mentioned in his lectures. I will give two examples.

One day another practitioner and I were clarifying the truth on a train, and didn't see a transit police officer sitting opposite us. He heard what we were saying, and called over several more officers. All of them were carrying handcuffs. They talked loudly to let us know they were there. The other practitioner got nervous and moved to another carriage. She asked me to go with her. I didn't move, and my heart wasn't moved either. I had no fear, and sent strong righteous thoughts to make all the police officers fall asleep. Soon they all fell asleep and we got off the train safely.

One day a local practitioner who often went to my house was arrested. I was not afraid. I knew that Master had the final say. I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts for several days at home. We reestablished our Fa study group. I always had the thought that the police would never find my home. After the practitioner was released, she told me that she had given in and told the police where I lived. She had tried to take the police to my home, but they got lost along the way.

As we help Master validate the Fa and save sentient beings, Master arranges and decides everything for us. Our divine powers are omnipotent as long as we study the Fa well, believe in Master, and have righteous thoughts and no fear.

Realization through an Accident

One snowy day I was riding to work on my bicycle when a mother who was hurrying to take her child to kindergarten hit me. I was knocked down, but I urged the mother to go ahead so that she would not be late for work. I lay on the ground and couldn't move.

A passerby took me home. My employer’s son and my daughter took me to the hospital. My femur had been fractured and required surgery. I asked Master for help during this difficult time. I was able to walk four or five days later, and was discharged from the hospital in 19 days. I didn't feel any pain during the whole process. Master had borne the karma for me again.

I pondered why I had been injured and couldn't move. I should have been at home studying the Fa and doing the exercises instead of lying in a hospital bed. I examined my attachments and found that recently I had been attached to money. I had asked Master to help me get a job to repay my debts. But when my debts had been repaid, I grew greedy and wanted to save more money.

Even though I studied three lectures of Zhuan Falun every day, I was not focused while reading. I didn't send forth righteous thoughts at all, and didn't do any of the three things well. I was not on the right track. so the old forces took advantage of my loopholes. This fall woke me up. I realized that I could not live without Dafa and that I had to make Dafa my first priority.

I then put my realizations into practice. I decided to make truth-clarification materials myself, and stopped asking fellow practitioners for them. I was in my sixties, and almost illiterate. Could I make materials without any technical support? I again asked Master for help. Master arranged for a practitioner to teach me. Within six months I had learned how to print, burn DVDs, and burn master copies. I then taught these skills to other practitioners. We made informational materials in large quantities and distributed them widely. We also provided copies to other practitioners.

I studied the Fa attentively, reading three or four lectures per day. I couldn't express how wonderful I felt when I was in the Fa. The better I studied the Fa, the better I did the three things. I could then coordinate well with others, maintain righteous thoughts, and make materials easily. I was not discouraged when I saved only a single person, nor did I become content when I saved dozens of people. I clarified the truth to people face to face, rain or shine, and encouraged other practitioners to join me.

I set up a Fa study group in my home. Practitioners come and go, and regard my home as theirs. Some of them stayed home for several days, while others had to stay home one or two months while recovering from sickness karma. Whoever wants to come comes and whoever wants to go leaves. I treat them sincerely and I am happy to help them improve. We cultivate diligently and improve together.

One day a practitioner brought a stranger to my home. The other practitioners wondered if she was a spy. I said to them, “Maybe it was arranged by Master, and is predestined that she came to my home” Actually this practitioner was very diligent in cultivation and was doing the three things quite well. I believe that my attitude helped improve this situation.

I have so many experiences to share from my 17 years of cultivation, but I am unable to write all of them down. I would like to thank Master for his immense saving grace. Master has arranged everything for me. Without Master and Dafa, I would have already died. I will listen to Master and do the three things well.