(Minghui.org) “Liu Yong has no mental illness,” said medical personnel at Baoding No. 6 Hospital, a psychiatric institution in Hebei Province, China. This was the opinion they voiced after observing Falun Gong practitioner Liu Yong for 12 years, in an attempt to rectify his unjust incarceration.

“He has always been very healthy. He practices meditation, exercises daily and helps other patients. His kind nature is recognized by all the hospital staff.”

Mr. Liu was finally released on July 13, 2013.

Liu Yong Incarcerated for His Belief

Mr. Liu was held and persecuted in a psychiatric institution for 12 years for his belief in the spiritual practice Falun Dafa and its three main principles: Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

Since the communist regime in China began persecuting Falun Dafa in 1999, tens of thousands of practitioners have been labeled “psychotic” or “mentally ill” and taken to psychiatric hospitals where they have been subjected to forced drug administration with toxins that damage the central nervous system (CNS). This process is employed to purposely damage the CNS, rendering them “psychotic.”

Mr. Liu, now 42 years old, used to work for Handan Iron and Steel Works. In June 2001, his mother was deceived by the Communist Party propaganda that vilified Falun Dafa. She cooperated with her son's workplace to have him sent to Baoding Psychiatric Hospital. He was incarcerated in this living hell for 12 long years simply because he refused to give up his beliefs.

“We know that you're not mentally ill. We are forced to do this.”

Upon Mr. Liu's arrival at the psychiatric hospital, the medical staff administered various unidentified drugs in order to damage his central nervous system.

They said to him, “We know that you're not mentally ill. We are forced to do this to you. We have to do it.”

The hospital injected Mr. Liu with additional drugs that caused him extreme pain, and nearly killed him.

Mr. Liu tried unsuccessfully to escape twice. The second time, he was caught on a bus. Afterwards, he was confined to his room and not even allowed to step out into the corridor.

Recognizing that Mr. Liu was not at all mentally ill, the hospital assigned him daily chores. He was ordered to clean inside the building, including the toilets. He conducted himself according to the principles of Falun Dafa, saying, “I'll let people know that Falun Dafa is good, no matter where I am.”

The hospital staff started to worry that their treatment of Mr. Liu might be exposed, so they didn't allow him to write or call anyone. He was deprived of all visitation rights from relatives and friends, and was totally isolated from the outside world. Relatives and friends who cared about him called, but the hospital never allowed him to talk on the phone.

One cannot imagine how a healthy young man lived in this dark place for 12 years, such a long time in detention. Still, the communist regime failed in its attempts to render him “psychotic.” He never showed symptoms of psychosis and survived by firmly holding onto his belief in Falun Dafa.

Mr. Liu's Mother and Workplace Deceived by the Communist Propaganda

Mr. Liu's mother has been deceived by the communist regime's lies about Falun Dafa. She believes that her son is “psychotic” and is being treated “kindly” by government officials. Mr. Liu longed to get out of the mental hospital for 12 years, but his mother never helped him.

During his incarceration, local and overseas Falun Dafa practitioners made continuous efforts to rescue him, by calling or writing to departments and personnel concerned, trying to convince them to stop their wrongdoing by aiding the Communist Party to persecute good people.

Twelve years later, some medical staff at Baoding Psychiatric Hospital learned the true story about Falun Dafa and witnessed the grace of the practice through Mr. Liu. They realized their grave error, and chose to clear Mr. Liu: “Liu Yong has no mental illness!” They then took the righteous step of sending Mr. Liu home.

Unfortunately, staff at the Handan Iron and Steel Works where Mr. Liu used to work retained a hostile attitude towards Falun Dafa and refused to hear the truth. The chief doctor at Baoding Psychiatric Hospital asked Mr. Liu's employer to take him back, but the workplace leadership ignored the request. The hospital staff brought Mr. Liu directly to his former workplace, but they wouldn't accept him and were actually annoyed, claiming that he wasn't their employee.

A hospital official asked, “If he is not your employee, why did you pay his hospital bills? You should compensate him for his financial losses. Even one million yuan (over $161,000 USD) is not enough.” The Handan Iron and Steel Works staff were speechless.

Justice Is Inevitable

To this day, the Communist Party still uses lies and deception to deny its wrongdoing and crimes. However, everyone must bear responsibility for his or her actions.

Those who have committed crimes in the name of the Communist Party will inevitably be exposed and brought to account. Whether they are policy makers or participants in the persecution of innocent people, they will all eventually be brought to justice by the heavenly principle, “Good begets good, and evil begets evil.”

For the past 14 years, the Communist Party has accused the practice of Falun Gong of making people “psychotic,” but the evidence demonstrates the complete opposite.

Practitioner Yang Baochun from Handan was in perfect health, but rendered “psychotic” through torture and abuse. Ankang Mental Hospital in Handan was turned into a facility where many practitioners were persecuted under the cover of “psychiatric treatment.” Practitioner Zhang Minxiao from Shijiazhuang has been detained there for several years, and the authorities still refuse to release him.

The communist regime is unscrupulous and employs wicked tactics. Its police force, the 610 Office, and immoral medical professionals place themselves above the law. They take healthy Falun Gong practitioners to mental hospitals, where they are persecuted to the point of brain damage.

Fourteen years have passed, yet we cannot imagine how many innocent practitioners have been rendered mentally unstable by the regime. Mr. Liu's case provides sufficient evidence that the Communist Party is fully responsible for their condition. The world's citizens will be deeply disturbed when the whole truth is revealed and the regime's lies are completely exposed.