(Minghui.org) Five Falun Gong practitioners from Daan City, Jilin Province, were illegally arrested on January 31, 2013. Four of them—Wang Yan, Zou Yufang, Ji Hui and Xiao Yue—are still held at the Daan Detention Center, Tongyu Detention Center or Taonan Detention Center. The practitioners' families are very concerned about their safety.

Since the communist regime began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, many practitioners in Jilin Province have suffered greatly at the hands of the police and related agencies. Practitioners Ms. Jiang Shulan, Ms. Sha Naiyi and Mr. Fan Yichang from Daan were tortured to death.

Three Practitioners Tortured to Death

Ms. Jiang Shulan was held in the Daan Detention Center for six months after her detention was illegally extended. She went on a hunger strike on May 14, 2003, to protest the persecution. On the 21st day of her hunger strike, 610 Office head Liu Yunhua instigated director Zhang Xidong and guards at the detention center to barbarically force-feed her with a highly concentrated salt solution.

Deputy director Chang pressed on her feet, while Liu Mingxiao and Jiang Weidong held her head down. Zhang Xidong then used a stick to force her mouth open, causing four of her front teeth to loosen and blood to gush out. Zhang poured a bottle filled with the salt solution into her mouth. He didn't stop until Ms. Jiang stopped breathing and became motionless. When the guards realized her condition, they quickly ran out of the cell.

As a result of the abuse, there were two holes in Ms. Jiang's cheeks and part of her maxilla bone was exposed. She was taken to a hospital three days later—after she already had no pulse. Ms. Jiang was then pronounced dead.

Ms. Sha Naiyi was arrested and taken to the Daan City Public Security Bureau on July 13, 2007. Liu Yunhua, Chen Yamin and Chu Guojun directed others to torture Ms. Sha. When her family came to the bureau the following day, the police claimed that Ms. Sha had jumped out of the second story window and died. They gave the family 200,000 yuan as compensation and cremated Ms. Sha's body, closing the case.

Mr. Fan Yichang was a manager at a food and wine company in Daan. He was often praised by his coworkers, neighbors, and friends. Chen Yamin and more than 10 other police officers violently attacked Mr. Fan on the street on the morning of March 15, 2009. They arrested him and took him to the Daan Detention Center.

Mr. Fan died as a result of torture sometime around July 20, 2009, while in detention. His body was cremated two days later. Uniformed and plainclothes police, agents from the 610 Office and state security agents blocked the scene.

Individuals and Agencies Involved in Persecuting Practitioners

Domestic Security Division: +86-436-5053012

Chen Yamin, chief: +86-436-5222470, +86-436-5225595, +86-18043608061, +86-13894655021(Cell)
Mu Zijing, police officer: +86-436-5220036, +86-13943655652 (Cell)
Li Aimin, police officer: +86-13894655055 (Cell)

Detention Centers: +86-436-5222893, +86-436-5222682
Hu Guangyong, director: +86-436-5222893, +86-436-5225199, +86-15943655678
Sun Xiaoming, deputy director: +86-436-5222893
Chang Zhanchen, instructor: +86-436-5249618, +86-13894655057 (Cell)
Zhao Yingbo, deputy director: +86-436-5226298, +86-13894655052 (Cell)
Yu Jing, director: +86-15843631001, +86-13634360461

Xiao Jinping, officer in charge of forced labor: +86-436-5224000 (Office), +86-436-2910099 (Home), +86-13804363118 (Cell)
Han Lirong, officer in charge of forced labor: +86-436-5221059 (Office), +86-13894655018 (Cell)

Political and Legal Affairs Committee:
Wang Dexin: +86-436-5202692 (Office), +86-436-5258529 (Home), +86-13904365818 (Cell)
Jiang Yumei: +86-436-5232692 (Office), +86-436-5205288 (Home), +86-13843630017 (Cell)

Office of Prevention and Handling of Cults:
Liu Yongbo, chief: +86-436-5236789 (Office), +86-436-5236688 (Home), +86-13904365201 (Cell)

Daan City Public Security Bureau:
Chen Cifan, deputy director: +86-436-5220006 (Office), +86-436-5236002 (Home), +86-13904362011 (Cell)
Zhang Huaigan, deputy director (in charge of persecuting Falun Gong): +86-436-5236006 (Office), 86-436-5053007 (Home), +86-436-5222952, +86-13904365468 (Cell)
Wu Shubiao, deputy director: +86-436-5228578 (Office), +86-13904365199 (Cell)