“I will fight with Falun Gong until the end”

Gu Siping, director of the 610 Office in the Yinxing Community, in the Yangpu District of Shanghai, has kept Falun Gong practitioners under surveillance and persecuted them for a long time. He has harassed and threatened practitioners in residential areas, including Guohe No.2 Village and Shiguang No.4 Village. He has also sown discord between practitioners and their families.

He boasted, “I will fight with Falun Gong until the end.” Many practitioners have been subjected to mental torture and persecution as a result of his orders.

Family forced to guard Ms. Chen

In October 2010, Ms. Chen Guoying, an elderly Falun Gong practitioner who lives in Guohe No.2 Village, handed out informational materials about Falun Gong and the persecution in Gongnong No.3 Village. Gu sent agents to follow and arrest her.

Ms. Chen was detained and persecuted for a month at the Yangpu District Detention Center. She was then transferred to the Qingpu Brainwashing Center and persecuted there for two months.

Gu threatened Ms. Chen's family and forced them to keep her under surveillance and prevent her from going outside after she was released.

80-year-old persecuted, family harassed

Gu twice searched the home of Ms. Wu, an 80-year-old practitioner who lives in Shiguang No.4 Village, and confiscated her property without a warrant. He took many Falun Gong books and cassette tapes.

He sent Ms. Wu to the neighborhood brainwashing center, where she was persecuted. He also constantly called her son at work and threatened him.

Ms. Wu became absentminded and her legs became weak as a result of the persecution she suffered at the hands of Gu.

Contact information: Gu Siping, director of the 610 Office in Yinxing Community, Yangpu District, Shanghai: +86-13122680474 (Cell)