(Minghui.org) A retired college teacher was taken to a brainwashing center by the local 610 Office and ordered to pay for the session. This is another example of how the 610 Office is instrumental in the persecution of Falun Gong.

Mr. Gu Jiushou, a retired teacher from Chongqing University, received a call from Jia Yuan, the secretary of the university's Retirees Department on December 30, 2013. Jia told him to show up at the office at 3:30 p.m.

Feng, the director of the Shapingba District Brainwashing Center, finally arrived half an hour late, but Mr. Gu had decided to leave. When Feng stopped him, he told her that those who wanted to see him hadn’t come on time. Jia said they had already arrived at the gate, but Mr. Gu insisted on leaving. He encountered about seven officials at the gate. They had come in three cars and were not in uniform. One of them was Gao, an official from the Shapingba Domestic Security Division.

They stopped Mr. Gu and demanded that he go back to the second floor, but he said, “If you have anything to say, just say it here. I will not go upstairs.” They told him that would be "inconvenient."

Actually, it was because there were quite a few retired teachers playing chess and mahjong downstairs. The officials didn’t want the other teachers to know what they were plotting. Mr. Gu asked them what on earth they wanted from him. Jia said, “We want you to pay the fees for the brainwashing session.” When Mr. Gu insisted on leaving, one official said, “All right, then, just go.” Mr. Gu left.

14 Years of Persecution

Mr. Gu, 74, worked as an engineer at the laboratory of Chongqing University. During these past 14 years, officials from the security department and retirees department of the Chongqing University conspired with the Shapingba District 610 Office and Shapingba Police Department to persecute Mr. Gu. His family couldn’t live in peace, and he was physically abused to the point that he can not stand straight even today.

Since 1999, Mr. Gu has been sentenced to forced labor three times: one year from 2000 to 2001; three years from May 2003 to May 2006 (in the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp, where he suffered from inhumane torture); and in May 2009, he was arrested by the Shapingba District Police Department and sentenced to one year of forced labor, which was served outside of the labor camp.

On July 14, 2013, he was arrested again and taken to a brainwashing center. He was detained for more than a month, during which time he was force-fed and injected with unknown drugs. They threatened him, “If you do not write the three statements to promise to give up practicing, you will have only three choices: forced labor, suspension of your pension, or paying the fees for the brainwashing session. ”

Participants in the Persecution of Mr. Gu:

Shapingba District 610 Office: Yu Bin, political commissioner of Shapingba District 610 Office: +86-23-63755224 Liu Wei, commander of Shapingba District 610 Office: +86-23-63755335 Wang Yuguo, secretary of the Shapingba District Political and Legal Affairs Commission Gong Wang, office director of the Shapingba District Political and Legal Affairs Commission: +86-23-61706130 Shapingba District Police Department: +86-23-63755110 Security Department of Chongqing University: +86-23-65102659; +86-23-65103582 Retirees Department of Chongqing University: +86-23-65103576; +86-23-65105758 Jia Yuan, secretary of the Retirees Department, Chongqing University: +83-23-86339869 (Home); +86-13618292339 (Cell) Ming Xingjian, director of the Retirees Department of Chongqing University: 011-86-23-86308641 (Home); 011-86-13452378718 (Cell)