(Minghui.org) I'm a young Dafa practitioner and I worked as a nurse in a hospital's pediatric section. My parents began practicing Falun Dafa in 1992, and often talked about the miracles they experienced through cultivation. These stories gradually increased my curiosity and in 1995 I decided to learn more about Dafa. I even joined my parents in Fa study groups and exercises, but I wasn't able to fully assimilate into Dafa and felt very lost. Thus, after 6 months I stopped practicing.

It was around this time that I fell in love. I cherished this relationship greatly and was very attached to my boyfriend. However, my boyfriend became very indifferent towards me, and our eventual marriage was marked by frequent bouts of quarrels. I accidentally became pregnant during this time, and the subsequent miscarriage weakened my health. Coupled with a busy work schedule, my health kept deteriorating and in 2001 I became seriously ill.

My whole body was covered in huge bruises and blood spots, my nose kept bleeding and my mouth was covered with patches of bloody ulcers. I was shocked at my condition and immediately rushed to a hospital for help. Medical staff drew my blood and I endured many painful diagnosis procedures. The final report greatly shocked everyone. My platelet count was only 3 to 5 thousand (the platelet count for a normal person is 10 million or more), which meant that my body's clotting mechanism was extremely poor. Even a small wound could lead to continuous bleeding, and my life would be in danger. My doctors said I needed immediate critical care, and before I had time to think I found myself surrounded with a variety of medical tubes and equipment. I even had difficulty breathing.

I could only lie in bed day after day due to extreme weakness. Sometimes it felt as if my soul had already left my body. When my colleagues came to visit they would choke back tears as they comforted me. Even though I knew that my life hung by a thread, I felt surrounded by an invisible force and deep inside I knew I would be fine. Afterward when I resumed cultivating I realized that Master was looking after me. During this time my mother was detained in a labor camp for her belief, leaving my father to take care of my younger brother.

Fearing the financial difficulties my illness would bring him, my husband filed for divorce after barely a year of marriage and left abruptly. Suddenly my world was turned upside down, and everything felt dark and uncertain. This double blow to both my spirit and health pushed me close to the brink of death. This, coupled with the side effects from my medications, left me in a state of utter misery.

Gazing at the sky through my window, I felt deep despair. I wanted to end my life to escape from this unbearable suffering. But each time this thought surfaced, I immediately thought about my persecuted mother, father, brother and family members and the suffering my death would cause them and I vigorously quashed these thoughts. In this way, I painfully bore on.

My illness was considered a chronic one, with no specific or effective treatment. The medication they gave me also caused a lot of harm to my body, so after two years of treatment, as my health hadn't improved much, I decided to stop the treatment and just go home to rest. At the time, I only thought about making it through each day, and I was waiting for my final day to come.

It never rains but it pours. Soon after I returned home, due to a bony defect in my thighs, my nerve became impinged, causing me unbearable pain. I could not walk. As soon as my left foot touched the ground the pain would shoot up my leg and cut through my entire body. Because I had a low blood platelet count, I couldn't take any pain killers. The pain and suffering was just indescribable.

My mother returned from the detention center, and upon learning about my situation she was extremely sad. When my parents saw that I was in so much suffering, they reminded me of the supernormal and miraculous effects Dafa has. As they talked about Falun Dafa, I felt a bolt of energy course through me. I immediately began reading Zhuan Falun.

Even before I finished the first lecture of Zhuan Falun , I was deeply attracted by the profound truth written in the book. I was deeply stirred to the depths of my soul, and I had never experienced such a feeling of deep contentment before. I eagerly finished the entire book in two days. Afterward, I finally understood why I had so much suffering, as well as the purpose of being a human in this world. Zhuan Falun answered all the unsolvable questions that I had in life.

I then asked my parents to teach me the exercises. Before that, I couldn't even walk or squat down, and I was so weak my hands would tremble just from holding a pair of chopsticks. But after doing the exercises for three days, my leg pain improved markedly and I could squat down. My strength improved so much that I was able lift a basin half-filled with water without difficulty. My joy at the time was indescribable, and I deeply felt the miraculousness of Dafa.

Every day, I feel immersed in the Fa of our compassionate and esteemed Master. I’ve never experienced such internal peace before. All of my emotional attachments have disappeared without a trace, and I understand that all things arise from karmic relationships. I feel like I am incomparably blessed, with our compassionate and esteemed Master watching over me, guiding me, and urging me to diligently walk the path of cultivation. I work five and a half days a week, and rest on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. During my rest day on Sunday, I distribute truth-clarification material with other practitioners. My mother and fellow practitioners bring me with them to do the three things.

My life has been forged by Master and Dafa. I will diligently persist in cultivation, and do the three things that Dafa disciples should do. Thank you, esteemed and compassionate Master, for saving me when I was in that dire state! Thank you fellow practitioners who have been helping me all this while!