(Minghui.org) As a physician working in a major hospital, I thought I had a thorough knowledge of modern medicine, including the causes, the pathogenesis, the treatment, and the prognosis of illnesses. Whenever facing an illness, I had a solid notion, believing that it was this or that illness, and that we should treat it this or that way, otherwise the consequences would be...

I was still longing for the good things in life, and my loophole was taken advantage of by the old forces this February. I was just thinking about how to trade in my car for a better one, as I saw a good deal in the shop (I had a fairly good car already, and just want a fancier one).

The next morning when I was brushing my teeth, I discovered that I could not close my lips tightly, my mouth was leaking! I immediately realized that I had loopholes in my cultivation. I wasn't diligent in my Fa study, and not able to study the Fa attentively. I was pursuing more things in the human world, and was attached to leisure, showing off, and to getting financial benefits.

I thought at first that my lip problem was symptoms of Bell's Palsy, but I then realized that as a cultivator I should not think that way. I immediately decided to forget about trading in my car, to eliminate all those human thoughts, and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the persecution of the old forces and walk well the path Master has arranged.

I rectified my thoughts and followed though with righteous action, but my symptoms did not improve, and got worse. Along with my lips not closing, my left eye began to weep, and my state of mind became a bit shaky. I used to have an infected tooth, and I wondered if that was the cause, (Master mentioned in the Fa that true practitioners' illnesses had already been eliminated from the root. This revealed my shallow understanding of the Fa).

My worry of coming down with some serious illness got worse, and I even thought that if I didn't treat it the right away, there could be consequences, and I might never recover. I worried that it would also affect my outward appearance... By then my fears had surfaced, and of course my illness got worse. I have cultivated over the years, and the toughest Hepatitis B has been eliminated, so how could I still have illness? I then realized that it was my fear and my notions that brought it on.

I had developed fear when facing illness karma. I have learned a great deal in medicine, and it has formed strong notions. These notions were controlling my way of thinking, and making my main consciousness muddle-headed. I was evaluating things using human notions, which caused illness karma to behave according to the laws of this human dimension.

I read an article on Minghui, about a fellow practitioner who was a farmer. He saw there were many bugs on his vegetables. If he were an everyday person, he would have begun insecticide treatment immediately. The fellow practitioner thought that insecticide was a form of killing. So he communicated with them and benevolently resolved the problem. The bugs went away and his vegetables became healthy again.

There was another fellow practitioner who missed the planting season because he was doing Dafa-related work. When he later seeded the field, the plants looked yellow and skinny. Others thought that the field was going to yield nothing, but he had a great harvest that year, with more yield than others. That completely overturned the notions of everyday people.

Through constant Fa study, I came to realize that I was limited too much by knowledge acquired in the ordinary world. I was overly confident about my medical knowledge, and felt I would be able to handle my tribulations. I was holding on to these notions long-term, and could not break through them. Relying on sending forth righteous thoughts was not enough.

I found that the most important thing was to elevate on the basis of the Fa, and to study the Fa more. This was the only way. When I realized that, my left eye suddenly stopped weeping, and my mouth gradually closed. Four or five days later, I had completely recovered. It was amazing.

I shared my experience with my colleagues. They all found it amazing. Of course, if an everyday person did not treat this condition quickly, he could need medical treatment. Even if one were treated in time, it would still take at least two or three weeks to recover. But cultivators, without medicine or injections, can recover quickly and completely. Doesn't this verify that the Buddha Fa is a higher science?

From learning this lesson, I hope that practitioners who are very knowledgeable in certain fields, also try to break through their notions when they face similar tribulations. One should use the Fa to measure things, and to measure oneself. We should not let notions of the human world prevent us from passing our tests.

Please kindly point out shortcomings.