(Minghui.org) On February 1, 2013, Mr. Wu Shiwei, Mr. Guo Yanda, Ms. Jiao Guizhen and Mr. Ji Deguang were put on trial in Zhanqian District Court in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. Only three family members from each family were allowed to attend the court session.

Mr. Ji Deguang's sister, Ms. Ji Guihua, in her 50's, was one family member who was not allowed in to the courtroom and had to wait outside in the courtyard. After the hearing was over at around 3:30 p.m., Ms. Ji shouted “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good.” A police officer immediately grabbed her shoulder and pulled her away. More police came, and grabbed her legs and arms. They then carried her to a police vehicle. She was taken to Yingkou Detention Center on the same day and was held there for 15 days.

How the practitioners were arrested

Officers from Dongqiao Police Station in Zhanqian District broke into Mr. Guo Yanda's home on April 18, 2012. They arrested him along with Ms. Ji Guihua, who was visiting his home at the time. The police ransacked his home and confiscated a computer, printer, a van, more than 80,000 yuan in cash and other personal belongings. The door to his home was left wide open when they went.

The police then went to Ms. Ji's home and ransacked it. While they were there, Ms. Jiao Guizhen went to Ms. Ji's home and was arrested as well. When Ms. Jiao's husband, Mr. Jiang Zhi, returned home, the police were waiting there and also arrested him. When Ms. Ji's mother and sister went to her home, they were also arrested. In addition, five more practitioners, including Ms. Liu Yuzhuo, Mr. Wu Shiwei, Ms. Zhao Yumei, Ms. Liu Caixia and Ms. Shang Shuqin were arrested.

On the afternoon of April 18, 2012, officers from Dongqiao Police Station went to Mr. Ji Deguang's home and ransacked it. Mr. Ji was not living there at the time and was at his other residence out of town. The police later went to his other residence and ransacked it. On the afternoon of July 13, 2012, Zhang Ji, the director of Yingkou Domestic Security Division, and several other officers arrested Mr. Ji Deguang. He was then taken to Yingkou Detention Center.

The practitioners were put on trial

When the trial was held for Mr. Guo Yanda. Mr. Wu Shiwei, Mr. Ji Deguang and Ms. Jiao Guizhen on February 1, 2013, each of the practitioners' families hired a lawyer to represent them in court.

On the morning of the court session, the four practitioners were taken to the court by a police van. The family members waiting outside the court house saw the practitioners arriving wearing prison uniforms, with their hands cuffed and feet shackled.

The trial began at 9:00 a.m. and lasted until 3:00 p.m. The four practitioners on trial were not given any food or drink for the whole time. The lawyers defending the practitioners stated that those participating in the persecution were the guilty ones. The trial ended without a verdict being reached.

Effect on the practitioners' families

The four practitioners have been detained for more than a year. It was reported that Ms. Jiao Guizhen has been on hunger strike several times to protest her illegal arrest and detention. She is in very poor health and her family is worried about her condition.

Mr. Wu Shiwei, born in 1957, was an employee at a large factory that makes pianos. He was a diligent worker and liked to help others. When his home was ransacked after his arrest, about $10,000 in cash was confiscated, which was the money his mother and daughter sent from his brother living aboard. His mother is 83 years old, and Mr. Wu had been taking care of her. Since his arrest, she has been left alone without any care. Mr. Wu's wife had a nervous breakdown after his arrest and wanted to divorce him. When his daughter gave birth, the family was unable to celebrate without him.

Mr. Ji Deguang's wife, Ms. Li Xiufeng, was arrested in Beijing for practicing Falun Gong, and was sentenced to two years of forced labor. Mr. Ji now has severe heart disease in Yingkou Detention Center from the persecution he has suffered. But the authorities refuse to release him to seek medical treatment.

Ms. Si Guiyan arrested and detained

Ms. Si Guiyan, a teacher from Guanqun Kindergarten in the Xishi District of Yingkou, was teaching in class on September 28, 2012, when Jiang Mingfu, the director of Xishan District Domestic Security Division; Wang Yizhen, the director of Wutaizi Police Station; officer Liu Zhenlong and others came and arrested her. They carried her away without letting her put on her shoes. They also dismissed her class and got people in the school to call the students' parents to take their children home. Ms. Si is still being held in Yingkou Detention Center.

Those responsible for the persecution:

Zhang Ji, director of Yingkou City Domestic Security Division: +86-471-13841799168 (Cell)
Jiang Mingfu, director of Xishan District Domestic Security Division: +86-471-2822008 (Home), +86-471-15940781597 (Cell)
Wang Yizhen, director of Wutaizi Police Station: +86-471-2808598 (Home), +86-471-13041738842 (Cell)
Liu Zhenlong, police officer: +86-431-15698717417 (Cell)