(Minghui.org) My sister and I are both practitioners. We have had unresolved xinxing conflicts for the past four years. My sister has a bad temper, is very selfish, and often does not look inward to improve herself.

A practitioner made a suggestion a year ago, “You would not be so upset if you stop expecting your sister to behave like a cultivator.” I disagreed with the practitioner, but a year later, I was still troubled by our conflicts.

I was not in the best mood two months ago when my husband was arrested for practicing Falun Dafa. Therefore, I couldn't take it when my sister quarreled with others. When I asked her to calm down, she snapped back, “It has nothing to do with my temper, it is because so and so...”

I didn't understand why she couldn't look inward to find her shortcomings. I thought she was an unreasonable person. And as soon as I mentioned her bad temper, she would get very upset.

I couldn't tolerate it anymore a few days ago and said, “I can't treat you as a practitioner anymore.” To my surprise, she didn't get upset.

I figured out later that it was because I stopped looking outward to “help her” with her cultivation. Once I let go of that attachment, she stopped fighting with me. I realized I had to eliminate the negative thoughts I had about my sister. These thoughts were pressing me and not letting me breathe. Once I stopped looking outward and trying to change her, the resentment between us disappeared.

Failing to Look Inward Opens Loophole

The experience I had with my sister led me to think about the situation in Shenyang. Many practitioners in Shenyang have been arrested in recent years. We complained about it and failed to look inward. This created more difficulties in our efforts to rescue them, and resulted in the illegal sentencing of some practitioners.

The old forced took advantage of a loophole created because of our negative thoughts. We had fallen into the their trap.

The lawyers defending the practitioners overheard the domestic security officers say that they were going to arrest more practitioners in October. Practitioners who are in jail also sent messages to us, “Do not let the police arrest more practitioners.” I think it is time we pay attention to our negative thoughts and not follow the old forces' arrangements.

The Group Attitude Affects Individual Practitioners

I read an article on Minghui website, “Critically Ill Practitioner Recovers in Three Days upon Group Elevation,” and I agree with the author of the article.

The practitioner stated in the article, “It's all the evil persecution, whether it's the illegal arrest or the false appearance of sickness karma, whether it's financial tribulation or being unable to walk one's path righteously. They vary only in form.”

“As for practitioners in tribulation, they must firmly believe in Master and in Dafa and strengthen their righteous thoughts, look within, and improve themselves instead of relying on others. If they have strong righteous thoughts, they will naturally make it through by themselves, or with a bit of help from fellow practitioners.”

“However, when we regard the matter as a task for the whole body--and we usually do when the practitioner in question is not in a good cultivation state or it has been dragging on for a long time and other practitioners have mixed in their own notions, or it has something to do with practitioners around him in the first place--we need to look inside.”

“In our cultivation, we must pay attention to changing our human notions. Practitioners around us have been very magnanimous and protective of Xiaoming. They held a few notions about him, but there were no major conflicts or grudges.”

“However, in other dimensions, these notions could form a huge mountain, causing Xiaoming's physical body to be persecuted until his life was threatened. Even when we tried so hard to send righteous thoughts to dissolve it, we couldn't do it. How scary that was!”

“Cultivators' negative thoughts not only interfere with themselves, but can also harm fellow practitioners.”

This is my current understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.