(Minghui.org) Officers from the Anlu City 610 Office and Domestic Security Division went to Anlu Experimental Elementary School on June 25, 2013. Two plainclothes officers forcibly took teacher Ms. Zhang Hui to a brainwashing facility located in the Chuyue Community. The police also ransacked Ms. Zhang's home.

Song Huaming, head of the 610 Office, said that they received approval from the principal and head of the Education Committee.

After learning the news of her mother's illegal arrest, Ms. Zhang's daughter hurried home from another city. She went to the brainwashing facility on the morning of June 28. However, the authorities refused her request to visit her mother and asked whether or not she practiced Falun Gong. They did not let her go until she said that she did not.

Ms. Zhang is still being held at the brainwashing facility.

Parties involved in the persecution: Song Huaming, head of the Aulu City 610 Office: +86-712-5237610, +86-13508696600 (cell)