(Minghui.org) Practitioners in Taiwan set up a phone calling platform team in Taidong in September last year to coordinate with the global task force team. Five practitioners on the Taiwan rescue platform make calls every morning to expose and stop the persecution of Falun Gong, explain the facts, and rescue practitioners. Some practitioners are busy with household chores, some participate in a variety of projects, and some have regular daily jobs. However, the participating practitioners make use of their evenings to make calls to persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the global RTC platform.

A practitioner in his eighties, who on top of his commitment to inform people about the persecution of Falun Gong at tourist sites, also makes calls to China. He said recently that many people hang up as soon as they they hear him talk about Falun Gong, but he is not discouraged, because he believes that as long as one has sufficient righteous thoughts, it has the effect of repressing evil, so he keeps doing it.

A 70-year-old practitioner who does the three things diligently every day continually makes phone calls to persuade people to quit the CCP and its organizations. She is also the coordinator and arranges phone numbers for other practitioners who participate in this project. She said that calling China has allowed her to eliminate many attachments such as sentiment toward family members, as well as the attachment of feeling uneasy.

Another practitioner, despite having to go to work and help out with other coordination tasks, also makes calls to China. She said that sometimes she encounters xinxing tests, and found herself becoming impatient and distressed. In response to that, she rectified herself in line with the Fa, because saving people is the number one priority, and nothing is worthy of interfering. She recently had her account blocked four times, which had never happened before. It made her realize that no matter what the interference, she must look inward so that she can save more people.

Another practitioner said that she enlightened that there is no special method for making phone calls. Only by doing the three things well every day can one build a solid foundation and possess the righteous thoughts required to be effective when making phone calls. She found that when she truly studies the Fa with her heart and regularly sends forth righteous thoughts, her righteous thoughts are significantly stronger when she calls China. In addition, the effect of clarifying the truth is good. When she maintains a serene state of mind, upholds her righteous thoughts, is unmoved in the face of false appearances, and constantly lessens her attachments, the outcome is very positive when saving people.

Below is a portion of the feedback:

On one occasion, a practitioner was talking to someone about the huge number of Chinese people withdrawing from the CCP. This person said that he was just a student and dismissed the idea as irrelevant to his situation. The practitioner said to him, “When you raised your fist and swore an oath to the Party's blood-red flag, you swore that you would put down your life for it, and a mark of the beast was branded on your forehead. Heaven can see this clearly. The evil Party has committed countless heinous crimes, and heaven wants to disintegrate it. Its organizations are made up of countless Party members, Youth League members, and Young Pioneers. If you do not quit the organization quickly, you will be one of them, and when heaven eliminates it, you will also be eliminated.”

The student agreed to quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers. The practitioner continued to tell him about Dafa, and about how Dafa practitioners are being persecuted in China, and their organs are being harvested. The high school student said, “Hasn't such persecution ended?” The practitioner explained that the persecution is continuing, and also mentioned how the media in other countries is reporting on it. She also asked the school student to tell other about the things he had heard, to help more people understand the truth about Dafa. The student responded, “I have listened very carefully. When I return, I'll share the news.” He thanked the practitioner many times for informing him of the true situation in China.

When one practitioner made a phone call and a lady answered, she said, “This is the fourth call like this I've gotten in the past few days. Initially, I didn't believe anything you had to say, I had my doubts. Today, however, I understand and thank you for your kind intention.” The practitioner said that the call had touched her, and made her no longer attached to the outcome of the call and whether or not the other person quit the CCP. The most important thing, she realized, is clarifying the truth.

Another practitioner described how a man insisted he wouldn't quit after hearing about the tide of withdrawals. The practitioner continued to clarify the truth and mentioned, “Now, people need to protect themselves!” The man immediately responded, “I agree. The CCP won't be able to make it through these times and it doesn't help people at all.” He then quit the CCP.

Yet another practitioner said that she once talked to a lady who initially had a negative attitude toward Dafa. The lady asked many questions. The practitioner answered her questions one by one and told her of her own personal experiences while practicing Dafa. This woman finally changed her attitude towards Dafa after listening to the facts, and she agreed to do the three withdrawals. She kept thanking the practitioner.

There is another practitioner who said that when she called one young man, during the conversation the man interrupted and said, “I know about everything you have to say. The CCP has done all sorts of evil and there are many corrupt officials. My friends and I hate the CCP and do not believe its lies.” The young man provided an alias and agreed to quit. He said that he would ask his friends and family to do the same.

Another practitioner talked about his experience phoning a police chief in Hubei Province. "I mentioned that international society is very concerned about a local practitioner who was arrested. The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong has already recorded the facts of the case, the name of the police chief, his cell phone number, the name of the organization, and its phone number.

"After telling the police chief about Dafa, he said that the practitioner was released the day before. He also said that he was currently reading some materials pertaining to Falun Gong. He said that everything that I mentioned was in the materials he was reading. He asked me if forced organ harvesting China was true. I told him that it was. He asked if I had witnessed it with my own eyes. I said to him that people have openly admitted their involvement. When asked if they were afraid of retribution, they said that they were not afraid, and that as long as there was money, they didn't care.

"I told the chief that there is no moral bottom line in China today. The CCP's sin of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners is way below the bottom line. It is an 'unprecedented evil on this planet.' I told him that on October 3, 2012, 106 members of the U.S. Congress asked the State Department to release all information it possessed related to organ harvesting in China. 'The International Organization to Expose and Prosecute Jiang Zemin's Crimes in the Persecution of Falun Dafa' was established in October 30, 2012, and has released part of that information. After I encouraged him to be kind, he said that he knew what to do and in the end used his real name to quit the Party. I also reminded him to visit the Minghui website, and he said, 'The practitioner was released yesterday--I released him.'"

Many practitioners in Taidong have selflessly persevered in calling China to clarify the facts. They have eliminated many attachments and displayed the diligence of cultivators. We hope that more practitioners can participate in calling China, and that everyone can work as one body to save more people.

When calling China, righteous thoughts are a must, and we cannot allow the evil to exploit our gaps. No matter what interference we encounter, we must maintain righteous thoughts and eliminate human attachments. Looking within is a magical tool, and only by doing so can we persevere in doing the three things well and save more people.