(Minghui.org) My name is Sansan, and I was born in March 2000. My mom and dad are both Dafa disciples. The day after I was one month old, my dad went to Beijing to tell people that Falun Dafa is good. As a result, he was illegally sentenced to a two-year term.

In June of the same year, my mom and I were forced to live at my mom’s workplace. Whenever we left the building, some people followed us.

In September 2001, my mom was arrested, and the police told my grandmother to take me to to the police station to help persuade my mom to stop practicing Falun Dafa. Peering through the iron bars, I looked at my mom, but I did not cry. However, I grasped the bars with my small hands and kept trying to shake them open.

My grandmother and two aunties took turns taking care of me.

My mom was released in 2003. My dad was already home, and I went back to my parents. However, better times did not last long. Seven or eight police officers broke into my room in April 2004. My cousin was there, and he was so scared that he couldn't stop crying. In May that year, seven or eight police again broke into my home and turned it into big mess. The head of the police asked me if I was practicing Falun Gong with my parents. They threatened to handcuff me. I told him that he was evil, and that he would receive retribution. They believed that it was my parents who had taught me to say that, but they had not coached me at all. What I said was exactly what I had in my mind. This time, they arrested both my parents, and I was left alone at home.

When my grandfather came over to pick me up, the moment I saw him, I cried. I kept saying, “Sansan has no dad, Sansan has no mom, Sansan has no home.” My grandfather had tears in his eyes, and he held me tightly. This time, my grandparents told me that my mom would be jailed for two years and my dad for four years.

While staying with my grandparents, I went to kindergarten, where the teacher once asked me, “Sansan, what do your dad and mom do for a living? Why do I never see them pick you up from school?” I told the teacher, “My mom works in court and my dad is a lawyer. They are both very good people, and they love me very much.”

My grandmother is also a Dafa disciple. She often reads Zhuan Falun to me, and she teaches me to recite Hong Yin. I really enjoy it. In May 2006, when I came home from kindergarten, I could not find my grandmother. I asked my grandfather, "Where did grandma go?" My grandfather’s eyes were red from tears. He said that my grandmother was out of town. I later learned that my grandmother had also been arrested by those bad people. In my heart, I knew that my dad, mom, and grandmother were all good people. All Falun Gong practitioners are good people.

My mom returned home in 2007, and she took me from our hometown to where she lived then, so that I could attend school. One day when I came home from school, two people were waiting outside of our house. They said they were looking for my mother. I said that she was not home. They said they would just wait. They asked me if people came meet with her. I felt that they were not good people, so I told them that just my mother, aunty, and I lived there. I called my mom on the phone, and told her that there were people looking for her. They called and asked her to come home. My mom asked them to leave, saying they should not harass me. I later found out that the two people were the directors of the local 610 Office.

When I was in my first year of primary school, during one gym class, the teachers told us to take a break, so I decided to do push-ups on the grass. A group of boys were pushing one another at the time. Suddenly, seven or eight classmates fell on me. When they eventually stood up, I could not move my hand. My classmates told my teacher, who quickly sent me to the hospital. After an x-ray, the doctor said that I had fractured my hand, and they applied a plaster cast.

My classmates all liked to get sick, since getting sick meant that they they could stay home instead of going to school. When a student was absent from school because of sickness, the other classmates would envy the absent student very much. Since I was injured, I did not have to go to school. I felt very happy. I knew that my hand would be fine, since I had kept reciting “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I did not feel any pain. After school when I went home and told my mom that my hand was all right, but I did not want to take off the cast. She told me that Master said, “...good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought...” (Zhuan Falun)

We should not pursue anything on our own. I then understood that I was wrong. I was so embarrassed, and I tore off the bandage and cast. I could move my hand, which was completely healed.

From grade one to my current grade of six, I have never been sick. I am healthy and full of energy. My classmates are all very envious. I am so healthy because of Master’s compassion and the benefits of practicing Falun Dafa.

During school, I listen carefully in class, and I study very well. When my classmate who shared the table with me wanted to copy from me, I stopped him. I asked him to do his own work. If he didn't know how to do any part of the work, I was more than willing to teach him. I know that I should be responsible for not just myself. I should also be responsible for other people.

Sometimes when a classmate kicked me for no reason, I never argued about it, nor did I complain. Neither did I report it to the teacher. I treat every classmate kindly. Every classmate likes interacting with me, since in my heart, I have Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I can now study the Fa by myself. I read Master’s writings Zhuan Falun , Hong Yin , and Master’s lectures given in different places. In my daily life, I have gradually been learning to take Dafa as the standard and to look inside. Not only do I want to be a noble person, I also want to be a true little Dafa disciple. I want to tell people all around the world, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”