(Minghui.org) Officials from the Shijiazhuang City 610 Office, Police Department, and Domestic Security Division dispatched uniformed and plainclothes police officers on November 15, 2013, to carry out premeditated arrests and illegal searches of over twenty Falun Gong practitioners in Shijiazhuang City and surrounding areas. They stole practitioners' computers, printers, and numerous copies of 2014 Minghui calendars.

It was learned that the arrests took place after the police tapped phone conversations between practitioners. Some practitioners said this had happened because another practitioner had not changed his personal cell phone card. Another practitioner suspected it was because a practitioner was being followed and tracked by the police for a long time. All in all, many reasons were raised, trying to explain the cause of the police eavesdropping. Upon witnessing this situation, I thought that the behaviors of fellow practitioners also reflected my own state. Could the loss of our entire group have something to do with my own cultivation state as well?

Experience sharing articles published on the Minghui website have stated that most of the time, losses to the whole body are caused by omissions of many individuals within the group. When I looked inward, I realized that I had not fulfilled my duty.

It started with the arrest of over 100 fellow practitioners during a large purchase of CD cases on February 25, 2012. Thereafter, several dozen fellow practitioners were arrested during a signature collection campaign calling for the release of a fellow practitioner. During the large-scale arrest this time, I noticed that some practitioners in charge of coordination did not pay attention to safety issues. They conducted large-scale activities again and again, and unintentionally ignored the different opinions of other practitioners.

Some practitioners walked away, others became silent. I myself didn't say a word and avoided the situation altogether with the excuse of being busy looking for a job, even though I secretly offered some assistance in certain aspects.

When I noticed that some coordinators and more and more fellow practitioners around me were using their cell phones to call landlines or other cell phones, without paying attention to security issues, and only emphasized the importance of righteous thoughts, I became even more discouraged. However, I never expected that the evil regime would once again strike upon so many fellow practitioners. My heart ached and is still aching today.

In fact, Dafa cultivation has no leaders. If practitioners can take the initiative and learn the simple skills of how to use MP3 players and computers, as well as everything necessary to establish and run truth-clarification materials production sites, they do not need a coordinator to assist them with this process, and they will walk their own paths. Perhaps then, as more practitioners set up materials production centers at home, they will not need to involve others that much, therefore greatly lessening the potential for large-scale arrests. If I can sincerely discuss with other practitioners the importance of not violating any security principles, or at the very least silently shoulder the responsibilities within their scopes, then perhaps the losses to the whole body can be lessened.

If every practitioner in Hebei Province can looking inward, perhaps it will become easier for the arrested fellow practitioners to return home.

I still have many issues, and my heart is very heavy. I need to resolve the issues in my personal cultivation and lighten my heart. One thing is clear though. In the future, I need to cultivate solidly, share responsibilities with fellow practitioners, and quietly help them. I should take the initiative and help other practitioners to rationally walk their own paths. This will render the evil's monitoring of any fellow practitioner useless. I should put Fa study first, encourage fellow practitioners and treat the Fa as most important, really emphasizing Fa study and assimilating to the Fa. As Master said,

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The above is simply my understanding, written to encourage other practitioners to think about the situation. Let us work together to avoid large-scale losses to our whole body.