(Minghui.org) Shen Yun Performing Arts has been taking the world by storm since 2006. Audiences worldwide enjoy the performances, which portray the splendor of five millennia of Chinese culture. Unfortunately, people in China cannot see the show live today due to government restrictions, and as a result many have been eagerly looking for Shen Yun DVDs.

As someone who distributes these performance DVDs, I see the reactions of people after they watch the critically-acclaimed performance for the first time. Here are just a few:

Zhuozhou City: An Elderly Man Receives a Long-Sought Gift

I was once distributing Shen Yun DVDs on Taoyuan road in Zhuozhou City, and I had just given one to an elderly gentleman. This caught the attention of another man in an army jacket, who asked me for a copy.

He said, “I've been looking forever for this! Can I have one if you still have any left?”

I quickly handed him a disc, which he happily held like a precious treasure, scrutinizing the cover carefully. I was deeply moved by his eagerness for salvation and his desire to see this magical performance.

Chengdu, Sichuan Province: Security Guards Eagerly Await New Shen Yun Release

A couple of days after the New Year holiday, I passed by a security booth in front of an upscale residential building, and overheard a conversation between two security guards.

One said to the other, “Where are this year's Shen Yun DVD's? I have watched them for several years. The performances are fabulous – everything is beautiful, and so synchronized. And it's weird – whenever I have an off day, I always watch the DVD. Strangely, my problems are gone the next day.”

I approached them and asked, “Are you talking about the Shen Yun performance?”

One guard eyed me silently while the other one waited for me to continue.

I added, “I've got two copies of the DVD with me. The performance this year is really good. I've already watched it, so you guys can have it if you'd like.”

They thanked me repeatedly and profusely for the discs.

Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province: Businessman Urges Others to Watch Shen Yun

When we were passing out DVDs, one person was hesitant to accept the disc, not quite knowing whether this was something he should try out.

Seeing this, a businessman nearby piped up, “You should try it – honestly, if you don't, you'll definitely regret it later. It is very good. I have watched these DVDs for years. It is literally performed by divine beings, because there is no way humans could possible perform that well.”

Convinced, the formerly hesitant person happily accepted the DVD.

One teacher showed the Shen Yun performance to students, who were very happy to see it. Some students exclaimed, “All the performers were fairies!” Some said that heaven must be just like that!

Tangshan, Hebei Province: Shen Yun in the Workplace

One of my colleagues wasn't interested in Shen Yun when I first told her about it, but she immediately changed her mind once I showed her the disk.

“Wow! This is a high-class product!” she said, impressed.

Another colleague quipped, “Yes. The disc was made with a lot of detail. It's obvious that they put a lot of thought into this.”

One of my colleagues, who had become sort of a Shen Yun aficionado, insisted, “You can't watch Shen Yun while eating. You have to sincerely watch it with your undivided attention. Also, you should watch it again and again. Gradually, you will be in an indescribably good mood, and you start feeling that you are one of the performers.”

He then said, “I should have taken back all the Shen Yun DVDs that I shared with other people. A treasure like this will be a rare collectible in future.”

Another colleague, who lives in my dormitory, saw me watching Shen Yun on my computer one day. His interest piqued, and he got up and watched it with me.

“Those guys are highly skilled!” he opined. “They wouldn't reach this high level without at least ten years of experience!”

Impressions of Shen Yun on People

I came across many people who had watched the performance, and many of these people were only too happy to share their impressions of the show.

After watching the “2009 Global Chinese New Year Spectacular,” a retired couple said, “The performance is very good and we have watched it several times. Do you have other DVDs? We'd love to have them.”

Another retired couple, both in their nineties, have watched Shen Yun's performance every year. They say that the performance puts them in a pleasant state of mind, and because of that, they are healthy and happy.

I gave a Mr. Li a DVD of the 2012 Shen Yun performance. He said, “I also had a DVD for the performance in 2011. Unlike the messy society today, the scenes shown in the performance are harmonious.

I have also given Mr. Wang, who is 80 years old, Shen Yun DVDs every year.

He praises Shen Yun, saying, “The start of the show is astounding. The backdrop is gorgeous, and the group dance is synchronized perfectly. The performers' costumes are colorful and neat. The orchestra seamlessly harmonizes the sounds of Chinese instruments and western ones. The conductor is awesome. The ensembles of six flutes and two trumpets are mesmerizing. The Shen Yun performance is really the best in the world, and the shows on China Central Television cannot possibly compare.”