(Minghui.org) The police and security guards at various forced labor camps throughout Henan Province have fabricated evidence about the way Falun Gong practitioners have died while in custody. The bodies of deceased practitioners have been taken to hospitals, where doctors have carried out procedures to try to “resuscitate” them—knowing full well that it was too late. Some of the practitioners had been dead for hours, and some for a whole day.

Police sought to obtain hospital records to show the victims' families and avoid criminal investigation. They tried to convince the families that an attempt had been made to save their loved ones.

Below are several examples of the authorities' desperate attempts to cover up their crimes:

Mr. Li Jian, an attorney from Zhengyang County, died in 2002 after enduring many months of torture, sleep deprivation, and slave labor in the Xuchang Forced Labor Camp. At 1 a.m. on April 26, 2002, he experienced trouble breathing. He died two hours later. The guards took his lifeless body to a hospital at 5 a.m. They ordered the hospital to perform standard resuscitation procedures, in order to fabricate evidence that Mr. Li had died at the hospital.

Ms. Sun Shimei from Xiangcheng City was tortured to death in the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp on May 23, 2003. Her tormentors had used a straightjacket, dislocating her shoulders, fracturing her wrists and vertebrae, and causing excruciating pain. The guards took her dead body to a nearby hospital. They ordered the hospital to give her an injection and issue a statement that the “patient” had died of an illness at the hospital. Against the wishes of her family, the labor camp had her body cremated without performing an autopsy.

Ms. Zhang Zhunli from Shan County was arrested on January 8, 2006, and beaten to death during a police interrogation. The police threw her dead body from the fourth floor of the county police building. They then took her body to the hospital for “resuscitation,” telling the hospital that she had committed suicide.

Ms. Zhao Tingyun was interrogated at a detention center in Xinxiang City on January 14, 2006. She was found dead on January 15, 2006. An inmate saw Ms. Zhao being carried back to her cell after the interrogation on January 14. The inmate called for the guards after she discovered that Ms. Zhao was dead, but nobody came. This was before 2 a.m. The guards took Ms. Zhao's body to a hospital at around 6 a.m. The physician on duty at the hospital asked, “How long has she been dead? Why are you bringing a dead body to the hospital?”

Mr. Jia Junxi from Fugou County was put in solitary confinement at a county detention center on August 28, 2006. Within 24 hours, four inmates who were following the orders of the police, beat him to death.

The police took Mr. Jia's body to a county hospital on August 30, 2006, to try to create evidence that Mr. Jia had died in the hospital. The physician on duty questioned the police as to why they would bring a dead body to a hospital. In the end, the hospital refused to accept Mr. Jai's body.

The police left the body in the hospital corridor. When Mr. Jia's family arrived in the afternoon, they were told that he had died of a heart attack. The family questioned the police as to whether Mr. Jia's death had really been caused by a heart attack upon seeing his abused body. The police had his body cremated without performing an autopsy.

Despite the desperate attempts of the authorities to cover up their vile crimes, evidence of police cover-ups is being brought to light and will be used for future prosecution.