(Minghui.org) Many officers from the 610 Office in Xingcheng City, Huludao, the Domestic Security Team, and various police stations broke into the homes and offices of over ten Falun Gong practitioners and arrested them from August 23-25. Some of the female practitioners are being detained at the Huludao Detention Center, and male practitioners are being held at the Caozhuang Detention Center.

Practitioners Wang Xia and Sun Lianqiu from Gaoqiao town, Lianshan District of Huludao were arrested at home by police from the Gaoqiao Police Station around 7:00 p.m. on August 23. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Practitioner Cao Shuqin from the Huludao Division of Liaoning Engineering and Technical University was arrested by over ten people from the Xingcheng 610 Office, Domestic Security Team, Wenquan Police Station, Sijia Police Station and Diaoyutai Police Station around 8:00 p.m. on August 24. They confiscated eight computers and video surveillance recorders from his office.

Police broke into practitioner Li Naiqing’s home in the Donghua Factory, Xingcheng City around 8:30 p.m. on August 24. They arrested Mr. Li Naiqing, his wife, and four other practitioners, and they also ransacked their home.

Police broke into practitioner Zhao Hongmei’s home on the evening of August 24 and confiscated large amounts of truth clarification materials. Fortunately, Zhao Hongmei was able to escape.

Practitioner Li Zhifen (Xiao Fen) was trapped inside her house by the police on the evening of August 24. She was arrested on the morning of Aug 25.

Practitioner Zhang Haimin was arrested at home on the evening of August 24.

The police ransacked practitioner Li Shujun’s home on the evening of August 24. Mr. Li wasn’t at home, but was later arrested when he met with another practitioner at the City Hospital after the police tapped his phone.

Ms. Zhang Shouzhi was arrested at home on the evening of August 24.

Police ransacked practitioner Wang Yuqing’s home in the Longgang District around 8:00 a.m. on August 25, but he was not home at the time.

Practitioner You Yuehong from Xing District was arrested by police from the Longwan Police Station on August 25. His situation is unknown.

Practitioner Lang Hanxing was arrested and taken to the Lianshan Domestic Security Team on August 25.

Fifteen Falun Gong practitioners in Xingcheng City have now been arrested. Among them, Zhang Shouzhi and Wang Qing (the wife of Li Naiqing) returned home on August 25 after the detention center determined that their physical condition disqualified them. The female practitioners are currently being detained at the Huludao Detention Center, and male practitioners at the Caozhuang Detention Center.

The involved individuals and organizations is listed below:

Zhang Dayong, director of Longwan Border Police Station, +86-13998916606

Longgang Public Security Bureau:
Wang Jie, director, +86-15566755999, +86-13998995111, +86-2166118
Sheng Lianchun, political commissar, +86-15566755508, +86-5126888, +86-13504223333
Li Heyan, assistant director, +86-15566759212, +86-13898920021, +86- 3133331
Zhao Shujun, assistant director, +86-15566758003, +86-13909899889
Chen Haitao, assistant director, +86-15566757668, +86-13904295668, +86-2236789
Wang Zhigang, assistant director, +86-15566758929, +86-13470687711, +86-8915177
Wang Mingchao, assistant director, +86-15566758011, +86-13898299777, +86-2886669
Chen Jiandong, assistant director, +86-15566758008, +86-3101177, +86-13898999998
Zhang Yizhong, assistant director, +86-15566759779, +86-3113658, +86-15898222666
Wang Xuexin, assistant director, +86-15566758205, 3151515, +86-13942991515
Fu Shilu, assistant director, +86-15566759356, 2889398, +86-13942959688
Jiang Deguan, director of the political office, +86-15566758006, 3191606, +86-13898798010
Zhang Enli, secretary of discipline inspection committee, +86-15566759303, 2851666, +86-13898796303
Li Shuming, assistant to the director, +86-13704291345, 3319777
Xu Dong yan, assistant to the director, +86-15566758116, 3118526, +86-13904298687
Xu Xueliang, assistant to the director, +86-15566705000, 3190555, +86-13942937772
Wang Weidong, assistant to the director, +86-15566758186, 3191700, +86-13898900588
Hao Wanguo, director of Supervision Branch of the City Public Security Bureau, +86-13998928799 (cell)
Shen Jing, political commissar, +86-13904290354 (cell)
Zheng Xuping, director of the Detention Center, +86-13998963869
Feng Bing, instructor, +86-13898984800

Gaoqiao Police Station:
Ren Qingze, director, +86-15566755169, +86-13898796665, 4071111
Wang Dawei, substitute instructor, +86-15566754567, +86-18842986999
Yuan Ye, assistant director, +86-15566755300, +86-13898799300, 4112315
Xun Shijiang, office staff, +86-13842997785, 4112213
Zhang Jinbo, office staff, +86-15566755333, +86-13804296645, 4112213
Zhou Baoquan, office staff, +86-15566758965
Jiang Tao, office staff, +86-13942988877

Lianshan Public Security Bureau:
Office, 3171114
Front desk, 3171000

Lianshan Division:
Zhao Shaokui, director, +86-15698790001, +86-15909891111, 3171001
Jiang Ping, Political Commissar, +86-15566755009, +86-13898281111, 3171002
Yuan Shouqian, assistant director, +86-15566755109, +86-13898291999, 3171005
Liu Li, assistant director, +86-15566755008, +86-13898799008, 3171004
Bao Zhongzhou, assistant director, +86-15566755000, +86-13898799000, 3171009
Yue Ruiqing, assistant director, +86-15566755296, +86-13842950006, 3171003
Li Hairui, assistant director, +86-15566755179, +86-13898799666, 3171006
Han Guorui, assistant director, +86-15566755256, +86-13942918808, 3171251
Yang Guojun, assistant director, +86-15604297789, +86-13942949567
Wang Zhili, secretary of the discipline and inspection committee, +86-15566756269, +86-13470650909
Ma Yijin, director of the political office, +86-15604292229, +86-13904296800
Ma Difei, member of the Party Committee, +86-15566755236, +86-13804290818
Yue Mingjun, member of the Party Committee and chief of the police department,
+86-13029298341, +86-13470658000

The National Security Team:
ChenYulong, instructor, +86-15566759982, +86-13998988339, 3171030
Tang Miao, assistant instructor, +86-15566699966, +86-13942978688
Yu Guiqiu, office staff, +86-15942918622, 3171031
Wang Shumin, office staff, +86-15566755345, +86-13898291727
Yan Weiguang, office staff, +86-15566755081, 3171068
Yang Lijun, office staff, +86-15142802666, 3171064
He Dong, instructor of Law Enforcement Team, +86-0429-8255300 (Home) +86-13050995088, +86-13842905558 (cell)
Song Zhiwei, assistant instructor of the Law Enforcement Team, +86-0429-2153533 (Home) +86-15566755155, +86-13842966333 (cell)

Political and Law Committee and 610 Office in Lianshan District:
Office, 2122227
Wang Liguang, secretary, +86-2124839 (office) 3196222 (Home) +86-13909894906 (cell)
Niu Xiaofeng, deputy secretary, 2126002 (office) 2165358 (home) +86-13998977151 (cell)
Zhang Tao, assistant secretary, 2222610 (office) 2165181(home) +86-13942970631(cell)
Li Hongming, assistant secretary, 2150022 (office) 2131251(home) +86-13842944418 (cell)

Comprehensive Management Office, 2122864
Li Hongming, director, 2150022 (office) 2131251 (home) 13842944418 (cell)
Meng Xiangman, assistant director, 2558827 (office), 3223477 (home) 13998995477 (cell)
He Xiaodong, assistant director, 2558827 (office), 2897666 (home) 13998996000 (cell)

Maintenance of Stability Office, 2222611
Zhang Tao, director, 2222610 (office), 2165181 (home), 13942970631 (cell)
Chao Yuliang, assistant director, 2126716 (office), 13998987700 (cell)
Guo Erxi, assistant director, 2222615 (office), 15642982096 (cell)