(Minghui.org) Three women went to the Xinzhou City Detention Center on December 5, 2013, to pick up a fellow Falun Gong practitioner who had been detained for 15 days. However, they were arrested and held by the detention center. One of the practitioners, Ms. Wang Qingbai, suffered a mental collapse from torture in the detention center.

Unlawful Arrests

Ms. Zhou Xiuli was reported on November 21, 2013, while handing out calendars that contained information about Falun Gong. Officers from the Yangmingbao Police Station arrested her, took her to the Xinzhou Detention Center for a 15-day detention. The police ransacked her home that first evening, looking for evidence to use to file charges against her.

Fifteen days later, on December 5, 2013, three practitioners, Ms. Zhang Shuiyu, Ms. Wang Qingbai, and Ms. Gao Chanlin, went to the Xinzhou Detention Center to pick up Ms. Zhou Xiuli. The detention center not only refused to release Ms. Zhou, but also detained all three practitioners. Ms. Zhang was released later that day because she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Ms. Gao was diagnosed with heart problems, but was not released.

Ms. Gao and Ms. Wang were detained for seven days. The authorities plan to sentence Ms. Zhou based on trumped-up charges of criminal activity.

Tortured in the Detention Center

The three women were about to leave on December 5, 2013, upon finding out that the detention center would not release Ms. Zhou. However, the head of the detention center arrested them, yelling, “I hate Falun Gong! I like persecuting Falun Gong!” He insisted that Ms. Zhou was their leader and called the Dai County Domestic Security Division to arrest all three practitioners. The police also ransacked their homes.

The guards ordered the inmates to beat Ms. Wang and Ms. Gao. The guards said, “I'll torture you until you die. What can you do?” One of the inmates beat the practitioners with shoes, while the others punched and kicked them.

Ms. Gao warned them that they were committing a crime. They refused to listen, continued to beat her, and handcuffed her.

As a result of the abuse, Ms. Wang started to have hallucinations and speaking gibberish on December 7. Ms. Gao reported her situation to the guards and asked them to notify Ms. Wang's family. The guards ignored Ms. Wang's situation, and claimed that she was pretending.

The two practitioners' families went to the detention center to visit on December 9, but were not allowed to see them. They paid for the practitioners' living expenses for seven days, 550 yuan.

Before their families paid the fees, Ms. Wang and Ms. Gao were given only leftovers and nothing to drink. The guard told them that they had to pay before receiving food and water. However, after their families made the payment, they were completely deprived of food and water for two more days.

As a result of torture and abuse, Ms. Wang suffered a mental collapse. She was starving and shouted for water. The guard and the inmates cursed at her. The guard said, “Your death is nothing. I like to torture Falun Gong practitioners. We have all kinds of torture devices here.”

Ms. Gao and Ms. Wang were released on December 13. Ms. Wang continued to suffer symptoms of mental disorientation and did not recognize people.

Ms. Gao went to the Xingao Police Station in Dai County to ask for the search warrant and detention warrant. The officers could not provide them.