(Minghui.org) Ms. Chen Xiaobing, a nurse at Shantou Central Hospital in Guangdong Province, was arrested by agents from the Shantou City 610 Office on February 23, 2013, for telling people about Falun Gong and the persecution.

The Shantou City 610 Office, Jinping District Police Department, Procuratorate, and the court deceived her, saying that her sentence would be suspended and she would be released if she dismissed the lawyer she had hired from Beijing. Although her sentence was suspended, she was transferred to a brainwashing center on November 14, 2013.

Other practitioners in Shantou City--Ms. Tan Peifen from the Xinning District and Ms. Zheng Chuzhen from the Gangkou District--have been detained and persecuted in the brainwashing center since September 5, 2013. Li Dongming and other officers from Shantou City Police Department took them to the brainwashing center and deceived their families. They said the two practitioners would be released within a month. The officers have produced a variety of excuses about why that hasn't happened.

The brainwashing center in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, which is operated by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 610 Office, is located at Yujinnan Road No. 20 in Zhujin Industrial Park. It is a free-standing building with four floors. Although it is purported to be a "law school," there is no sign outside, and the CCP wants to conceal its true function.

The practitioners have been forced to watch propaganda movies every day, were deprived of personal freedom, and tortured. Dozens of guards took turns watching them.

The CCP has operated forced labor camps for over 50 years. The camps are being abolished due to great international pressure, but in reality they are still operating, but under different names. There has been a resurgence of brainwashing centers, and the CCP continues to detain practitioners. The names of the forced labor camps have changed, but the CCP's nature will never change.

Parties Involved in Carrying Out the Persecution in Shantou:

Huang Xianzhang (黄羡章), director of Shantou 610 Office: +86-13342752619 (Cell), +86-13902700619 (Cell), +86-13502712619 (Cell), +86-754-88435623 (Office), +86-754-88853265 (Home), +86-754-88618613
Jiang Kaixin (江楷鑫), director of Shantou Police Department: +86-13580238888 (Cell)
Lin Huaijia (林淮佳), deputy secretary of Shantou Political and Legal Affairs Committee and chief of Shaotou 610 Office: +86-754-88410969, +86-754-88556322 (Home), +86-13902726990 (Cell)
Xie Ruihao (谢瑞浩), Shantou Brainwashing Center: +86-13502735766 (Cell), +86-754-88867173 (Home)

Please refer to the original Chinese text for more names and telephone numbers.