(Minghui.org) I was hit by a car this past Chinese New Year but escaped unscathed.

My husband and I went grocery shopping one day during the Chinese New Year holiday. I crossed the street, passing by a car. The car suddenly lunged forward and hit my right leg. I lost balance and fell onto another car. I bounced back and fell face up on the car that hit me. The back of my head hit the front end of the car and I felt excruciating pain. The car lunged forward again, and threw me to the ground. Yet, I was not afraid at the time, nor did I complain or blame anyone.

I felt a lot of pain in my right knee and left elbow. My waist and buttocks was sore, I didn't have the strength to get up and was in pain. A woman got out of the car. She asked, “Are you alright?” I replied, “I'm ok. Please help me get up.” A young policeman arrived and said, “Let's get her to the hospital!” He took out his cellphone and began to call for help. I said, “There is no need to call an ambulance. I'm alright.”

My husband and the women helped me get up. People around me, including my husband, wanted me to go to the hospital. I held onto the woman, and said to her, “Don't worry about me. I practice Falun Dafa, and Master Li, the founder of the practice, will protect me from any harm. Please tell these people what I told you, and tell them not to worry.”

I moved to the side of the road and saw two cars, the one that hit me and a black vehicle behind it. I noticed the black car had a dent in the front and the lights were smashed. My husband commented, “The young policeman lacks experience as a driver. He tried to stop but stepped on the accelerator instead. He rear-ended the car in front of him, and that car hit you. He became desperate and stepped on the accelerator again, mistaking it for the break. That's why you were hit twice.”

People who witnessed the accident gave me the phone number of the policeman. They suggested that I keep it in case my injury became serious and needed to contact him. The woman suggested that I get examined by a doctor. I reassured her, “Please don't worry about me. I will continue to practice the Falun Dafa exercises once I get home, and I will be fine.”

My husband was very upset that I didn't want to go to the hospital or take the phone number of the policeman. He was so mad that he refused to leave the accident scene. He ranted, “How can you let him go and not ask for any compensation! I've never seen a fool like you!”

As soon as he finished ranting, my headache was gone, and I was able to move my leg even though it was still a little painful. I realized that Master had taken away the pain for me, but I didn't think it would be so quick! I said to my husband, “Look! I told you I was going to be fine. I can even walk now.” He was speechless when he saw me walking and reluctantly accompanied me to the market.

My husband was still upset on our way to the market, so I explained to him, “Don't you think it is better that I'm not hurt, instead of demanding compensation from others and ending up in the hospital? Had I gone to the hospital, I might have stayed there for at least a couple of months and spent a large sum of money.”

“Different thoughts produce different results when we remember that we are a practitioner. When thoughts and actions are based on the requirements of Falun Dafa, and one put others first, everything will turn out alright. When the thoughts are righteous, Master will protect me and keep me out of harm's way. I was fine in less than five minutes. No amount of money or medical treatment can create this kind of miracle.”