(Minghui.org) As a 22-year-old college student, I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for 16 years. When I was six, I would go to the practice site with my mom. I couldn't read yet, so I listened to adult practitioners studying the Fa. I would play off to the side quietly. If I was tired, I napped.

Mom told me that I was often sick as a young child and my family spent a great deal of money for treatments. After I began to follow my mom to the practice site, my health gradually improved.

I once had a high fever for two days. Mom was very concerned and asked me if I wanted to take some medication for my fever. I told her that I did not want any since Master was helping me to get rid of my karma. The fever disappeared. With Master's compassionate protection, I broke through the test of illness karma. From then on, I no longer needed any medication.

I followed the adult practitioners to do the exercises. Police officers registered practitioners and I also was registered. After the persecution started, they came to my house and asked about me. My grandpa said, “Her mom practices Falun Gong and she has to go along.” After that, no police ever bothered me again. I know Master protected me.

In 1999, mom planned to go to Beijing to safeguard Dafa. She discussed this with me and I fully supported her. I asked her to just buy some treat for me when she was in Beijing.

My mom was often detained and sent to a forced labor camp several times for validating the Fa. When she was away, I would often cry when no one saw me. In my heart, I said, “mom, please come home as soon as possible.”

At that time I was in elementary school and always got the highest score on my exams. My studies were never affected by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) persecution. Once again I knew Master protected and strengthened me.

When my mom was released, we went out together to talk to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution, pass out brochures, post stickers, and hang up banners. Mom and I worked very well together.

When we were once hanging a banner that said “Falun Dafa is good,” someone reported it to the police. On our way home, a police vehicle stopped us. The police jumped out of the car and separated me from my mom. They asked me what I was doing. I did not panic and refused to answer them. With nothing to go on, they just had to let us go. I was in no danger and was just a little surprised. Master protected us once again.

When I was in middle school, mom was again reported to the police and illegally arrested. They ransacked our home and took our Dafa books. I recited as much of Master's Fa as I could remember, such as Master's poems, Hong Yin. I felt Master was always with me.

I now consider myself a practitioner, but I have not always maintained the high standard of a practitioner. I sometimes fought with classmates. Although my grades were the best in the class, my teacher did not put me in the first group to join the CCP Youth League. I thought it was because I didn't listen to her and fought with classmates. I later realized that Master was watching over me and prevented me from joining a CCP organization. Later everyone in the class wanted me to join the Youth League, but I refused.

Dafa gave me wisdom and a healthy body. With Master's help, I was admitted to a top high school. I carried a heavy class load, but still managed to study the Fa every day.

I sent forth righteous thoughts at the four set times. At the six o'clock set time I was still in school and my classmates became very noisy. Some students noticed what I was doing and asked me about it, but I did not say.

Once the school asked the Youth League secretaries of each class to have everyone stand up who had not joined the CCP Youth League. I was the only one who stood up in my class. Everyone looked at me. They may have wondered why I did not join since it was supposed to be an honor. I was afraid the school would force me. When I discussed this with mom, we sent righteous thoughts together.

In my senior year, the school administration asked the best students to join the CCP. The Youth League secretary asked me to fill out an application, but I refused.

Since most students felt it was an honor to join, they all felt sorry for me. However, I did not care about it at all.

I did very well on the college entrance exam and was admitted to a good college. I truly understood that Dafa practitioners' responsibility was to awaken sentient beings and tell them about Falun Dafa so, during the holidays, I would invite classmates to my home. Mom and I sent righteous thoughts and she then {[clarified the truth}} to them. Most accepted the truth. I believe the students who came home with me had a predestined relationship with me and I was very happy that they were awakened.

In college, the exams were challenging for everyone. Some students bought the answers to difficult exams. As a Dafa practitioner, I would not do it. I decided that I must use my own abilities in taking the exams. A classmate who started together with me usually got similar scores as me. With Master's help, I did extraordinarily well on the exam. I felt this was Master encouraging me.

Dafa has given me wisdom and I am very grateful to Master. I know there are still gaps in my cultivation from what is required. I still have the attachment of fear but I am determined to truly cultivate myself and advance diligently to be worthy of Master's compassionate salvation.