(Minghui.org) Since early July, Belgian Falun Gong practitioners have been meeting in downtown Antwerp to clarify the truth, expose the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) practice of forced organ harvesting, and collect signatures condemning the regime's crimes against humanity.

"What can we do to help?” asked some passersby, after finding out about the persecution of Falun Gong. Others denounced the Party saying things like, “What era are we living in, anyway?” “How can such evil things exist?!" "This is absolutely not acceptable!" and "Of course, we'll sign the petition!"

Almost everyone who heard about the CCP's crimes, happily added their signature to the petition.

“My doctor told me not to go to China for my organ transplant”

“While collecting signatures in Antwerp, I met a Belgian man in his 40s,” explained Mr. Bai, a Falun Gong practitioner. “He and his wife came over to our Dafa informational desk and carefully read one of our fliers.

“After signing the petition form, he said, 'Let me show you this,' and lifted up his shirt revealing a long surgical scar down his chest. ‘Do you know what this is about?' he asked. 'I just underwent heart transplant surgery.’

“I was quite taken aback. ‘Where did you have your surgery performed?’ I asked. ‘In Belgium,' he replied. 'I waited 10 years for this heart. My doctor told me that I absolutely should not go to China for my transplant.'”

The practitioner felt that peoples' consciences must be awakening. “It's obvious that the doctor knew something about China's illegal and immoral practice of live organ harvesting,” Mr. Bai explained, “otherwise he would not have suggested that his patient wait 10 years for a heart transplant when he could have flown to China and had one in two weeks!”

“I'll make sure [my relative] doesn't go to China for his kidney transplant”

“Last Saturday, while collecting signatures, I met a lady from Indonesia,” said Ti Na, another practitioner. “She told me that her relative in Singapore required a kidney transplant, and that he was thinking about going to China for his operation.

“She urged her relative not to do that as the source of China's organs are suspect. After I told her that most of the available organs in China come from Falun Gong practitioners, she was horrified and immediately signed the petition.

“'I'll make sure he doesn't go to China for his kidney transplant,' she said in a determined voice. She also took some pictures of several organ harvesting photos and illustrations so that her relative could make an informed decision. 'Thank you for sharing this valuable information with me,' she said.”

“An elderly woman signed the petition form, said goodbye, then returned a few minutes later,” said Lili, a Belgian practitioner. “She said that she came back to get some Falun Gong informational materials so that her friends and family 'could learn about this evil persecution, too.'”

"We support you!"

“One day, a woman walked up to our booth and immediately signed the petition. ‘I am from Amnesty International,' she said, 'so I know all about Falun Gong's situation. We posted some information about the persecution on our website and asked people to support your anti-organ harvesting campaign. We also collected some signatures for you. We support you!”

Your petition is “extremely important”

Nico, a Western practitioner, said he also encountered many righteous people while collecting signatures. “As a woman was walking past me, I tried to explain the significance of our signature campaign,” he said.

“‘I'm sorry, but I don’t have time right now,’ she said in a rush, and turned to walk away. I watched her leave and felt a little sad that she didn't have a few minutes to learn the truth about Falun Gong.

“Just as I was about to talk to another passerby, someone suddenly tapped me on my shoulder. The woman had returned. ‘I changed my mind,' she explained. 'This is extremely important. I have to squeeze some time in to sign this petition and show my support!’

“I smiled and handed her the petition form. She now seemed relaxed and talked to me for quite some time. She was very interested in knowing more about Falun Gong and why the Chinese regime is persecuting the spiritual practice.”

The truth about Falun Gong is spreading far and wide

“I had seen a TV news report highlighting China’s illegal organ harvesting trade,” said a woman, as she signed the petition form.

"In my home city of Cologne, I see people like you collecting signatures every day ” explained a elderly man from France. “I have already signed the petition, there. I know about Falun Gong.” As he turned to leave, he gave the practitioners two thumbs up.

“Falun Gong is everywhere” in Taiwan

"I know without you needing to tell me,” exclaimed a woman from Taiwan, as she signed the petition. “Falun Gong is everywhere in my country! Everywhere!" She then snapped a few photos of the practitioners' booth, their informational display boards, and the Dafa exercise demonstration.

Organ harvesting “is absolutely horrific!”

"My grandfather is Chinese,” said a passerby, “my grandmother is from Africa, and my mother is of Indian origin. My grandfather has always encouraged me to study Chinese culture. I am very interested in everything Chinese and hope to visit China one day.

“I never heard about organ harvesting, though. This crime is unthinkable! It's absolutely horrific! Thank you for telling me about this. I will definitely inform my family about this atrocity."

“Sign the petition and you will go to heaven”

"They do not understand,” said an elderly woman to a practitioner. She was referring to several passersby who had not yet signed the petition form. “Sign the petition and you will go to heaven in the future,” she said in a half whisper. “Those who refuse to sign cannot go. I know this. They do not know!"

Many Chinese people no longer deceived by the CCP’s lies

A Belgian man immediately signed the petition. He turned to his young Chinese wife from mainland China, and told her, "I have seen this petition online. You should sign it, too." His wife hesitated.

A practitioner walked over and gave her a brief overview of the persecution of Falun Gong, the history of the CCP’s despotic rule, organ harvesting, and the truth about numerous Party cover-ups. One-by-one the Party's lies and deceptions were all exposed to her and every one of her questions were answered. She solemnly signed the petition form.

Woman quits Young Pioneers and Communist Youth League

A young woman, who was visiting Antwerp from mainland China, had overheard everything that the practitioner had said to the Belgian man's Chinese wife. She could not believe what she had just heard. When she saw the practitioners demonstrating the Dafa exercises, she was stunned. She knew that this would definitely not be allowed back in China.

She raised a lot of questions about Falun Gong and the practitioners patiently answered each and every one of them. “Only in China is Falun Gong not allowed to be practiced,” said one practitioner. “However, outside of China, people enjoy the freedom of belief.”

After the young woman understood the truth, she not only signed the petition, but also renounced her membership in the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League!

Some people asked the practitioners to email them the petition website address so that they could forward the link to their friends via social networks.