(Minghui.org) In 2001, we established a production site in our home to make truth-clarification materials. We were responsible for making enough materials for practitioners in our county to distribute. In this article, I would like to share with fellow practitioners how we let go of our human attachments and cooperated with each other well in the process of making those materials.

Letting go of the fear of being wronged

In the beginning, our family supported the site financially, and there were no problems. Later, when some other sites were destroyed by the agents of the communist regime, we were responsible for producing more materials and our financial burden increased. We had to withhold more money from our salaries to support the site.

One day, a practitioner told me that we were out of staples. I immediately bought some, but I felt very unbalanced in my heart. I felt that making materials was not just my responsibility but ours as a group. Why did that practitioner refuse to pay for some basic supplies? I did not seriously think about why this happened and just let it go.

Master said,

“But how could that be the ultimate Perfection standard for a cultivator? His cultivation has still got a long way to go! You have to keep improving yourself. It was the result of that little base you brought with you—that’s why you were able to reach that cultivation state. If you want to improve further the standard has to be raised.” (Zhuan Falun)

Shortly afterward, another practitioner gave us a list of everything he thought we should buy. We checked the list and found that there were too many things on it. We had to buy a whole box of paper, ink, toner, and so on. We felt that we could not afford all of it, given the fact that our printer also had to be fixed. It was hard to pay for so many things in a short period of time.

We told the practitioner about our current financial situation. However, he said that others couldn't offer us any money until we bought these things ourselves; otherwise, what if we refused to give them materials after getting their money? We were so shocked by his words that we were left speechless. Over the years, we'd already spent lots of our time and money on making materials, but they still didn't trust us. I complained about it over and over again and felt very uncomfortable in my heart.

A while later, I was able to look within. Why did this practitioner have such attitude? I realized that there must be a problem within myself and found many of my human attachments. The biggest one was the attachment to complaining. Obviously the incident happened to help me improve my character.

It also could have been interference from the old forces. The old forces didn't want us to make materials to save people. After realizing this, my spouse and I felt ease in our hearts. We decided to make materials no matter what. This way, our duty to save sentient beings would be carried out without any delay.

Two days before the scheduled disbursement of our salaries, we went to the bank. We found the money was already in our account. We were very excited. We withdrew the money and bought the necessary equipment and supplies to produce the materials on time.

We again realized that it had been the old forces trying to stop us from making those materials. Although I had felt wronged, nothing serious happened. How could I be called a practitioner if I couldn't handle such a minor thing? It had been an opportunity for my husband and me to improve our character in the process of making materials.

Once we gained this understanding, our site's financial situation improved significantly. Now, we always have enough money to produce materials and don't even need other practitioners' financial help.

Making sure materials come from the right source

Previously, practitioners had given us some materials from other areas. However, those materials had not been published on the Minghui website. At the beginning, we felt that the contents were similar and agreed to make copies of them. After we got our own computer, we were able to get onto Minghui and download materials ourselves. When it came to major issues, we referred to Minghui and stopped using anything that wasn't published on it.

Although sometimes it was hard for us to do this because some materials were recommended by fellow practitioners, we avoided using these materials. We focused on doing what's best to save sentient beings and validate the Fa. As we kept using Minghui as our only source, other practitioners gradually stopped sending us requests to use materials originating from other places.

Assuring the safety of our site

It takes coordination and cooperation in order for us to do well in making materials. It is a process of improving our character. Initially, since we did not have access to the Internet, we used whatever materials fellow practitioners gave us. The amount of materials we got was very large, and some materials had already expired, but we didn't discuss this with others or listen to any suggestions.

Some practitioners complained when they saw the materials we delivered to their homes because they had already used them. When we realized this, we looked inward to find our own shortcomings.

Things were quickly changing. A little later, we were finally able to get onto the Minghui website. We made all types of materials that were published on Minghui so that practitioners could have a variety of updated materials to hand out, which made fellow practitioners very happy. Every one of us has been trying to keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification and save more people.

Since 2001, when we started out site, we've also experienced a lot of safety issues. Initially, we were very diligent in cultivating our speech. We let go of the attachments to showing off and fear and tried to avoid having contact with practitioners whom we did not know. We were able to handle many issues rationally and in a neat way. I kept silent when practitioners talked about how well we did in making materials and printing Master's new articles. I likewise wouldn't say anything but quietly smile when practitioners commented on our cultivation status.

At the beginning of January 2010, our site was exposed to the police. Before we knew what was happening, the coordinator informed us that we had to transfer all equipment to a safe place. When we looked around and saw how much equipment we had in our home, we felt stuck. Where and how could we transfer it all? With practitioners' help, we were finally able to move everything to another place. After we got back home, my heart was filled with mixed feelings.

I cried for a long while before Master's image. I felt that I had not done well to meet Master's requirements. The old forces were able to take advantage of my loopholes, which had slowed down our pace of saving sentient beings. I apologized to Master in my heart. I opened my eyes and saw Master was shedding tears as well. At that point, I remembered Master's poem, “What’s to Fear?” from Hong Yin Vol. II. I knew that Master was encouraging me to take the initiative to save more sentient beings.

After that incident, I studied the Fa every day and looked for every wrong notion I had in my mind. I corrected my thinking according to the principles of Dafa, so that I could assimilate to Dafa. Two months later, our site recovered and it has been operating very well since then.

Over the past ten years, we've experienced different hardships. What has impressed us most is the fact that although we, Dafa practitioners, are saving sentient beings and helping Master rectify the Fa in the secular world, it is ultimately Master who does everything. Nothing can be done without Dafa's mighty power and Master's compassion. We will use the wisdom that Master has granted us to run our site well and save sentient beings until the end of Fa-rectification, so that we are able to fulfill our vows.