(Minghui.org) Ms. Liu Xiurong, 63, was illegally arrested for posting stickers with the message “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Good,” on August 23, 2013, and her home was ransacked. She has been held at the Hexi Detention Center in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, for nearly four months.

Ms. Liu's second daughter, Ms. Tian Xin, went to the Domestic Security Division three times and the Procuratorate twice to request her mother's release.

Ms. Tian again went to the Ke District Procuratorate and the Domestic Security Division on December 9 to inquire about her mother. The Procuratorate told Ms. Tian that her mother's case had been returned to the Domestic Security Division.

Ms. Tian then went to Wang Bo, chief of the Ke District Domestic Security Division. Ms. Tian asked him when her mother would be released. Wang said, “Did you post an article on the Minghui website saying that your mother is awaiting trial?”

Ms. Tian said, “Didn't you say that you would release my mother if the Procuratorate returns her case?” Wang said, “Who said that? Your mother's arrest has been approved, so we cannot release her. We need to investigate further. She will be tried.”

Wang threatened, “You revealed this on the Minghui website. What's the use? I'm warning you, if you post more information on the Minghui website, I'll have someone follow you. We will catch you in the act next time and arrest you.”

When Ms. Tian reminded him that he was responsible for the death of her farther, Wang denied it. Ms. Tian said, “He wouldn't have died in prison if you had not arrested him in the first place. How can you say that you had nothing to do with it?”

Family of Six Subjected to Years of Persecution

All six people in Ms. Liu Xiurong's family have suffered relentless persecution at the hands of the Chinese regime because they practice Falun Dafa. Her husband, Mr. Tian Fujin, the former section chief and deputy director of Tongliao City Leather Factory, died in prison. Ms. Liu's eldest daughter, Ms. Tian Fang, was sentenced twice for a total of nine years in prison. Her second daughter, Ms. Tian Xin, was sentenced to forced labor twice. Her third daughter, Ms. Tian Miao, was sentenced to a six-year term, and her son, Mr. Tian Shuangjiang, was sentenced to a three-year term. Ms. Liu was sentenced twice, for a total of six years.

The family, once prosperous, is now bankrupt, having lost their entire life savings due to the persecution.