(Minghui.org) I recently heard about a practitioner couple's indiscreet behavior that had caused conflicts in their families and misunderstanding among fellow practitioners. They are elderly practitioners who had passed various tests well during the worst persecution period and had shaken the evil. They are great practitioners in my mind.

So when other people informed me that they were in a relationship, I carefully cleared up any misunderstandings (I thought) and stopped people from spreading this information. However, I was totally shocked when I saw them dating like young people - they were panicked and speechless when they saw me. I left in a hurry. I couldn't concentrate during Fa study later. I asked Master in my thoughts, “Why am I the one who saw this? What should I do?”

I know they aren't bad practitioners. They have been working together for a long time and must have developed special feelings toward each other. When they slackened on cultivation, the evil took advantage. They didn't see anything wrong with it, and even held grudges against fellow practitioners who reminded them about this loophole. This made it difficult for me to discuss the issue with them from the perspective of Dafa's principles.

As practitioners get more familiar with each other, they become more casual and sometimes forget about the proper boundary between men and women. Their behavior may have been indiscreet. For example, a female practitioner called a male practitioner due to his good qualities, wanting to work with someone like him. The evil factors took advantage of these words and caused interference. Some practitioners developed such strong attachments and went astray. The evil destroyed their cultivation utilizing this excuse.

Some practitioners started socializing with each other. They take each other out for lunch or dinner, or exchange gifts. Some socializing activities didn't take practitioners' spouses into consideration. When both husband and wife are practitioners, some practitioners prefer to deal with one of them, leaving the other one out. When female and male practitioners have discussions behind closed doors, it sometimes creates misunderstanding and may cause family members to complain.

Some practitioners followed everyday people's trends and were too free with the opposite sex. Some male and female practitioners walked arm in arm; some hugged each other. This is not wrong for everyday people, but the ancients said, “Men and women shouldn't touch each other's hands when passing objects.” In ancient Chinese culture, this is a rule established by gods. Falun Dafa practitioners should rectify all unrighteous things in the world. How can we not act righteously?

Fellow practitioners who have had challenges in this regard before they started practicing Falun Dafa, and continue to have trouble now, need to pay special attention to the cause of these problems.

As I understand it, the remaining karma is still causing interference before they can become aware of it. For example, a male practitioner's way of talking and laughing changed whenever he spoke to a woman. Elderly practitioners noticed it and didn't like to work with him, but he didn't know why. We need to send righteous thoughts to eliminate these factors, so that we won't leave any obstacles for ourselves, interfere with others' cultivation, or be taken advantage of by the evil specters.

Fellow practitioners, let's pay special attention to this issue. We have been waiting for this period of time in history for thousands of years. We have endured enormous hardships. What else could block us in our cultivation? Let's keep the boundary between men and women in mind, and the seriousness of cultivation. Don't relax our principles unknowingly and give the evil any chance of manipulation.