(Minghui.org) Editor's note: Falun Gong practitioners have been collecting leads to assist international investigations aiming to expose the full scale of the organ harvesting atrocities in China. A key fact leading to confirmation of illicit organ harvesting is the short wait time for matching organs. This points to the existence of a live organ bank and killing-on-demand of prisoners of conscience.

The wait time for a matching liver for transplant at the First Hospital of Jilin University is extremely short.

Zhang Junping, a man in his forties, waited only 20 days to get a liver. His transplant surgery went smoothly. He left the hospital in late September 2014.

According to Mr. Zhang's wife, some patients got a matching liver on the same day they were admitted to the hospital. They came in the morning for matching tests, and had the surgery that same afternoon.

Patients who have to wait for two or three months for matching livers are considered “unlucky.” The wife learned that patients who required liver transplants and were admitted to the hospital prior to Mr. Zhang had also received matching livers.

Zhang's family paid more than 600,000 yuan (about 10,000 USD) for the surgery. According to the doctor, Zhang will need to take anti-rejection drugs for one year, which will cost 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. The required drug doses will reduce each year, and he can stop taking the drug in seven years.

According to the hospital's website, since 2011, they have performed 124 kidney transplants, 120 cornea transplants, 55 liver transplants, one heart, and one lung transplant. They didn't specify the source of the organs received.