(Minghui.org) During the second trial of Ms. Zhang Haixia and her husband Mr. Wen Yingzhou on October 10, 2014, Ms. Zhang appeared absentminded and acted in a bizarre fashion.

The day before the trial, she failed to recognize her own lawyer. Moreover, she told him that a doctor surnamed Zhang had treated her recently. Her family suspects the authorities gave her drugs that induced the dramatic change in her behavior, which took place within the period of a month.

Ms. Zhang: Mentally Indisposed

The day before the trial, Ms. Zhang's lawyer, Mr. Dong Qianyong, visited her. When he arrived, she asked him who he was. She also kept repeating the same information: “I was at Xinjiang and returned to Harbin at 1 a.m yesterday.” Such information made no sense, as she had been detained only at the Harbin Prison.

This behavior was very different from that of her first trial on August 20. At the first trial she looked around for her family as soon as she entered the courtroom and cried out in excitement when she saw them. However, on this occasion, she did not once turn to look at them, and her face remained inert and expressionless.

When the prosecutor asked when and how she was arrested, she answered that she was arrested last year but could not remember the details. In fact, she was arrested on June 18 of this year.

Ms. Zhang used to have a good memory. In prior meetings with her lawyers, she always affirmed that she was arrested in June and could clearly recall the details of the arrest.

During this trial, however, when the prosecutor asked her other basic questions, she could not remember what she had once known in the past. She just repeated the same phrase: “Practicing Falun Gong has miraculous health benefits, and it is not a crime to believe in it.” She could utter nothing else.

Nearly a month ago, when her family visited her at the hospital, Ms. Zhang wasted no time in greeting her daughter as soon as she heard her voice. Also, at a previous trial, she even instructed her daughter to be a good girl and to help secure her release.

Yet this time, when her daughter went to her mom after the trial adjourned to encourage her, Ms. Zhang only half-smiled and nodded. She carried a strange expression on her face.

Frequent Interruptions by the Judges

Ms. Zhang and her husband's two lawyers pleaded not guilty for them during the trial.

Lawyer Wang Yu asked the judge to remove the shackles from his clients since they were not yet convicted of any crimes. The judge declined this request.

The judge also interrupted the lawyers multiple times during their arguments. When the lawyers requested that the judge be removed from the case, they were ignored.

Case Background

Mr. Wen and Ms. Zhang's house was broken into at around 7 a.m. on June 18, 2014. Some of their personal belongings, which included Falun Gong books, printers, and money, were confiscated. The couple was arrested as well.

Thereafter, Ms. Zhang started experiencing heart problems and was taken to a hospital. After doctors injected her with unknown drugs, she was temporarily unable to move her body.

Ms. Zhang undertook a hunger strike after her illegal arrest. She was then force-fed, and her health deteriorated as a result of torture. Doctors told her family that her condition was critical.

Several times, Ms. Zhang's mother and daughter discussed with the local authorities about her release. Frustrated, they took to the streets in protest against the persecution of Ms. Zhang and other Falun Gong practitioners.

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