(Minghui.org) Some practitioners say that qing is a type of matter. Not only is it matter, but also a type of low-level god within the three realms.

Overcoming Qing

Two years ago, a fellow practitioner called me from another province. She told me the practitioner she was in love with married another woman. She was crying and said that she was going to sell her property, and urged me to go abroad with her. She was trying to avoid the pain she felt. I thought she was irrational and being influenced by the old forces. She was the person in charge of the local large-scale truth-clarification materials site. If she left, there would be problems producing Dafa materials and the local situation would suffer. We couldn’t allow this to happen!

I suggested that she ask Master for help. Before we hung up, we decided to send righteous thoughts together to disintegrate the old force arrangements that were persecuting her. After I hung up and looked at the time, I noticed that she had cried for 53 minutes.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I experienced a lot of interference. During the five minutes of self-cleansing, I was very sleepy. I tried standing up, but I was still sleepy. The next day, a lot of sentimental thoughts came up in my mind. I knew that the old forces were trying to get to me. I continually sent forth righteous thoughts. For the next few days, when she called me she would ask me to help her find a way to leave China. Each time, I would have her agree to send forth righteous thoughts with me for half an hour.

Four days later, she called me and asked if we could have a good laugh together. I knew she had come back to her senses. I asked her if she still wanted to leave. She said: “No. I will stay at my position here.”

The time has passed to see things only from the standpoint of individual cultivation and removing our attachments. We need to evaluate things based on the Fa-rectification. Then we will have a clear understanding and be able to send forth righteous thoughts with the maximum impact.

Feeling good and comfortable is selfish and composed of karma. It is an illusion and not something divine. Why can the cultivators with “true insanity” cultivate so fast? Because they are no longer affected by their feelings. They cultivate their assistant consciousness. We cultivate our main consciousness. We must work to be knowingly unaffected by feelings.

Happiness is also a form of qing in the human world. For example: I feel good if others are nice to me. I feel close to him. This sentiment is selfish as well. Therefore, I often examine myself to see if I have any qing.

Demon of Lust

In 2001, I was tested by the demon of lust in a dream. I didn’t pass the first time. I was very sad. After that, every time I sent forth righteous thoughts, I added the thought: “Cleanse any lust from my field.” I kept doing this for over a year. For many years now, I have not had any dreams or tests involving the demon of lust.

In the past I liked to look at pictures of beautiful women. I knew it originated from the attachment to lust, but I didn’t take it seriously. I made up the excuse that because I was a woman it was okay. I indulged myself in looking at these pictures without thinking about the karma these beautiful women carried.

I didn't set strict requirements for myself, so problems occurred. And, they were not small problems.

Looking inward, I remembered that I visited a web site and looked at some pictures of beautiful women the night before the practitioner called me about her lost love. I had never been so affected. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the pictures. Later I thought of a story: Two practitioners walking down the street. One of the practitioners made a licentious comment about a woman and then couldn’t maintain his xinxing. The other practitioner saw that the woman’s karma immediately started to attack the practitioner who had made the comment.

Master said in “Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art:”

“Think about it everyone, humans have karma--you all know this as you're Dafa disciples--and everything that human beings draw or paint includes elements of the artist himself. In an artist's work, everything about that individual and about the person being portrayed is attached to that painting. When an ordinary person paints just one stroke, I know what kind of person he is, what kind of illnesses he has, how much karma he has, his state of mind, his family situation, etc. And all the thoughts the subject of the painting has and all of the factors associated with his body are fully displayed as well, including how much karma he has. Whenever someone hangs a painting of that person in his home, the karma of that person in the painting emits from the painting. So when someone hangs something like that in his home, is he benefiting or being harmed? Karma emits and spreads, it's connected with the person, and it will continuously emit in the home of the person who has hung up the painting there.”

My attachment to lust brought the karma to me. After this severe lesson, I realized how strong of an attachment I had to lust. I understood Master’s Fa principles vividly.

Balancing Relationships

Nowadays, people “love everything.” The Chinese Communist Party uses this mentality to degrade the morality of the Chinese people. Traditional marital values were very different from the modern distorted notions about marriage. There were strict taboos and etiquette to follow for marriages in both Eastern and Western countries. The purpose of a man and a woman being married was to produce offspring. There was not a lot of thought about being “in love.”

When we talk about marriage, some practitioners are inclined to associate marriage with lust and desire. They think that once a practitioner gets married, their cultivation level drops. Isn’t this view a bit too rigid? As far as I know, a lot of married Dafa disciples are no longer intimate. Even veteran practitioners who are married to ordinary people don't have the urge for intimacy.

How can we balance the relationship between being cultivators and our family obligations with ordinary people?

Remain unaffected.

Master told us in Zhuan Falun: “Do you want to change other people’s fate? Everyone has his or her own fate!”

When I cultivate Dafa steadfastly, I know there is nothing else to worry about. Master says: “When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit.”

When I was detained in the labor camp, the police tried to use the emotions I had for my family to “transform” me. When they asked me whether I would like to see my child, I said “Of course.” My heart was unaffected, but I knew that seeing my child was my right as a parent. Seeing my daughter and comforting her was what a mother should do. Not being able to see my child was a result of the persecution. I was not going to be grateful to bad people for being able to see my child.

When I saw my daughter, I expressed interest and care about her life and her studies. The police officers saw that I had shown affection for her, so they thought the “transformation” had been successful. Afterwards, I told them: “Thank you for allowing me to see my daughter, but I will keep cultivating Dafa. It is a matter of principle.”

They were speechless. I balanced cultivation and family well. There was no loophole for the old forces to take advantage of. The officers lied and told others that I had strong family connections; therefore they had made a special effort for me to see my child.

When we steadfastly cultivate Dafa we let go of emotions. We should do this without going to extremes. If a person can't let go of emotion, but tries to hide them by ignoring their family members, it looks awkward in ordinary society. The evil will take advantage of the loophole. We need to stay unaffected and balance all of these relationships. Even though the attachment to family and love between a man and a woman are different, there are similarities in how we balance the relationships well.