(Minghui.org) When the Great Tangshan Earthquake hit my hometown in 1976, I was instantly turned from a pretty little girl to a young survivor whose face was severely disfigured. Though I was finally able to return to school, I was taunted endlessly about my appearance, and my confidence was totally destroyed. Even after I entered the workforce, I still shied away from people and never dared to date any man since I always felt inferior. My ordeal also made me sensitive, jealous, and narrow-minded.

However, all this changed when I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1995. My disfigured face gradually returned to normal and I finally regained my confidence and dignity. Both my family and friends were happy to see that Falun Dafa turned me into an outgoing, tolerant, and kind woman.

I also found a loving husband with whom I enjoy a rewarding relationship. Words cannot describe my gratitude to Falun Dafa and Master, and I can only share with everyone how I regained my life through this wonderful practice.

The Earthquake Ruined My Life

I was only ten years old when the earthquake hit. My older sister and I were in the same room and we both got buried in the debris. After digging out my older sister by hand, my father was exhausted and couldn't move. So by the time I was finally rescued by our neighbors, I had already lost consciousness, and many people, including my parents, didn't think I would make it.

They lied me down on the ground next to my older sister. The rain woke me up, but before I had a chance to say anything, I passed out again.

When I opened my eyes again, I was already in the county hospital. The doctors dressed up my wounds and kept me hospitalized for a month, during which I was in and out of consciousness.

I was still not able to sit up by the time my father took me home. Because I got hit on the head during the earthquake, I had a minor concussion and my head spun like crazy all the time.

Worse yet, my face was extremely disfigured. I lost hearing in my left ear and the right side of my face was a mess and had a deep cut mark on it. My right eye sank in, and the tear ducts became clogged. As a result, tears ran out of my right eye. Even treatments at a much better hospital years later couldn't unclog the tear ducts.

The only good thing was that the vision in my right eye was still fine. After resting at home for several months, I was finally able to sit up and eventually to walk slowly.

Back then, everyone, including my parents, relatives, neighbors, teachers, and classmates, was shocked when they saw my face. It was just frightening to see how a natural disaster had turned a once pretty girl into an ugly duckling.

My life of misery had just got started. Before the earthquake, I excelled in everything, both academic and non-academic, and was well liked by my teachers and classmates.

The results of my injuries invited endless taunting from mean boys who called me names or even hit me. The more I feared seeing them, the more often I ran into them. My confidence was all but lost. While enduring bullying, I became extremely sensitive and vain at the same time. It also hurt tremendously that my school completely excluded me from attending many performance activities because of my appearance. It didn't help that some poor-quality teachers even despised me openly.

Though I was still an excellent student, I gave up all opportunities to serve as class president since I didn't want to become the target of bullying. In the meantime, I couldn't stop hating those who insulted and teased me, and I vowed to never talk to them again.

Things only got worse after I entered the workforce. As I grew older, my disfigurement only brought me more pain, especially in a time and place where people only valued money, power and appearances.

When my female colleagues chatted about makeup and fashion, I hid in corners and didn't want draw any attention to my face. I also dared not date, since I didn't think any man would think I was pretty enough to be his girlfriend.

I became short-tempered as a result and often threw tantrums at my parents and sisters when I got home. Nobody truly understood my suffering, and I sometimes prayed to God to please help me.

Falun Dafa Rebuilt My Life

Just when I was in total despair, I came across Zhuan Falun in May 1995. When I opened the book and saw the photo of Master in a suit smiling at me compassionately. It felt like I'd found my long-lost family. A warm current went through my entire body, and I knew I had hope. I read the whole book three times in a row, and since then I've never put down the book.

Through constant reading of Zhuan Falun , I came to see that this world had more to offer than just dark and filthy things. With such a good Master spreading such a wonderful practice, how lucky was I to have been able to become a practitioner. All the things that made me feel inferior and upset suddenly seemed like nothing. I understood those were debts I accumulated in my previous lives that I had to repay this time around.

I no longer felt miserable and sad. Seeing that I was more outgoing and easygoing, my colleagues were all willing to chat with me. My face no longer concerned me, and I had no trouble talking about fashion and make up.

The intense vanity, hatred, and jealousy I once had also disappeared ,and I felt at ease speaking again to those who once hurt my feelings.

With the change in my disposition, I was pleased to see myself become a more intelligent and quicker learner. As a result, I excelled at my work.

My parents and sisters were all elated, and they soon became practitioners of Falun Dafa too.

The concussion I got in the earthquake totally healed, and the right side of my face returned to normal. Without a careful look, one couldn't even detect the once-deep cut mark. Before I knew it, the tear ducts in my right eye became unclogged. My whole body felt light and healthy.

Moreover, I got married and have a loving husband.

I firmly believe that everything I have today is blessings from Master. Once again, I thank Master for rebuilding my life!