(Minghui.org) Before I leave home each day, I prepare a variety of materials about Falun Gong, to give to people who are looking for the facts. When I give them the materials, they often respond as though they've been handed a treasure.

"You Didn't Bring Enough Materials."

I met a man who was fixing a roof, and gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. He was very happy to get it, and said, “This is a good book. I saw the flyer, but haven't read the book.” He asked, “Could I have another copy to give to my friends?” I said, “You can pass this to your friends after you are done reading it.” He complained a little, saying, “You didn't bring enough materials. I have so many friends, and I can help you distribute those books.”

I gave him another copy and reminded him, “Please limit it to one copy per person. Please don’t waste the materials, which are made with donations from many Dafa practitioners who live frugally." He said firmly, "Don't worry.” He read the words on a Falun Dafa symbol, “Learning the truth is the hope of salvation.” (“I Sing for You” from Hong Yin III) He said, “That is so correct.”

I told him why he should withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations, and he was glad to do so.

"When You Have a Chance, Please Stop by My House"

My interaction with one lady was a most memorable encounter. When she finally understood all the facts, she was touched, and said over and over again, "You are providing salvation." She was overjoyed when I gave her the Nine Commentaries and other materials. She shook my hands and said, "You are so nice!"

She treasured the Falun Dafa symbol, kissed it, and carefully held it with both hands. I was deeply moved by her reaction. When I was ready to leave, she shouted after me, “When you have a chance, please stop by my house.” She told me her name and address. I thanked Master for saving her, and thought that perhaps she was the lord of another universe, and she and I might have a predestined relationship.

“This Is the Book!”

Once when I handed a CD to someone, he asked, “Do you have the Nine Commentaries? Can I have one? I had a copy before and read a little of it but did not get to finish because my relative took it.” When I took the book from my bag and handed it to him, he was pleased and said, "That is the book! I'll read it carefully." I said, "This book is written by experts and scholars, and is based on historical research; what the book says is true." I explained to him why withdrawing from the CCP can ensure a better life, and encouraged him to quit. He did.

"Read Carefully So You Can Remember"

I once chatted with a salesman about Falun Gong. I asked if he had read the materials. He started telling me how, not long ago, he and several others shared a copy of a truth-clarification brochure. When one finished, the next person read it. When one of them hung on to the flyer for a long time, the others joked, “He is reading it so carefully he's memorizing it.” In fact, people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa find it hard to let the materials go once they get them.

People are looking for the truth. I often think that this is Master’s encouragement to change my thoughts. Some may think that ordinary people may harm Dafa practitioners. In fact, they love to learn the truth, are happy to accept the materials, and often treat practitioners as part of their families.