(Minghui.org) About 23 practitioners from Shijiazhuang and adjacent cities were arrested between 6 and 7 a.m. on November 15, 2013. This mass arrest was orchestrated by the Shijiazhuang 610 Office, Police Department and the Domestic Security Division.

Most of the practitioners arrested were involved in making 180,000 truth-clarification calendars. They were planning to give them to people as gifts for the Chinese New Year.

The police ransacked the home of every practitioner who was arrested. Their computers, printers, and the calendars they had made were all confiscated.

From the perspective of cultivation, when such a massive arrest takes place, it must have something to do with the cultivation states of all practitioners in Shijiazhuang. Every practitioner who hears about this should take a moment to self-reflect and look within. If we don't have loopholes in our cultivation, the old forces would not dare or have excuses to persecute us.

Now I want to talk about my understandings about why such severe persecution took place.

1. Purchased a Very Large Amount of Materials

Master taught us the Fa principle of “a Great Way has no form,” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan” 2006). As a result, practitioners' truth-clarification materials production sites should be at the household level, and they should spring up everywhere. But some practitioners do things as if there is a large materials-production factory.

For example, some practitioners purchased a large amount of DVD covers together last year, and some people were arrested because of that. Instead of learning from this lesson, some practitioners bought a large amount of materials to make the calendars again this year.

2. The Issue of Collecting Money

We shouldn't give practitioners who are making the materials a large amount of money to support their doing something “grand and amazing.” Those who have made mistakes on the money issue need to be more alert and learn from this lesson. Practitioners who gave or accepted money need to be responsible for the money.

3. Cellphone Safety Issue

We should never lower our guard about safety, especially with our cellphones. “Having righteous thoughts” isn't an excuse for not paying attention to safety. It will not only bring danger to the practitioner himself, but will also put others' safety in jeopardy.

4. Sentimentality among Practitioners

Some of us blindly follow certain practitioners to do things, instead of aligning everything we do with the Fa. Others noticed the problem, but they didn't communicate this because they didn't want to make anyone look bad. This isn't being responsible for the Fa.

5. Coordinator is not a Leader

Some coordinators like to pose as “leaders.” Practitioners who have frequent contact with such coordinators should let them know the problem. If the coordinator doesn't listen and take the problem to heart, then maybe we should consider not contacting them. Don't be interfered with by sentimentality.

Above is my own understanding on this issue.