(Minghui.org) From July 15-31, 2013, 610 Office agents from Weicheng District, Xianyang City, Shanxi Province have been constantly harassing Mr. Lu Yizhong and his children. They tried to take Mr. Lu to their brainwashing center.

Mr. Lu Yizhong is 68 years old, and as he has not been able to leave his home since July 23, 2013, he has lost his personal freedom. Mr. Lu Yizhong joined the army in 1964, and he was discharged from the military and began working in Xianyang Grain Reserve Warehouse, where he retired in 2005.

On July 15, 2013, Guo Xiaoliang the head of the 610 Office in Weicheng District brought several officers to the Xianyang Grain Reserve Warehouse, to force Mr. Lu Yizhong into the brainwashing center. The security director Zhao Jie from Xianyang Grain Reserve Warehouse called Mr. Lu's son and ordered him to attend this meeting. Guo Xiaoliang threatened Mr. Lu's son by saying that this was a nationwide arrangement. Zhao claimed that it was not a labor camp and there would be no physical abuse and the environment would be similar to that of an upscale hotel. They would have a professor to teach the class, who would also teach the students about the Taiji, and his father would return home a few days later after he filling out a form and he would enjoy peace there afterwards. If he refused to go, the 610 Office agents would involve his family members. Guo Xiaoliang pressured Mr. Lu's son to persuade him to go voluntarily and when the notification came he would accompany his father to the brainwashing center and there would be no fees involved.

On the morning of July 23, 2013, the 610 Office vice director Peng Wanshen and vice director of security department of Grain Reserve Warehouse Cheng Xiaoming along with Lu Yizhong's son went to Lu's home. They talked to Mr. Lu and tried to allay his fears of the brainwashing centers of the past by saying this one was upscaled and there was nothing to worry about. Mr. Lu refused to go. Peng called the director of the 610 Office Guo Xiaoliang and Guo ordered Mr. Lu to open the door. Lu refused and began to clarify the facts to him about Falun Gong. Lu tried to persuade him not to participate in persecuting Dafa practitioners and instead to choose a good future for himself and his family. But the 610 Office agent Guo Xiaoliang refused to listen and told him to think it through carefully as there would be city-wide unified action at midnight that day.

At midnight, Guo Xiaoliang came again and Mr. Lu's family persuaded him to leave them alone. Mr. Lu's son and daughter were outside his home to protect him all night. Guo Xiaoliang added even more pressure to Lu's children and said if he still refused to go, they would call a domestic security team and use coercive means and if they discovered any Falun Gong material in his home, he would be in deep trouble.

Since they could not arrest Mr. Lu, the 610 Office vice director Peng Wanshen tried to deceive Mr. Lu's children by telling them the former instructor Ma Minghai was arrested by force and that that they had been most civilized so far with Mr. Lu. Later he stated that Ma Minghai had only been detained for few hours and then released. The reality was Ma Minghai was never arrested, as it was Falun Gong practitioner Liu Li who had been taken away by them.

On July 26, Domestic Security director Liu Cuolao from Weicheng District had a “talk” with Mr. Lu Yizhong's daughter, and he was still pressurizing Mr. Lu to go to the brainwashing center.

From July 24-31, 610 Office staff from Weicheng District kept calling Mr. Lu and his children to force them to comply.

Responsible party phone numbers:

Xianyang Police Department Domestic Security director Liu Cuolao: 86-29-33880386(Office), 86-13319109216(Cell)
Xianyang Police Department Weicheng District Domestic security vice director Lu Juying: 86-29-33880390(Office), 86-13098115366(Cell)

Xianyang Police Department Weicheng Subdivision

Director Yao Huilin:86-29-33880309(Office), 86-29-33880366(Office), 86-13309101013(Cell), vcyhl@wcq.cn(Email)

Xianyang Weicheng District 610 Office director Guo Xiaoliang: 86-29-33188954(Office)