(Minghui.org) Mr. Yin Wanzhi and his wife, Ms. Ma Qin, both Falun Gong practitioners from Beilagu Village, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, were arrested on August 13, 2013. They were tried secretly in Xi'an District Court on December 13 and are now being held in the Mudanjiang Detention Center.

Before their trial, Mudanjiang Court was frequently reprimanded for not being hard enough on Falun Gong practitioners. Mudanjiang 610 Office head Ren Zhaomin was appointed co-judge in the trial. He retained the title of head judge of the Xi'an District Court. He was responsible for most of the Falun Gong cases there.

Sisters Ms. Yan Fengmei and Ms. Yan Fenghua from Hailin City were also arrested by the Mudanjiang Railroad Security.

Ms. Yan Fenmei and Ms. Yan Fenghua

Ms. Yan Fenmei and Ms. Yan Fenghua's families both collapsed because of the persecution.

Ms. Yan Fenghua is a Hailin City resident. After the sisters began practicing Falun Dafa, she and her younger sister, Yan Fengmei, were cured of several complicated illnesses. Because the sisters knew firsthand how wonderful Falun Gong is, they refused to quit practicing despite the intense pressure. Their families were torn apart by the persecution.

In March 2009, both of their homes were ransacked by the police. Ms. Yan Fenghua's husband was illegally arrested. Afterwards, he was hospitalized. At the end of August, he was taken to a labor camp, but the camp officials sent him home due to sickness. Her sister was sentenced to the provincial rehabilitation facility. Luckily, Ms. Yan Fenghua had left the city six months before.

Because of this sudden tragedy, Ms. Yan Fenghua's brother-in-law died at the age of 45.

Before Ms. Yan Fenghua began practicing, she was so sick that she quit her job, and the family was in despair.

Ms. Yan Fenghua was lucky to find Falun Dafa. After she began to practice, her rheumatism, heart disease, gastric ulcer, lumbar and cervical osteoarthritis, psoriasis, excessive menstrual bleeding, pale skin due to loss of blood, dizziness due to not enough blood getting to the brain, cold hands and feet--were all cured!

In March of 2012 when Ms. Yan Fenghua went to the Third Police Station to fill out her husband's death certificate, she was detained and taken to a brainwashing center.

This year, the two sisters were arrested by the Mudanjiang Railroad Police. Ms. Yan Fenghua was imprisoned at the Mudanjiang Detention Center.

The Persecution of Mr. Yin Wanzhi's Family

Mr. Yin Wanzhi's family was accused by a Beilagu Train Station employee. The police ransacked their house and filled two cars with their belongings.

Mr. Yin, his wife, and their daughter were arrested and taken to the railway police station. His wife, Ms. Ma Qin, returned home that morning. Their daughter, Yin Tingting, was released when relatives came to take her home. Mr. Yin is still in the Mudanjiang Police Department. His family was not allowed to see him.

Parties Responsible:

Wang Yuwei (王育伟), head of Mudanjiang City Political and Legal Affairs Committee Home: +86-453-6996666, 6680477; Work: +86-453-6171978, 6282555, +86-13339537666 Zhao Min(赵珉), deputy head of Mudanjiang City Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-13836351598 Yan Zizhong (闫子忠), head of Mudanjiang City Police Department Yang Danbei (杨丹蓓), head of Mudanjiang City Police Department Domestic Security Division: +86-453-6282526, +86-13945309336