(Minghui.org) Before my daughter turned one, she was a very obedient child. She never interfered with me when I did the three things. Through her, I discovered some predestined sentient beings and saved them.

When she got older, she changed a lot. She started to cry when I sent forth righteous thoughts. When she was able to walk, she would come to me and deliberately pull my hands apart as I was sending forth righteous thoughts. After she fell asleep, she would wake up when I started sending forth righteous thoughts or studying the Fa and begin to interfere with me. When I studied the Fa, she would take my book and flip through it carelessly. When I took the book away from her, she would cry.

Thus, I could only do the three things after she went to sleep or when she wasn't around. She normally went to bed pretty late, I'd say around midnight. Even when she fell asleep in the daytime, she would wake up when I began to do something. I couldn't do much if she slept late. I had thought in the past that the old forces couldn't interfere with me because I was very diligent. I now think that my child interfered with me because I didn't do the three things well. As a result, I couldn't study the Fa or sleep well. I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything.

One day, I read a sharing by a fellow practitioner. The practitioner said that when her grandson was little, he, too, interfered with her doing the three things. At first, she thought that her grandson just wanted to be close to her. One day, this practitioner read a sharing by another practitioner whose child also interfered with him. He believed that it was interference arranged by the old forces. He asked Master for help and negated the old forces' arrangement. After that, his child stopped interfering with him.

The article inspired her, and she did what the other practitioner had done. One of her practitioner family members with the celestial eye open saw that before her grandson descended to the earth, he signed a contract with the old forces. In the contract, the old forces threatened him that if he wanted to obtain the Fa he had to interfere with his loved ones in the human dimension. Moreover, his body in another dimension was tied up. After she taught her grandson to say, “I will negate the old forces' arrangement and just follow the path arranged by Master” in front of Master's photo, he became a different person. He started to encourage her to make truth-clarification materials. His body in another dimension also became free.

After I read this, I was very inspired by it. I held my daughter and knelt down in front of Master's photo and said, “Master, my child can't speak for herself now as she is still too young to say anything. I'd like to ask Master on her behalf that if she has signed a contract with the old forces, we will now completely negate it. We only walk the path arranged by Master. We will always follow Master and completely deny and eliminate the old forces and their arrangements. Master, when my child can say this for herself, I will ask her to say it again to you. Thank you!”

Now my daughter has changed. She no longer interferes with me when I study the Fa or send forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes she even mimics me when I practice the exercises. After I saw how she changed, I really wanted to write it down and share it. Because of my laziness, I didn't pick up my pen until recently. Two days ago I had a dream. I dreamed about someone giving me a pencil sharpened on both ends. When I woke up, I thought maybe it was Master hinting to me to write down this sharing.