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Yuzi (alias) is a new Falun Gong practitioner who began the practice in August 2011. After she started practicing Falun Gong, her physical health and mind improved dramatically. Her neighbors and friends witnessed the miraculous changes in her and some of them gradually started practicing Falun Gong too. In March 3, 2013, the practitioners formed a group to study the teachings of Falun Gong together. Below are some of the miraculous experiences of these new practitioners.

3. “Please Help Me to Learn Falun Gong Immediately”

Yuzi's husband Laowen (alias) was a research scientist. During the peak of the popularity of Qigong, he did research on supernormal abilities and had some understanding of Qigong from the scientific point of view. After Dafa's miracles happened to his wife, he developed a deeper understanding of Dafa, although he still hadn't started to practice Falun Gong himself.

At the end of 2012, Yuzi's husband went to the hospital for a routine examination. The test results really surprised him. The results showed all his health index numbers within the normal range. He had not had good results like this in many years. He had had high blood pressure for over ten years and had to constantly take medicines to maintain the proper blood pressure. But now his blood pressure was back to normal. He had been diagnosed with a kidney stone last year, which was as big as a corn kernel. It had also disappeared. Laowen remembered what his wife told him, “Master said if one person cultivates Dafa, others around them will also benefit from the Fa and the entire family can have good fortune.” He had doubted his wife's words then, but now he witnessed his own miracles and believed that they were real. He felt that he was also protected by Master.

Laowen had an old friend Laomu (alias), who lives near the hospital. He went to visit Laomu for a chat and was surprised to find Laomu in a depressed mood. Laomu said that he had searched for the truth of life for many years but found nothing. In his old age, he had converted to Buddhism, at a Buddhist temple thousands of miles away, which was claimed to be very efficacious. Since then he kept donating money to the temple and also set up a small Buddhist altar at home where he recited Buddhist classic scriptures sincerely at morning and night. He also spent a lot of money to print two batches of Buddhist books. But the puzzles about life he held in his heart were not solved at all. Where was the answer he had diligently searched for his entire life?

After Laowen heard his dilemma, he immediately said, “My wife practices Falun Gong.” As soon as Laomu heard 'Falun Gong,' he immediately got very excited and shouted “Falun Gong! Really? I finally found Falun Gong!”

Laomu was also a research scientist, like Laowen. He had some accomplishments in his research and had become famous in his field. Laomu had not known much about Falun Gong before, but after 1999 when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to brutally persecute Falun Gong, he really admired Falun Gong. The CCP has been persecuting Chinese people for many years and people like Laomu clearly know how evil the CCP is and learned to believe the opposite of what the CCP said. So the more the CCP persecuted Falun Gong, the more Laomu knew that Falun Gong must be good. Since then, Laomu made up his mind that Falun Gong was what he wanted and he must find Falun Gong. But he searched around tirelessly for a dozen years and still found no opportunity to get to know Falun Gong. Then he unexpectedly had good news from Laowen and got very excited. He almost begged Laowen, “Please help me to learn Falun Gong immediately!”

Laomu soon got Master's audio recordings. For the next few days, he did not do anything but listen to the recordings. Dafa's profound principles deeply touched his mind. He cleared out all the things in his home that related to the Buddhist religion. He also cleaned a room to respectfully display Master's photo. Other Dafa practitioners congratulated him, “You acquired the Fa!” He felt as happy as a child.

Laomu studied the Fa diligently every day and wrote down his understandings in a notebook. He also sincerely copied the song, “Falun Dafa, the Cosmic Fa” sung by Dafa practitioner Guan Guimin: “I drifted in my life, not knowing where the road is, I waited in the confusion, seeking for truth and light. Falun Dafa, the law of the universe, Falun Dafa, the law for all beings, it shines gloriously over my heart, and I walk the path of cultivation ever since.” Laomu said emotionally, “What Guan Guimin sang expresses my truest feelings.”

Laomu used to have high blood pressure, heart disease and hypokalemia. After he started to practice Falun Gong, he threw away the medicines he'd taken for so many years. He became more and more energetic. Impressed with his changes, Laomu's wife and son also started to study the Fa and practice the exercises. His daughter, who worked in another province, recently came back to visit for a short time. He took this opportunity to persuade his daughter to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He also led his daughter in front of Master's photo and said, “This is my Master. You need to burn incense to Master.” His home also became a Fa-study site for a group of practitioner.

The evil CCP could never dream that while their brutal persecution and slandering of Falun Gong deceived many people, it actually helped some people to discover the truth. It helped many people to learn about Dafa, to search for Dafa and eventually to become Dafa practitioners.

4. “Daughter, you should never give up cultivating Falun Dafa”

Yuzi's neighbor Xu Jie (alias) is a retired elementary school teacher. She witnessed Yuzi's dramatic change after practicing Falun Gong and she also wanted to practice Falun Gong. But she could not give up her everyday people's trivial things to practice Falun Gong. Later she said, “Dafa is really good. But I have too many worries. It looks like it is hard for me to cultivate Dafa. So let me just be a good person.”

Yuzi felt sorry for Xu Jie. But she never gave up on her. She often told Xu Jie cultivation stories of other practitioners and Xu Jie liked to listen to them. Later, Xu Jie saw Haiqing, Laomu and Yuzi's husband Laowen each start to practice Falun Gong and they all experienced dramatic changes physically and mentally. She finally made up her mind to start practicing Dafa at the end of February 2013.

When Xu Jie truly listened to Master's Fa Lecture audio recordings with a focused mind, Dafa's principles deeply touched her heart. She started to understand the greatness of Dafa and the boundless Fa principles. At the same time, Master started to purify her body. She used to have high blood pressure for many years and had to take medicine to control it. After she started to cultivate Falun Dafa, she found that her blood pressure became unstable and she felt uncomfortable if she took blood pressure medication. But when she stopped taking the medicine, all the symptoms disappeared. Master not only got rid of her illness, but also enlightened her that she no longer needed to take medicine. She became healthy and energetic. Her husband supports her Dafa cultivation and her home also has become a group Fa-study site.

Before the Ching Ming Festival this year, Xu Jie's mother, who lived in another city, asked her to come back home. Xu Jie brought Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials with her back to her hometown. Her mother was over 80 years old and had joined the CCP many years ago. Xu Jie clarified the truth to her mother. She thought that people like her mother who had belonged to the CCP for many years might find it hard to withdraw from the CCP. But her mother had already clearly seen the evilness of the CCP and withdrew from it immediately. Xu Jie also had her mother listen to Master's audio recordings. After Xu Jie went back home, her mother soon called her and told her repeatedly, “Daughter, you should never give up cultivating Falun Dafa.”

5. “I Could No Longer Be Away from Dafa”

Lele's grandmother is over 60 years old and is Haiqing's neighbor. She came from northwestern China to take care of her grandchild. After she witnessed the miracles happening in Haiqing's life, she also started to cultivate Falun Dafa in March of this year. Even before she finished reading Zhuan Falun, her hot temper disappeared. She no longer finds it easy to get angry. The Fa's light not only illuminates her, but also benefits her family members. Her family members all felt her peaceful mind and greatly supported her Dafa cultivation. They also made a comfortable mat for her to practice the sitting meditation.

Her daughter often did blood sugar tests for her since she had had diabetes for many years with high blood sugar. Less than two months after she started to practice Falun Gong, her blood sugar went back to normal. Her daughter could not believe it and kept asking her to do more tests. The results all showed her blood sugar to be normal. She also had high blood pressure and had to use medicine to control it. Recently, she found she had a similar reaction as Xu Jie. As soon as she took the medicine, her blood pressure became unstable. Then as soon as she stopped the medicine, her blood pressure went back to normal. Since then, she no longer takes any medicines. Lele's grandmother said, “I could no longer be away from Dafa.” She also asked fellow practitioners to come to her home and help persuade her family members to withdraw from the CCP and its related organizations.

Her neighbor Aunt Yang really admired her after witnessing her dramatic changes within such a short period of time. Lele's grandmother then encouraged aunt Yang to also practice Falun Gong. Aunt Yang is an older woman. She is illiterate because she did not have a chance to go to school as a child from a poor family growing up in the countryside. She was not sure if she could practice Falun Gong because she was illiterate. Lele's grandmother then asked the fellow practitioners in the Fa-study group to encourage Aunt Yang and tell her about Haiqing's miracle of learning to read. Aunt Yang developed confidence and she finally started to practice Falun Gong in June of this year.

Just when Aunt Yang started to listen to Master's Fa lecture recordings, she developed diarrhea and then her longtime back pain and headache were greatly reduced. The practitioners told her that Master was purifying her body. Aunt Yang has also joined the Fa-study group. Although she still cannot read the Dafa books, she believes she will make a breakthrough since she believes in Master and the Fa.

Currently, the Fa-study group, which just began three months ago, already has eight new practitioners. They continuously bring their family and friends to also start practicing Falun Gong. The group is getting so big that they feel like it will soon grow into two groups.