(Minghui.org)  In this report you will find statistics, charts and graphs regarding:

  - Deaths as a Result of Torture
  - Arrests
  - Imprisonments and Labor Camp Detentions
  - Brainwashing 

The persecution of Falun Gong continues in China to this day. This report presents statistics covering the first 6 months of 2013, based on reports received at the Minghui website. 


Various forms of mistreatment range from arrests, home ransackings, detentions, labor camp detainments, imprisonments, tortures, and many others.

Laws have been abused and the basic human rights of Falun Gong practitioners have been violated simply because of their beliefs.

According to reports published on Minghui from January 1 to June 30, 2013:

  •   - 43 practitioners died as a result of torture (60% women, 40% men)

  •   - 2101 were arrested

  •   - 14 were sent to labor camps, and,

  •   - 445 faced trial or sentencing.


In addition, the deaths of 20 practitioners (all of which occurred before 2013) were reported during the first 6 months of the year.

Please note: In addition to the cases exposed here, many more accounts of persecution remain unreported due to information blockades and the fear of reprisal. Statistics will be updated once more information is available.


Death as a Result of Torture

The deaths of 63 practitioners due to torture have been documented or reported during the last 6 months. Among them, 43 occurred during this year and 20 took place prior to 2013.


Number of Falun Gong Deaths by Province (First Half of 2013):

  •   - 5 each in Shandong and Jilin,
  •   - 3 each in Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Beijing, Anhui, Henan, Liaoning,
  •   - 2 each in Guangdong, Shanxi, Hebe), and,
  •   - 1 in each of Hubei, Jiangsu, Gansu, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai



Pictures of some of those who died in 2013 follow here:

Upper row: Shan Muzhi (Jiangxi), Deng Huaiying (Beijing), Liu Rongxiang (Heilongjiang), Jiang Zhaofang (Henan), Zeng Haiqi (Hunan), Wu Shuyan (Liaoning). Middle row: Lei Jinxiang (Sichuan), Wang Mingyun (Shandong), Liu Xinlan (Hubei), Du Wenfu (Heilongjiang), Liu Zhanyu (Inner Mongolia), Wu Ruixiang (Hebei). Lower row: Zhang Fuying (Guangdong), Qian Fajun (Shandong), Guo Boqin (Hunan), Jiang Cuiping (Anhui), Liu Shuhua (Shandong)

The geographic distribution in each province: 5 (Shandong), 3 (Hunan), 1 (Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Sichuan, Guangxi, Ningxia, Liaoning, Guizhou, Jilin, Hebei, Zhejiang, Beijing)

Pictures of some of those who died prior to 2013:

Practitioners who died before 2013: Left to right: Huang Yuanran (Guangxi), Shi Fengzhi (Shandong), Song Meilan (Guizhou), Wang Mingli (Shandong), Chen Baihe (Hebei), and Wei Zhaohai (Sichuan)

Among the 43 practitioners who died, 9 died after long-term harassment, threats, and home ransackings; 15 died due to mistreatment in prisons, 12 in labor camps, 4 in detention centers, and 3 in brainwashing centers.



Cause of Death for Falun Gong Practitioners
Who Died as a Result of Persecution
(First Half of 2013)

Province Region Name Gender Time of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Shandong Beimeng Town, Weifang City Li Shulian M 01/12/2013 Unknown Long-term harassment and detention. Home ransacking
Dongying City Wang Mingyun F 02/11/2013 50 Mistreatment in prison
Gaomi City Liu Shuhua F 01/25/2013 48 Mistreatment at labor camp, mental disorder
Rizho City Zhang Ping F 04/27/2013 81 9 detentions (detention center, brainwashing center, labor camp, and prison)
Linyi City Qian Fajun M 04/17/2013 43 Mistreatment at labor camp, unable to take care of himself
Dezhou City Zheng Hongchang M 04/21/2013 37 Mistreatment in prison
Jilin Changchun City Ren Shuqing F 01/07/2013 67 Long-term harassment, detention, home ransacking
Jiaohe City Chang Guiyun F 03/08/2013 62 Mistreatment in prison
Tonghua City Li Jingzhi F 05/01/2013 59 Mistreatment at labor camp
Changchun City Yu Feng F 05/02/2013 61 Mistreatment at labor camp, forced-injection of unknown drugs
Heilongjiang Luobei County Liang Jinshu M 02/17/2013 63 Mistreatment at detention center, symptoms of thrombosis
Jiamusi City Du Wenfu M 02/07/2013 62 Long-term harassment, detention, threats
Daqing City Liu Rongxiang F 05/10/2013 46 Arrest, detention, and labor camp mistreatment
Lei Jinxiang F 02/01/2013 60+ Mistreatment in prison
Gongjing District, Zigong City Wang Xiajun F 03/14/2013 55 Mistreatment at detention center
Cangxi County, Guangyuan City Yan Zongfang F 06/05/2013 65 Tortured by 10+ methods, labor camp detention
Hubei Ezhou City Liu Xinlan F 01/13/2013 58 Long-term harassment. Numerous detention (brainwashing center, detention center, labor camp)
Zeng Haiqi M 04/25/2013 42 Mistreatment in prison
Changsha County Zhang Guilin M 06/11/2013 74 Labor camp detention. Mental and financial mistreatment
Chenzhou City Guo Boqin M 04/18/2013 47 Imprisonment. Numerous arrest and home ransacking
Yan Yuhua F 03/18/2013 50+ Mistreatment at detention center

Deng Huaiying M 05/15/2013 42 Mistreatment at detention center

Zhang Yuming M March 2013 45 Mistreatment in prison
Anhui Hefei City Jiang Cuiping F 02/02/2013 74 Numerous harassment, threat, arrest, and home ransacking
Hefei City Zhang Junru F 05/25/2013 50 Mistreatment at brainwashing center
Bengbu City Zhang Yan F 04/23/2013 46 Mistreatment at brainwashing center
Henan Zhengzhou City Yuan Hongwei M 01/23/2013 45 Mistreatment in prison. Disabled and left unattended
Puyang City Jiang Zhaofang F 03/02/2013 47 Mistreatment in prison
Huiyang County Wang Chunling F 05/03/2013 Unknown Mistreatment in prison
Liaoning Shenyang City Wu Shuyan F 06/02/2013 47 Mistreatment in prison
Dalian City Zhang Zhenji M 05/05/2013 60+ Mental stress after wife's arrest and detention
Guangdong Shenzhen City Zhang Fuying F February 2013 66 Mistreatment at brainwashing center. Edema in entire body
Jiangmen City Jin Chu M 03/29/2013 70 Mistreatment in prison
Hebei Langfang City Wang Janxin M 03/03/2013 Unknown Mistreatment in prison, paralysis
Tangshan City Meng Qingfu M 03/22/2013 57 Mistreatment in prison, financial persecution
Li County Wu Ruixiang M 01/18/2013 50 Mistreatment at labor camp
Jiangsu Nanjing City Zhang Benfang F 01/01/2013 55 Numerous detentions and torture
Gansu Wuwei City He Xiuying F 03/16/2013 About 50 Numerous harassment. Arrest and labor camp detention.
Jiangxi Niujiang City Shan Muzhi F 02/25/2013 70 Mistreated by police
Inner Mongolia Tuquan County Liu Zhanyu M 01/18/2013 57 Numerous labor camp detention
Qinghai Xining City Wu Zhongmin M 05/20/2013 50 Numerous labor camp detention. Four limbs disabled
Liaoning Jinzhou City Yin Guizhi F 05/30/2013 62 Mistreatment at labor camp



Cause of Death for Falun Gong Practitioners 
Who Died as a Result of Persecution
(Died Prior to 2013, but Reported in 2013)
Province Region Name Gender Time of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Guangdong Huizhou City Zheng Guiyou F 12/30/2012 48 Mistreatment in prison
Bu Liping F 12/17/2012 Unknown Numerous detention, labor camp detention, harassment, and threats.
Hunan Xiangtan City Li Riqing M 07/02/1905 56 Sent to mental hospital three times and mistreated there
Huitong County Liang Xuelin F 09/25/2012 55 Numerous detention, labor camp detention, and imprisonment
Chenxi County Zhang Jiaoyu F Right before 1/1/2013 59 Numerous detention, mistreatment, threats, and mental abuse
Hubei Huangshi City Yang Yunxia F 12/29/2012 65 Mistreatment at detention center
Du Yujie M 2007 59 Mistreatment in prison

Cui Zhenying M 2006 58 Mistreatment in prison
Longkou City Wang Mingli M 04/22/2012 71 Mistreatment in prison
Longkou City Shi Fengzhi F 10/01/2012 64 Mistreatment in prison
Mengyin County Lu Dianyi M 12/12/2012 72 Numerous detention, financial persecution
Sichuan Jiangyou City Wei Chaohai M 12/31/2012 62 Mistreatment in prison
Guangxi Nanning City Huang Yuanran F 12/17/2012 40 Labor camp detention, forced to stay away from home
Ningxia Lingwu City Tuo Meiling F Late 2011 50 Mistreatment in prison
Liaoning Fengcheng City Qu Shanlin M 05/16/2012 67 Mistreatment in prison
Guizhou Panjiang Song Meilan F 09/13/2012 69 Mistreatment at labor camp, numerous detention
Jilin Changchun City Ma Xiuhua F 2011 56 Mistreatment at labor camp led to mental disorder
Zhejiang Hangzhou City Jin Lixin M About 2007 38 After Ms. Li died as a result of torture in prison, officials lied saying it was suicide
Beijing Fengtai District Gao Huiyun F Oct. 2011 62 Mistreatment at labor camp
Hebei Qianxi County Chen Baihe M 09/17/2012 59 Mistreatment in prison



Arrests in the First Half of 2013

Arrests and the ransacking of practitioners' homes occur nearly every day in China. In Total, 2,101 practitioners were arrested in the first half of 2013.

Lists of their names (all in Chinese) available for download here .

Practitioners were arrested throughout all regions of Mainland China in the first half of 2013, with the exception if Tibet. Liaoning Province had the highest number or arrests, at 278.

Arrests of practitioners are directed by 610 Offices and conducted by local police. Among the cases mentioned above, many involved the arrests of numerous practitioners at once. 



Number Facing Trial or Prison Sentence

In total, 448 practitioners faced trial and/or were sentenced to prison in the first half of 2013: Liaoning Province (85), Sichuan Province (52), Heilongjiang (29), Shandong (24), Guangdong (22), Jiangsu (21), Jilin (21), Zhejiang (17), Shanxi (16), Gansu (16), Yunnan (14), Henan (14), Inner Mongolia (14), Shanghai (11), Shaanxi (11), Hubei (10), Hebei (13), Guizhou (10), Tianjin (8), Beijing (6), Jiangxi (7), Anhui (6), Chongqing (6), Xinjiang (6), Hunan (6), Ningxia (3), and Fujian (2).


It should be noted that while the regime claims Falun Gong practitioners are dealt with by "rule of law" and that they face fair trials, the truth is, they are nothing more than show trials where the practitioners' fate is typically decided by Party authorities long before the court date. 



Labor Camp Detentions

12 practitioners from 7 regions were sent to labor camps during this period of time, including 4 from Beijing, 3 from Shandong, and 1 each from the provinces of Heilongjiang, Hubei, Guangdong, and Jilin.



At least 186 practitioners were sent to brainwashing centers in the first half of 2013: January (20), February (5), March (22), April (41), May (55), and June (43).

The brainwashing centers are located across China: Shandong Province (21), Hubei (9), Heilongjiang (8), Hebei (6), Sichuan (6), 5 in Jilin (5), 5 in Beijing (5), 4 in Jiangsu (4), 3 in Guangdong (3), 2 in Liaoning (2), 2 in Shaanxi (2), 2 in Inner Mongolia (2), 2 in Xinjiang (2), Hunan (2), and 1 each from the regions of Chongqing, Henan, Hainan, Shanghai, and Guizhou.