Summary of Key Persecution Facts:

Name: Wang Dongling (王东凌)
Gender: Female
Age: 50 (Born in 1963)
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Engineer of Tea Quality Control Station
Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 2003
Most Recent Place of Detention: Fuzhou Women's Prison (福州女子监狱)
City: Fuzhou
Province: Fujian
Persecution Suffered: Electric shock, sleep deprivation, forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, hung up, imprisonment, solitary confinement, torture, sexual assault, force-feedings, extortion, physical restraint, home ransacked, interrogation, detention, denial of restroom use

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Dongling, former engineer of the Fujian Tea Quality Control Station, has lost her job and family as a result of the persecution. She was detained in brainwashing classes twice, led a homeless life for two years, and was jailed for three years. She has experienced many kinds of tortures and almost died several times.

Following are some facts about the persecution Ms. Wang has suffered. We hope the persecution immediately ends and this tragedy will not continue.

1. Extorted and sent to brainwashing class after appealing in Beijing

Ms. Wang Dongling began to practice Falun Gong in 1998. She became more considerate of others and more diligent in work, and created considerable profits for her company.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999. Through her own experience in practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Wang was clearly aware that all the propaganda being put out as part of the persecution was slander. She went to Tiananmen Square to appeal, and tried to tell others that “Falun Dafa is good!” She was arrested by officers from the Tiananmen Police Department, sent back to Fuzhou, and extorted 5000 yuan. Her work bonus that year was also withheld by her company as a punishment.

Three months later, she was sent to a brainwashing class organized by the 610 Office in Fujian Province. At that time Ms. Wang's husband had serious stomach problems, and was in urgent need of her care. Even the CCP officials knew this, however, she wasn't allowed to go home.

Chen Yurong, the then-director of the Fujian Province Tea Quality Control Station, was assigned by the Fujian 610 Office to accompany Ms. Wang to the brainwashing center and help in “transforming” her. Chen actively participated in the persecution. Every morning, the first thing she did as soon as she woke up was to curse Ms. Wang fiercely, and tell her that her refusal to be “transformed” is why Chen wasn't able to go home.

All practitioners in the brainwashing center had to read slandering materials, watch TV programs that slandered Falun Gong and sing the CCP's evil songs. They also took the practitioners to the neighboring Women's Forced Labor Camp to exert pressure on them.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lai Dongping was detained at the Forced Labor Camp for one day and one night because she refused to be brainwashed.

The brainwashing center also made practitioners' family members participate in “transforming” their loved ones. They claimed practitioners were “selfish”, and “it was because of the practitioners that each of their companies had to pay 10,000 yuan, that their companies were unable to be entitled 'advanced organizations', and that their companies had to assign so many people to accompany them to the brainwashing center.”

After more than 20 days in detention, Ms. Wang was forcibly separated from other practitioners. Three days later, she was taken by police to her company's hotel, where she was deprived of sleep. Her home was also ransacked. At dusk days later, Ms. Wang escaped and began her two years of homelessness in other towns.

During that period, her father was extremely depressed. One night, he swallowed many sleeping pills and opened the gas pipe into his bedroom. The second day, when people smelled the strong smell of gas, they broke into his bedroom and took him to the hospital for emergency treatment. The doctors told his family that even if he could be saved he would be in a vegetative state, and tried to persuade them to let him go. Ms. Wang Dongling's husband said they wanted him to survive. Seven days later, the father eventually came to, and the doctor said, “It's a miracle!”

2. Arrested and sentenced for distributing truth-clarification materials

One night when Ms. Wang was distributing Falun Gong materials on the campus of Fuzhou University, she was arrested by officers Yan Mengchun and Wu Youkai from the Fuzhou University Police Station. Ren Likang, the then-director of the Security Department of Fuzhou University, beat her. After interrogation for two days and nights, she was detained at the First Detention Center in Fuzhou City.

After ten months in the detention center, she was sentenced to three years of imprisonment by the Gulou District Court. Ms. Wang filed an appeal to a higher level court but after only 10 days her appeal was denied.

3. Suffering inhuman tortures in the Women's Prison

Ms. Wang was jailed in the Women's Prison in January 2001, and suffered cruel persecution there for over two years.

(1) Standing punishment, deprivation of sleep, forced to march

The prison assigned over 10 guards to “transform” Ms. Wang. They tried to force her to write the “Guarantee Statement” giving up Falun Gong, and took turns with two people monitoring her on every shift to deprive her of sleep, make her stand, recite the prison regulations, and forcing her to march for long periods of time.

The last name of the team head was Zhu, and she treated practitioners badly. She always cursed Falun Gong publicly in the “class”. After practitioner Ms. Guan Yujing refused to wear the prison uniform, both her hands were cuffed by Zhu, and she had to wear them even when using the restroom.

After all “transforming” methods failed on Ms. Wang Dongling, she was transferred to the “16th Team”, which is one of the most evil places where Falun Gong practitioners are tortured. The team head is Lin Yan. In order to get promoted, Lin used every means to persecute practitioners.

In the beginning, they forced Ms. Wang Dongling to read the Communist regime's propaganda books that slandered Falun Gong, and to write comments. At night, they forbade her to sleep, and forced her to work cutting threads or sewing shoes. After that, they punished her with forced standing, and deprived all the people in her cell of sleep. The inmates were grouped into twos for every shift and took turns watching her, one hour for each shift. The inmates were all mad at Ms. Wang, and often beat and cursed her. If she seemed to be sleepy while standing, she would be beaten wildly.

(2) Severe beating, deprivation of food and restroom use

The prison officials arranged two inmates to monitor every Falun Gong practitioner. They called this the “The Three Persons Action Team.” No matter whether they were eating, sleeping, using the restroom, or even simply standing in a corridor, the practitioner had to be accompanied by the two inmates, otherwise she would be beaten.

One night, Ms. Wang went to the restroom when Lin Chunhua, one of her monitoring inmates, was absent. Lin Chunhua heard of it and ran back. She seized Ms. Wang's collar and threw her down on the restroom floor. The monitoring inmates even put drugs in the hot water bottle, when Ms. Wang learned this, she never again drank water from the hot water bottle.

When it was time to eat, Ms. Wang needed to race against the clock to finish the meal. If her monitoring inmates had finished the meal earlier and gone to wash their bowls, she had to pour out her food and wash her bowl too. Otherwise she wouldn't have time to clean her bowl, the food would be thrown away by the janitors, or the guards would deduct points from her cell with the excuse that one of the cell members had not washed their bowl.

Every day, the hooligans tried to force Ms. Wang to give up her belief using various tactics. One day when she was eating, one of her monitoring inmates, Shi Shuyuan, walked up and kicked away her bowl. Team head Lin Yan was passing by the door and did nothing when she viewed all this.

One time, Lin Chunhua ordered Ms. Wang to refold her bedcover, claiming that she had not made her bed properly. Ms. Wang refused. The head inmate of the cell, Zhang Lianfang, then handed Ms. Wang's bedcover to the guards and had it locked up. That night, Ms. Wang was not allowed to sleep and was punished with forced standing. On the second day, when Ms. Wang fell asleep, Lin Chunhua hit her fiercely with shoes.

There was another practitioner in the team named Ms. Wang Lei who was a professor in her 50s. If only Ms. Wang Lei glanced at Wang Dongling, she would be cursed or beaten by Lin Chunhua, because Lin thought even that glance would affect Ms. Wang Dongling's “transformation,” which would affect the reduction of her own detention.

The prison should have been a place to reform prisoners, however, the guards had turned it into a place for the prisoners to participate in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

One morning, after the roll call, guard Lin Yan ordered one prisoner to take Ms. Wang Dongling to the workshop, and kept other inmates in her cell in the building. She talked with those inmates secretly for over one hour before she let them go to work in workshop.

That evening, those inmates beat Ms. Wang wildly. One of the inmates kneeled down in front of Ms. Wan, crying, and begged her to be “transformed,” otherwise they “could not go home.” Another one lay down on floor, saying that her scores would be deducted if Ms. Wang still refused to be “transformed.”

Then Zhang Lianfang berated Ms. Wang, saying that she was so cruel that she “forced an old woman to kneel down and beg.” Others began to beat Ms. Wang crazily. They stripped off her clothes, hit her with shoes, pinched her and kicked her, and held water in their mouths and sprayed. Nine inmates tortured her for three to four hours, and Ms. Wang's body turned black and blue all over.

(3) Forcible brainwashing, handcuffing and hanging

Not long afterward, Feng Ningsheng, head of the Provincial Prison Management Bureau, ordered the women's prison to organize their brainwashing class. Then they put all the practitioners into each individual cell with a monitoring camera, and hung up slanderous posters on all the cell walls. They drew a line on the ground, and the practitioners had to stay behind the line, otherwise they would be cuffed and hung up. The practitioners' food was supplied separately, and special persons were assigned to watch each practitioner. If a practitioner needed to use the restroom, she must report to the monitoring inmate, and the inmate had to report to the guards. When it was bedtime, the practitioners weren't allowed to sleep; instead they had to write “thoughts reports.” They played videos that slandered Falun Gong repeatedly all night long, with the volume turned all the way up. During the day they forced practitioners to sit on small stools, and forbade them to stand up or lean against the wall. Special personnel were assigned to conduct the “transforming training.”

Because Ms. Wang Dongling had not eaten anything for four meals, the guards spread out her arms and cuffed each of her hands to the window bar. Only her toe tips could touch the ground, and all the weight of her body was on her wrists. Both her hands quickly bruised and she was in extreme pain. For three days she was kept hanging in handcuffs both day and night, except for the ten minute meal. Finally, she lost all feeling in her hands. She was still forbidden to use the restroom without reporting. Because Ms. Wang refused to cooperate with them, she could not use the restroom for five days straight, and she had to relieve herself in her pants. She was only allowed to change her pants, but not allowed to take a bath.

When Ms. Wang went on a hunger strike, the guards inserted a filled water bottle directly into her throat, and nipped her nose so that she could not breathe, and the water all went into her lungs. They didn't stop until she almost suffocated. Also, they force-fed her in a very brutal way: they cuffed her hands to the window, a female guard seized her hair and pulled hard backward, meanwhile she pushed Ms. Wang's body with her knees forcing her to bend backward, then they poured things into Ms. Wang's mouth with a spoon.

The prison declared they had “abolished all torture tools.” But they actually didn't need any tool, they could torture somebody to death with only a pair of handcuffs. In their hands, a simple item for daily use could become a deadly tool to torture practitioners.

Not long after that, Ms. Wang was transferred to the 4th team. Because she still was not “transformed,” the brainwashing center personnel requested the team to keep her handcuffed 24 hours a day. When she ate, one of her hands was cuffed; when she slept, both of her hands were cuffed to the bed bar. Because Ms. Wang refused to admit she was a “prisoner,” the prison used all methods to torture her. In summer, they forbade her to bathe for over 10 days continuously, and instigated the prisoners to insult her. In deep winter, they soaked her in the dirty water pail, doused her with cold water, and swept her body with a broom. They ordered the inmates to forcibly put the prison uniform on her, and drag her to the workshop, then cuff her there.

A 20-year old prisoner named Zhang Mei, instigated by the guards, always acted as the hatchet. She often found excuses to beat and curse Ms. Wang. She splashed dirty water used for mopping the floor onto Ms. Wang's quilt, mopped her bed with a floor mop, and trampled her bed with her shoes on. When Zhang Mei was in charge of distributing food, she refused to distribute to Ms. Wang or only gave her a little soup. One time, when Ms. Wang was eating, Zhang Mei walked up, grabbed her bowl and poured out the food. She also spit in Ms. Wang's face.

Ms. Wang went on a hunger strike again to protest her unlawful imprisonment and abuse. The evildoers force-fed her three times a day. They inserted a rubber pipe into her stomach through her nose, or pried her teeth open with a spoon handle. Often her lips swelled due to the prying, and the area around her lips was injured. One time, prisoner Na Jing madly inserted the spoon handle directly into her throat, making her throat bleed badly.

Another time, all practitioners were ordered to get their blood drawn, claiming it was for an “academic subject.” When Wang Dongling refused, four inmates carried her to get her blood drawn forcibly.

Persons responsible for the persecution:
Ren Likang (任礼康), former director of the Security Department of Fuzhou University: +86-13905925355
Zhuo Jianwei (卓建伟), Judge in Chief of the Fuzhou City Gulou District Court: +86-591-87512076, +86-13906933115
Feng Ningsheng (冯宁生), Deputy Chief of the Educational Division of the Provincial Prison Management Bureau: +86-13860600123, +86-591-87020075 (Office)
Chen Yurong (陈郁榕), former director of the Fujian Province Tea Quality Control Station: +86-13509389017, +86-591-87836281 (Home)