(Minghui.org) Master always reminds us to diligently study the Fa, which is fundamental in our cultivation and in everything we do. However, how can we truly study the Fa well and guide ourselves from our true spirit? This question troubled me for a long time until an incident in 2009 allowed me to experience a great change.

I was detained in a brainwashing center at the time, and felt helpless, due to the constant torture. I gave into the persecution and almost gave up cultivation. But with Master's compassionate protection and sincere help from practitioners, I was able to recover.

Memorizing the Fa

A practitioner sincerely told me, “You should memorize the Fa. It works really well.” I hesitated, as I had limited time for Fa study and exercise due to my job. How could I memorize such a large book as Zhuan Falun? I also needed to read other lectures and Minghui Weekly. How could I have enough time? Seeing other practitioners reading two to three chapters of Zhuan Falun every day, as well as other lectures, I felt pressured. I then realized the good intention of that practitioner. In this world, only Master and fellow practitioners are truly responsible for me. I wanted to search internally and find out the true purpose of my life. Thus, I started to memorize the Fa.

It was extremely difficult at the beginning. I was sometimes unable to memorize a paragraph after reading it many times. Sometimes after I tried 30-40 times, I was still not able to memorize the paragraph without missing a character. In the worst cases, I was not able to memorize a paragraph after working at it for half a day. I later adjusted my mentality by giving up my eagerness and pursuit of making progress.

When I had a problem memorizing the Fa, I tried to understand the meaning of Master's teaching, sentence by sentence. I told myself that as long as the Fa rectification has not concluded, I would memorize Master's teachings, sentence by sentence, and as much as possible. Master has given such a profound Fa to the human world, and whomever can understand and follow it will benefit.

After I changed my approach to Fa study, I found that I was able to memorize the Fa faster. I constantly gained new understandings of the Fa, which often moved me to tears. I followed a daily schedule for memorizing. Although I was only able to memorize one or two paragraphs each day, I was persistent. At the same time, I still studied Master's other lectures.

After about six months, I suddenly found that I knew how to search internally and I knew how to cultivate myself. I was no longer impetuous. When I shared this with other practitioners, they were happy for me, but they did not experience it. So I proposed forming a Fa study group. Only by studying the Fa well can we be guaranteed to meet Master's requirements.

Fa Study Group Formed

Our Fa study group was formed with a daily schedule. However, it was not easy at first. There was all kinds of evil interference since practitioners hadn't gathered together since 1999. For example, some practitioners fell asleep during Fa study, some did not cultivate themselves well and didn't accept criticism, others arrived late, and some constantly missed the Fa study sessions. Unfortunately, I frequently became irritated and angry with others. Sometimes the Fa study ended unpleasantly. At one session, no one came.

I wondered if I should just do Fa study by myself. I thought about this, and realized that Master said that group Fa study was one of the best ways to improve. I told the old forces in other dimensions, “I will continue the Fa study even if it is only me alone! I deny all the arrangements and interference of the old forces. I firmly believe that Dafa can rectify everything. The group Fa study cannot stop!”

Advancing Together Through Fa Study

I then started by changing myself, and stopped criticizing other practitioners. I enlightened that my responsibility was to lead practitioners to study the Fa well and to create an interference-free environment. No matter how much we studied every day, we would study the Fa carefully and in-depth, as well as rectify our own speech and actions according to the Fa.

I gradually saw changes in the attending practitioners. They no longer came late or left early, and no longer accused others, but instead learned to search within. The practitioners started to cherish this Fa study group and keep their promises to attend responsibly. We improved very quickly by constantly rectifying ourselves. Later, newer practitioners also caught up with the group's progress.

The Fa study group has functioned very effectively over the past several years. Practitioners come rain or shine. We share experiences and discuss solutions to current problems. We have not been discouraged by any negative news. We deal with every challenging incident using righteous thoughts, and thus improve very quickly as a group. Just as Master said,

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference” in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Our Fa study group is firm like an indestructible fort. Practitioners always start Fa study on time, without anyone reminding others. We share experiences before or after the Fa study, and keep to the schedule. If any practitioner breaks any rules, other practitioners point it out quickly, which effectively maintains the solemnness of Fa study.

Children's Fa Study Group Formed

Since we have benefited from group Fa study, we formed a children's Fa study group. Although interference caused some children to stop participating, those who continued to come have benefited tremendously. It has laid down a great foundation for their future work, study and life. What can bring more joy to a life than obtaining the Fa? Dafa is the most precious gift that we can offer to our children and sentient beings!

Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation. We will continue to be diligent.