(Minghui.org) Seven Anshan residents were recently tried in a matter of three weeks for practicing and promoting Falun Gong, a self-cultivation system currently being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party.

Without legal representation, Mr. Yao Yundong and his wife Ms. Gao Sujuan testified on their own behalf at their Aug. 21 trial. The judge ended the hearing without issuing a verdict.

The other five practitioners had lawyers for their defense. Ms. Shang Jing hired two lawyers for her Aug. 28th trial. Mr. Zhang Xu and Mr. Long Gang were tried together on September 4, followed by a trial of Ms. Gao Sujuan on September 11.

These seven practitioners were all arrested on October 27 last year. Prior to the most recent trials, local police tried three times from March to May this year to get the practitioners prosecuted. The procuratorate dismissed the cases each time, citing insufficient evidence. Despite this, the police and the court still managed to have the practitioners put on trial.

Court Imposes Unreasonable Security

There have been repeated cases of courts recently using security checks as an intimidation tactic, and the Tiexi court is another example. The Tiexi court ordered security guards to remove the belts of two defense attorneys. One of Ms. Guo’s relatives was not allowed to keep his key chain in the courtroom. Security also checked a female lawyer’s brooch.

Court-appointed Lawyer: “Mr. Tang is innocent!”

On September 11, two defense lawyers made a strong defense for Ms. Guo Shuofang. Citing the constitution, criminal statutes, international conventions, and universally-accepted laws, they asserted that Ms. Guo did not break any laws at all.

A lawyer assigned by the court for Mr. Tang Chao changed his original guilty plea for his client to “not-guilty” after listening to Mr. Chao's insightful self-defense. The lawyer stated to the court, “Tang’s acts did not constitute those of a criminal based on the law. He is innocent!”

A Mother Awakens After Hearing Testimony

At a court hearing on September 4, a defense lawyer pointed out there are no laws on which to charge Falun Gong practitioners. When he knew the police confiscated Ms. Long’s private property and destroyed all related materials, he stated, “It is ridiculous to destroy all evidence before a hearing. Please dismiss this case as soon as possible.”

He also accused the Tiexi public security section of kidnapping practitioners. “You know the law but broke it! We are going to charge you!”

Mr. Long’s mother was awakened by the testimony and directed sharp comments at law enforcement and the judiciary. “Originally, I thought my son must have committed some wrongdoings. Today, I realized that my son is innocent. I am going to sue you! You are the criminals!”