(Minghui.org) The rate Chinese people are quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations has now reached 70,000 per day, or 2 million per month. According to Master, we should try to save at least half of the 1.3 billion Chinese people, or 650 million.

Since over 160 million have quit to date, there are still 500 million people waiting to be saved. At the rate of 25 million per year, it will take us 20 years!

Is there anything we can do to speed up this process? I believe so. Consider this: If there are one million Dafa practitioners in China and each made it a goal to persuade just one person to quit the CCP each week, there would be four million people quitting the CCP per month, or twice as fast as the current rate.

At that rate, it would take only 10 years to reach our goal instead of 20. If each practitioner persuaded two people to quit each week, the goal could be reached in only five years!

Of course there are more than one million Dafa practitioners in China, just as there are many practitioners inside China and abroad who persuade more than one person a week to quit the Party.

So why can't we reach the numbers that we need to reach? Because millions of practitioners in China have not made it a conscious goal to actively persuade people to quit the Party, despite the fact that they come across so many people in their daily lives.

The first thing we all need to do is to set individual goals for ourselves. Each day we should ask ourselves, “Have I fully carried out my responsibilities today as a Dafa practitioner? Have I made the effort to reach my goal of saving one or two people per week?”

Actually, it's not that difficult to save sentient beings. If you're overly concerned about your personal safety, you can first clarify the facts about Dafa to your family, friends, or sympathetic people you know.

If you make a concerted effort, Master will arrange for people with predestined relationships to talk with you. You can start by discussing the root cause of corruption in today's society. This is a very safe approach.

As Master said, “The old forces don't dare to oppose our clarifying the truth or saving sentient beings.” ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston" in Teaching the Fa at the Conference II). The only thing that we need to do is to show Master that we have the heart to save people.

Gradually, you will go from not knowing what to say to knowing what to say and from being afraid to not being afraid. Each practitioner who is good at clarifying the facts has taken this same path and has made continuous breakthroughs without relying on others.

But there's one point I need to stress: we have to do our homework. That is, when we read truth clarification articles, we need to note how other practitioners effectively persuade people to quit the CCP. Then, we need to adjust our approach accordingly, so that what we say will sound natural and spontaneous.

Practitioners Should Always Leave a Good Impression

Large corporations require their staff to dress in a professional manner, thus instilling a degree of trust in their customers.

Likewise, whenever we go out, we should dress appropriately and look neat and clean. When we encounter people with predestined relationships, their first impression of us is very important, as it may determine whether they will listen to us.

In addition, people should readily sense a healthy glow about us, which can, in part, be achieved by doing the five exercises each day. I now make a point of getting up every day at 3:40 a.m. to do the exercises.

We also need to cultivate a heart of great compassion.

Master said:

“When you're before sentient beings, as soon as words come out of your mouth and as soon as your thoughts emerge, they are able to disintegrate bad elements and the bad things that poison the world's people and that exist in people's minds. And then people will come to understand, and you'll be able to save them. Without the mighty power of true Shan at work, you won't be able to disintegrate those things, and you won't achieve anything in clarifying the truth.” ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference" in Teaching the Fa at the Conference V)

When you clarify the facts to people with very good inborn quality, many times they will shed tears of joy. Why? Because your cultivation energy has touched their very being, and as such, many will want to quit the CCP.

We should also do our best to do everything well, whether we're at home, at work, or out and about. If we do this, people will sense that we are really good. For example, several people where I work had previously been approached to quit the CCP, but it wasn't until I spoke to them that they actually did. Why? Because they think that I am a very good person.

Every time I go shopping, I take my own grocery bag along, so as not to waste resources. Many vendors noticed and said, “Most of my customers ask me for an extra bag, but not you!” I then use this as a starting point to persuade them to quit the CCP.

How to Clarify the Truth

I work in the service industry, so I often meet people in their mid-thirties. When I explain the facts to them, I begin by talking about immorality and corruption in China, with which they can all easily identify. Most of them agree to quit the CCP. The following is a typical conversation:

"You look like a very kind person; I would like to share something with you. Have you heard that people who quit the CCP will be safe from all present and future disasters?"

“No, I have not!”

“Morality in China is steadily declining. When I was young, we used to leave our doors open in the summer while we slept. Now, everyone has two or three locks on their doors and high walls surrounding their property. Thieves even dare to break into homes while security guards patrol the area.”

“People scoff at the idea that 'gods see everything we do.' They don't believe that good will be rewarded with good and evil will incur retribution, so they stop at nothing to get ahead in order to live the good life.”

“Most foreigners practice some form of religion, so they make a point of conducting themselves according to certain moral standards.

“China is often referred as 'the land of the divine.' Why? Because for 5,000 years, the Chinese believed in gods and maintained a high degree of morality. Only in the last few decades have the morals in China rapidly declined.”

“It all started when Mao Zedong began a personal crusade against Buddhism. By ordering the destruction of thousands of Buddhist temples, he managed to destroy the very fabric of morality in China, causing the whole of society to spiral out of control.”

“In the not-too-distant past, if an elderly person fell down, whoever saw it would help. When this happens in China today, most passersby choose not to get involved. The country is in chaos, and no one is able to solve the issues at hand.”

“The seemingly invincible Roman Empire eventually fell after persecuting the Christians. That same chain of events is being repeated in China today. You've heard of Falun Gong, right? Did you know that the self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square was completely fabricated? CCTV (China Central TV) deceived everyone in China and the rest of the world into thinking that it was Falun Gong practitioners who set themselves on fire.”

“But when you watch the CCTV footage of the event, you'll see Wang Jindong, a Falun Gong impersonator, doing the impossible. After he supposedly set himself on fire and was engulfed in flames, you see a closeup of him sitting calmly with an undamaged, plastic Sprite bottle full of gasoline between his legs and his hair fully intact.”

“If he had really been on fire, the Sprite bottle would have quickly melted, and his hair would have burned in seconds. It's not hard to see that CCTV was filming an event staged to frame Falun Gong.”

“Falun Gong is the righteous Buddha Law. It teaches people to be good and to hold themselves to the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Yet, the Party has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners for over 15 years now and routinely arrests, tortures, and kills these innocent people.”

“But the regime's most unforgivable crime involves harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and selling them for huge profits. How could it not incur heaven's wrath? Nothing can stop the Party from being destroyed.”

“Many people in China believe that, only by quitting the regime and its affiliated organizations, will a person manage to be safe in the future. You may think I am 'engaging in politics,' but I'm not. I'll give you a simple example of what I mean.”

“If I knew in advance that the ground we're standing on would be flooded within the next few minutes and I advised you to move to higher ground, would you think that I had an ulterior motive in warning you about this impending event? Probably not. In fact, you would most likely thank me for saving your life.”

“It's the same thing here. I am not asking you to rise up against the Chinese regime. You did, however, vow to sacrifice your life for it when you joined its ranks, so you are still very much a part of it. When it falls, won't you go down with it?”

“Vows are not made casually, so when the CCP is destroyed, all those who belong to it will suffer. This is a golden opportunity to quit the regime and its affiliated organizations.”

“If you sincerely want to quit the Party, divine beings will see your intention, and you will be safe when disaster strikes. One day in the future, you'll understand just how vital my words are to your life.”

After hearing this, most people agree to quit the CCP.

Remember to be brief and to-the-point when you clarify the facts. Only when we're able to untie the knots in people's hearts, clear up their misconceptions, and help them understand just how evil the CCP really is will we be able to save them.

I believe that each practitioner in China should make it his or her goal to save at least one or two people per week. If we do this, Master and all the righteous gods in the cosmos will be very pleased!