(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. Years of cultivation have reinforced my calm personality. I have been at peace for a long time, that is, until some recent disturbances I will share in this article. I hope that my experience helps other practitioners who face similar problems.

Don't Get Caught Up in Sentiment

I'd read many articles from other practitioners on the attachment of lust. I didn't think it was such a big issue for me, as I had easily passed test of lust in my dreams.

I received a surprise phone call two days ago from an old friend of mine who I hadn't talked to for quite a while. I used to be fond of him, but we never got together, and he moved to the south. We kept in touch by phone and talked every few years. I hadn't seen him for more than 20 years.

He added me as a WeChat contact, and that day we chatted late into the night. Our conversation brought back many memories I had long forgotten. I felt extremely tired the next morning, and all my bones seemed to be swollen.

I noticed a curtain in my daughter's room had a loose thread. When I went to burn it off with a lighter, it caught on fire and burned a large hole in the curtain. I suddenly realized that Master was warning me: a big loophole had appeared in my cultivation! The Chinese character for burning (liao) has the same pronunciation as that for chatting (liao).

For years, all of my contacts had been other practitioners. We never chatted about the news or gossip. We talked only about saving people, our projects, or our cultivation. These conversations are very beneficial.

Chatting about ordinary things last night wasted precious time and stirred my peaceful heart. Although we didn't talk about love, it could have been a trap the old forces set for me. They might have lured me in little by little, until my cultivation is ruined. What a dangerous situation! I'm so grateful Master reminded me. I promised to Master: please rest assured I'll follow you to the very end!

I recalled a relevant dream I had a few years ago, in which I saw many golden lotus flowers as I flew over a mountain. I spotted a beautiful flower, pink, lilac, and white, blooming in front of my eyes as though I were watching a movie. It was very beautiful.

However, my body descended as I enjoyed watching it blossom. I realized that the flower was the “Flower of Love and Sentiment.” We fall as soon as we indulge it in our hearts. I then slid over cliffs and landed on a beach.

Saying Goodbye to WeChat

I had two inexpensive cell phones. I made calls only when necessary and did not send text messages. My husband gave me two smartphones, but I gave both away. Others laughed at me, but I did not mind. I didn't need a smartphone.

My husband gave me a new model recently. My brother encouraged me to use it and said, "You can use WeChat and save some money when you make phone calls." He installed WeChat for me and taught me how to use it. It was quite convenient. I was working on some renovation projects, and WeChat made it convenience to contact my clients.

I used to focus on making materials to inform the public about the persecution. A full-time nanny helps me with household chores. I studied the Fa after my kids went to bed. I concentrated and usually studied until very late. I went to sleep only when I was really tired.

At that time, I checked WeChat many times each day, even during meals, and I even had to check one more time before going to sleep. Why did what was going on in ordinary society matter to me? I used to turn a deaf ear to these things. Now even the new nanny was very talkative. It felt like my head was humming. What happened? Something must be wrong with me!

Although it seemed that WeChat got me get closer and closer to everyday life, which had been far from me, the real reason was my lack of willpower and determination in cultivation.

I recalled another dream, in which two practitioners and I traveled together. We knew that we would complete our cultivation upon arrival. One practitioner was already sitting on the ground waiting for me when we arrived.

I stood next to her and looked up in the sky. I saw beautiful lights, which became a lotus seat and moved right next to me. I knew I was supposed to sit on it. But I saw next to my feet was a deep abyss, dark and bottomless. The lotus seat was floating there, waiting for me to get on.

I felt a chill. If I lost my balance as I jumped on the lotus seat, I might fall into the bottomless dark abyss. Should I jump on? Yes I should! I jumped on it.

The lotus seat started to fall under my weight. My heart sank. However, the lotus seat soon ascended into the sky. I had completed my cultivation! We will face a test of life and death even at the very end of our cultivation!

Fa-rectification is approaching the end, but we are still cultivating. Regardless of our levels, we still live among everyday people, and human attachments may still disturb us.

Cultivation is serious. The slightest relaxation in our cultivation may lead to great disaster. Do not ignore something just because it looks trivial. We must have strong righteous thoughts and a firm will in order to follow Master to the end.